• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Using Google) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 Hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 25
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Replay Gameshows)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats


Welcome to Trivial Pursuit Live! A great game to play with family or friends, or of course if you're quite the mastermind, then you can take on the AI in this rather difficult quiz game.

The majority of the trophy list is straightforward, and will be earned by simply playing the game normally answering questions correctly as you go. However, if you are aiming for 100% trophies, then you are going to need to take all the help you can get. Help in the form of Google.


Step 1: Create another 3 player profiles, and complete a gameshow controlling all 4 players.

You will need at least one extra created profile to help you easily win 25 gameshows later on, so you may as well start with this trophy first. Completing the gameshow with all 4 players controlled will earn you:

The Real Treasure was Friendship

Step 2: Play 3-round gameshows to reach your 25 required wins

When going for your 25 wins, you will more than likely have answered 50 questions correctly in each of the categories, along with gathering up your required wedges, increasing your Trivia Rating, and unlocking your 30 tiles. By playing and winning 25 gameshows, you will earn:

Tens, Anyone?
A Noble Pursuit
Wedge Warrior
Hunting for Sport
Historical Oracle
Six Seasons and a Movie
Know-it Laureate
Doing Science and Still Alive
Around the World in 80 Plays
A Sense of Entitlement
Winner Wonderland

Step 3: Go for a perfect gameshow

Now you will be wanting to finish up your remaining two trophies. When going for gameshow perfection, you will also want to make sure that you have your second controlled player pass up answering on the Grab Bag round, so that you can go on to correctly choose all 8 answers with your main player.

Completing this feat, despite having the assistance of the internet for browsing answers, can be frustrating at times, as some questions are worded in ways that make it difficult to find a definitive answer for, or any answer at all. So do not get frustrated if it takes you multiple attempts until you get reasonable questions fall your way, as you'll be very fortunate if you manage to achieve this on your first attempt. Successfully completing the above will finally earn you:

Pop Goes Perfection
Greedy Grabber


[PST Would Like to Thank RomanClaret for this Roadmap]

Trivial Pursuit Live! (PS3 & PS4) Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 13  )

  • Win your first gameshow.

    See Winner Wonderland.

  • Correctly answer 10 questions of each Trivial Pursuit category type.

    There are 6 categories in the game: Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Entertainment, Arts & Literature, Geography, and History. You will get this trophy naturally when going for Winner Wonderland.

  • Complete a Game Show with 3 other human controlled players.

    You do not need 4 controllers to complete this trophy, nor do you need to play online.

    When you are on the Main Menu of the game, select 'Profiles' and create 3 new profiles. Name them whatever you wish. I just called mine 1, 2, and 3. Once you have created the additional 3 profiles (as well as having your main profile), select Play Trivial Pursuit Live > Party Play > 3-Round > Single Controller. You will then be prompted to join the game with each profile by pressing and readying up to move to the next Player profile slot. When all 4 of your players have been selected, press to start the game. Complete all 3 rounds of the various questions, and the trophy will pop at the end of the game.

    Here is how you should be looking pre-game:

  • Reach a Trivia Rating of 100

    By playing the game naturally, and of course answering most questions right on the way, you will reach a rating of 100 midway through the second round of your very first 3-round game.

  • Collect 30 wedges.

    This is not cumulative across all of your profiles, the total only counts for your main profile. There is no way to track how many wedges you have collected, unlike your gameshow wins on the stats page. However, seeing as you need 6 wedges to win a gameshow, you basically just need to win 5 game shows and you would have collected the required 30 wedges. The trophy will pop after you have won your 30th wedge in-game.

  • Answered 50 questions correctly in the Sports & Leisure category.

    See Around the World in 80 Plays.

  • Answer 50 questions correctly in the History category.

    See Around the World in 80 Plays.

  • Answer 50 questions correctly in the Entertainment category.

    See Around the World in 80 Plays.

  • Answer 50 questions correctly in the Arts & Literature category.

    See Around the World in 80 Plays.

  • Answer 50 questions correctly in the Science & Nature category.

    See Around the World in 80 Plays.

  • Answer 50 questions correctly in the Geography category.

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you need to answer 50 questions correctly in the given category. This total is cumulative over every gameshow you play. However, it has to be your main profile that answers 50 questions correctly; it is not cumulative over the various profiles playing. It is incredibly likely you'll unlock this naturally when going for Winner Wonderland.

    You can keep track of your progress for each category by going into 'Objectives' on the Main Menu. You will have various accolades, such as answering X amount of Geography questions correctly, which are tracked with a % progress bar. Some categories do, and some do not, have accolades which are simply for answering 50 questions correctly (which would make things easier), however they do have various other figures such as 75, 90, and 100. So if you are, for example, at 49% progress on an accolade requiring 100 correct answers, then you'll know you need 1 more correct answer for your 50.

    A good way to bump up correct answers quickly is to take advantage of the Grab Bag round. Even though it is still only one question asked each time, each of the 8 correct answers you choose count separately towards your accolade. Seeing as you have 4 rounds of the Grab Bag mode, you can potentially boost up 32 correct answers.

  • Unlock 30 Titles (not including Uplay or Hasbro Game Channel Rewards).

