• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 36 (17, 14, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 10
  • Number of missable trophies: 6 (Mr. Popular, Overlord Master, Underworld True Ending, Hot Springs Hotshot, Exceptionally Loved, The Splendor of Life)
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: There is a Japanese stack, a Korean stack, and a Chinese stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.


Welcome to Trillion: God of Destruction. Developed with some former members of the Disgaea team, this is basically a SRPG/visual novel hybrid that has more emphasis on the former. There is only one boss, Trillion, which like the name says, has 1 trillion HP. Most of the time is spent training to become strong enough to defeat Trillion. When an Overlord dies, the next Overlord inherits some XP, and Trillion doesn't recover health. The game continues until either Trillion is defeated, or you run out of Overlords which means a Game Over.

I recommend getting the free DLC, especially the Trillion Neptune Skill. It adds a skill "Like a Kangaroo" for free (no EXP needed), which is useful for movement because you can move up to three square in one turn (useful for Valley of the Swords), and it doesn't count against the Solid Mind passive skill bonus (Damage up by # turns times X% if attacking without moving).


Step 1: Complete the game once. Get an Overlord's lovey-dovey ending.

Your first step is to complete the game, and get 100% affection with the Overlord who defeated Trillion. I personally used Fregor (sixth Overlord) on my first playthrough. Make sure to save the Clear Data, since you'll be loading it for later playthroughs. Items carry over into NG+. About 10% of all EXP earned in the previous playthrough carries over. Training Medals and Underworld Tokens don't carry over, so make sure to use them before finishing the game.

At the end of this step, you should unlock the following trophies:

Passive Skill Collector
Active Skill Collector
Training... Start!
Fever Time!
Power Up!
Weapon Fortification
Gift Giver
The Great Escape
Valley of Swords
Devastating Damage!
Defeated Trillion's Titan Form!
Defeated Trillion's Dragon Form!
Defeated Trillion's Final Form!
One-Hit Wonder
The Perfect Gift!
Getting to Know Trillion
Skill Master
Side By Side
Special Training

Step 2: Get the True Ending.

Load the Clear Data save, and start in Scenario Mode. You will carry over all items and G, and 10% of your total EXP from your previous playthrough. You need to have 100% affection and at least 1500k affection points with each and every Overlord. Use every Death Skill possible except for Final Strike, since you'll be using this with the final Overlord. In Chapter 5, you must defeat the mini-boss fight on the day you fight Trillion, and in Chapter 9, you must choose "Stop Them". When you get to Faust, make an extra save about 2 weeks before you fight Trillion (don't overwrite it!). Proceed to let Faust die, and go to the final chapter. Beat Trillion at the end to earn the True Ending, and you can save the Clear Data if you want to, but if you want the platinum as quickly as possible, you won't be using that save, unless you want to complete the CG Album (not necessary for any trophies), but this will add another playthrough for the platinum.

At the end of this step, you should unlock the following trophies:

Demon Seals Unlocked
Weapon Enthusiast
Call Me Mr. Smith
Struck Gold!
Underworld True Ending
Carry On
Exceptionally Loved
The Splendor of Life
Gift Guide Complete

Step 3: Get the other lovey-dovey endings and get the hot springs events.

This is the most time consuming part. Load up the Faust save from Chapter 10, and make sure to see Faust's hot springs event (if you haven't seen it already) before facing Trillion. Defeat Trillion (make sure she has 100% affection) to earn her lovey dovey ending. After this, save your Clear Data, and load it to start Scenario Mode again. Get another Overlord's lovey-dovey ending, view their hot springs event if you haven't seen it before, save Clear Data, load, and start Scenario Mode again. Repeat the process until you've seen each Overlord's lovey-dovey endings and hot springs events, and seen the hot springs special event in Chapter 1.

At the end of this step, you should unlock the following trophies:

Mr. Popular
Overlord Master
Hot Springs Hotshot

Step 4: Challenge Mode.

This can be done after the first playthrough, or in between playthroughs. When you load a Clear Data save, you have a choice between Scenario Mode and Challenge Mode. Choose Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is basically the same game, except without the story (aside from the Prologue, but there are still random events), and you can choose any Overlord that you want from the beginning, but the major difference is that nothing carries over from your previous playthrough. With previous knowledge of the game, you should be able to complete Challenge Mode by your fourth overlord.

At the end of this step, you should unlock the following trophies:

Challenge Cleared!
Ultimate Overlord

Step 5: Clean up (if necessary)

At this point, you should have the platinum trophy. If not, refer to the trophy guide for more information.

[PST would like to thank stgermain for this Roadmap]

Trillion: God of Destruction Trophy Guide

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36 trophies ( 14  17  19  )

  • Obtained every trophy!


  • Amassed a variety of Passive Skills!

    To unlock this trophy, you have to go to "Stat Increase", and unlock various different Passive Skills using EXP. Passive Skills are skills that you don't actually use, but activate during certain conditions. They must be all on the same character for this to unlock.

  • Amassed a variety of Active Skills!

    To unlock this trophy, you have to go to "Stat Increase", and unlock various different Active Skills using EXP. Active Skills are skills that use MP and do damage to enemies. They all must be on the same character for this to unlock.

  • Opened up all the Demon Seal slots!