    There are a total of 48 tiles (excluding ones unlocked with rewards) which you can unlock in the game by completing specific objectives, such as answering X amount of questions correctly, or having a perfect round in a question type. To view your tiles, select 'Profiles', select your main profile, then press . You will already have 7 pre-set tiles available to choose from; these do not count towards the 30 required.

    The majority of the 30 tiles needed you will unlock naturally when going for Winner Wonderland and Pop Goes Perfection.

  • Answer every question in every round correctly in a 5 Round gameshow.

    Even though the internet will be your best friend with answering the questions, this is still quite a tricky trophy to get at times, depending on how your questions fall. Some can be quite bizarre, and incredibly difficult to find any logical answers too, so it may take you several attempts until your luck comes in and the questions are fairly straightforward to research.

    You will want to go into a 5-round game with just one other player. It doesn't matter whether the second player is controlled by you or the AI, as you are going to easily win when you hit it for somewhat of a 30,000 score come the end of your perfect gameshow.

    If you haven't already unlocked 30 tiles, then you will want to make sure your opponent is controlled by you whilst going for this trophy, so that you can correctly answer all of the Grab Bag rounds, as otherwise you will fall short of the 30,000 score required for a tile.

    The structure of your gameshow will be random, however it will be the same 5 round types that you will be faced with.

    1. Quickstarter - This consists of 5 questions, in which a singular answer is required. Answering all the questions correctly will bag you 3,000 points.

    2. Switchagories - This consists of 4 questions, in which a singular answer is required. You will earn 3000 points for correctly answering your own chosen category, and 1500 points for correctly answering player 2's chosen category. Answering all 4 questions correctly will earn you 9,000 points.

    3. Close Call - This consists of 5 questions, in which a singular answer is required. With this game mode however, you will need to choose the answer that is top of the answer standings in relation to what the question is asking (See images below). Selecting an answer that does not finish top, will void your perfect run. Correctly identifying all 5 correct answers will earn you 6,000 points.

    Example of a Close Call question:

    Correct answer at top:

    4. Grab Bag - This consists of 4 questions, however you will be presented with 16 answers. 8 answers will be correct, the other 8 are false. You will need to deliberately answer a question wrong (or just let the timer run out) when you are controlling player two, so that you can answer all 8 questions with your main profile. You will therefore be selecting 32 correct answers in total for this question round, which will earn you 12,800 points. You will have hit 30,000 total points just near the end of this round to earn yourself a tile.

    5. Final Round - This consists of 6 questions, one for each category. However, by answering all questions correctly prior to reaching this final round, you will already have 4 out of 6 wedges. Therefore, you will only be answering the first 2 questions, which will award your last 2 wedges to win the game. You will earn an additional 2,000 points from these 2 answers, reaching a total of 32,800 points, and also unlocking your trophy.

  • Win 25 gameshows.

    You can keep track of how many gameshows you have won, by going onto 'Profiles' and selecting your own profile. You will have a stats page come up, which has a pie chart for how many gameshow wins you have had.

    To win a gameshow, you have to be the first player to collect 6 wedges. Each time you answer a question correctly, you are awarded points that increase your progress bar on your player. When it is full, you will receive one wedge. However, in the final round of the gameshow, you will be asked one question from each category; each one correctly answered will award you one wedge.

    The quickest way to win 25 gameshows is to go into Play Trivial Pursuit Live > Party Play > 3-Round > Single Controller and play with 1 other human controlled player. When you have selected your main profile, and player 2 in the pre-match set up, press to remove the other 2 AI players and then to start the game. When you have started the gameshow, continuously choose to select the wrong answers with the second player (or just guess at ones you think won't be right), so that you give your own profile an easy ride to victory, even if you are struggling with some of the questions. The trophy will pop at the end of the 25th gameshow you win.

  • Get all 8 answers correct in a single Grab Bag question.

    Grab Bag is a question mode which presents you with 16 possible answers for one question, 8 of which are right, and the other 8 are wrong. All question modes are randomly decided by a spinning wheel (excluding the final round), so you may have to play a few times before landing on Grab Bag, unless you are playing a 5-round game which will feature it every time.

    It's recommended you play for this trophy with one other human controlled profile, so that if they get the first pick of the answers when the question is up, you can simply choose one of the wrong answers so you do not leave yourself with only 7 correct answers left to choose from. Once you are in a Grab Bag round, and are presented with your question, there are two ways you can go about finding out the answers, as mercifully you can pause the game at any point, thus stopping your countdown timer. These methods being:

    1. Pause the game with after the question and its answers have been revealed, and search up each answer that is listed to see which ones are correct/false. The only downfall to this however, is that when you pause the game, you cannot see the questions and answers, so you will have to keep pausing/un-pausing the game each time to see the answers. Seeing as you only have a limited time to select each answer, you may run the clock down when looking over the potential answers and forfeit your 100% record.
    2. Take a screen picture by holding down as soon as the questions and answers are revealed, then pause the game. Go into your gallery on the XMB, and open up the picture you took; now you have all the time in the world. Search up the question on Google, and go through each answer to determine which ones are correct, and which are false. Depending on how good your memory is, you may want to grab a pen and paper if you cannot remember all 8 answers. When you are happy with your answers, un-pause the game and select all 8 answers one after the other. The trophy will pop after you select the eight correct answer.

    Here shows that I had started the round with player two (cyan), therefore I chose the wrong answer to leave the remaining 8 correct answers for my own player (pink). Thus, unlocking the trophy.

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