    To open up a Demon Seal slot, you must go to the Blacksmith and select "Release Slot". There are 8 slots total, including the empty one that's already open. You need a total of 224,000 G to unlock all Demon Seals. I recommend that you do this in New Game+ since G carries over. You can always save before doing this, and reload so that you don't spend your G.

  • Strengthened a weapon by +30!

    To strengthened a weapon, you must go to the Blacksmith. Select your Overlord's weapon, and press to strengthen. You need gold to strengthen a weapon. You need 372,000 G to do this, so I recommend that you do this in New Game+ since G carries over. You can always save before doing this, and reload so that you don't spend your G.

  • Strengthened a weapon by +10!

    See Weapon Enthusiast. You need 44,000 G to do this.

  • Got 100,000G!

    To earn this, you need to have 100,000 G on you at once. There are various ways of earning gold, including doing the Valley of Swords and even just by playing the game naturally. You can easily get this in New Game+ since G carries over.

  • Trained for the first time!

    After the prologue, you have a choice on what you can do that day. Select training, and pick something that you want to train to earn EXP. As this is a major component of the game, this is virtually unmissable.

  • Executed Fever Time for the first time!

    Getting an Excellent training session is random, but low fatigue makes an excellent session more likely. Whenever you have three Excellent training sessions (Valley of Swords and Mokujin/Trillion fights don't count), you will go into Fever Time, where every training session's result is excellent regardless of fatigue, but be aware that you can still get injured if your fatigue is high.

  • Executed Double-Up for the first time!

    Getting a Poor training session is random, but high fatigue makes a poor session more likely (and increase the chance of injury which makes it impossible to train for a few days, so be careful). Whenever you get three Poor training sessions (Valley of Swords and Mokujin/Trillion fights don't count), you get a slot machine that chooses the number of days that Double EXP for training sessions occur, and unlocks this trophy.

  • Used Interact for the first time!

    On days where you're not fighting Mokujin nor Trillion, choose Rest, and then choose Interact. Interact will increase the affection points by 3000k, increase the affection rating by 1-2%, and a slight fatigue reduction

  • Used Order for the first time!

    Under the Rest option, there is an option for "Order". Select this to increase your funds slightly and earn this trophy.

  • Performed a stat increase for the first time!

    Select "Stat Increase" and use EXP to increase any of your stats. You have to do this in order to win the game, so this is virtually unmissable.

  • Powered up a weapon or opened up a slot!

    At the Blacksmith, you can either power up your weapon or open up a slot. Doing either one unlocks this trophy. It's cheaper to power up a weapon since you earn 800 G the very first time you visit the Blacksmith, and you can use the 800 G to power up your weapon once.

  • Gave a present for the first time!

    See The Perfect Gift!.

  • Retreated for the first time!

    After the first Mokujin fight where you're supposed to lose, you will have the option to retreat from a Mokujin or Trillion fight. During the fight, press and select "Retreat" to earn this trophy.

  • Challenged the Valley of Swords for the first time!

    Select Valley of Swords from the menu, and you'll be able to challenge Valley of Swords, which is a dungeon where you have 120 turns to defeat enemies, get treasures, and escape through the portal. A turn is whenever you move one tile or attack. If you die or fail to escape within 120 turns, your EXP earned will be reduced, and you'll lose all items that you've earned in the dungeon, so be careful. Five training medals are required in order to challenge Valley of the Swords, earned by doing training, but the first time you select Valley of Swords, you are automatically given five training medals, so you can do this right away. Challenging the Valley of Swords doesn't progress a day, so you can keep on doing this as long as you have training medals.


Secret trophies

  • Watched all the lovey-dovey endings!


    To earn this trophy, you need to complete all 9 Overlords' lovey-dovey endings. True ending isn't required for this. To get an Overlord's lovey-dovey ending, you need to have 100% affection with the Overlord that you intend on getting their lovey-dovey ending, and defeat Trillion with them. All endings must be all done on the same file, so once you earned a lovey-dovey ending, you must save the Clear Data, load said Clear Data save, and start a new playthrough. Because of this, this is the most time consuming trophy in the game, and will take at least nine playthroughs of the game.

    To get to the later chapters, you must defeat the mini-boss before Trillion in Chapter 5, and to get Faust, in Chapter 9, you must select "Stop Them".

  • Defeated Trillion with one of the first three Overlords!


    To earn this trophy, you need to defeat Trillion and complete the game with one of the first three Overlords: Levia, Mammon, and Perpell. It's highly unlikely that you'll get this in your first playthrough, but it's very easy to earn in New Game+. This will come naturally while going for Mr. Popular because you will need all three Overlords' lovey-dovey endings anyway.

  • Cleared Challenge Mode!

    After completing the game for the first time, you get the opportunity to save your Clear Data. Do so, and when you load this Clear Data, you have the opportunity to select Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is like regular mode, except you can choose any overlord that you've already previously unlocked, and no experience carries over from your previous playthrough. Also, you won't be able to retreat from Trillion fights. I used Frevor for this trophy (she was my fourth Overlord in this playtrough).

  • Watched the true ending!


    To earn the true ending, you will need to have 100% Affection Rating with all Overlords, and at least 150,000k Affection Points with each. You must win against the mini-boss in Chapter 5 and select "Stop Them" in Chapter 9. You must let all 9 Overlords die, and defeat Trillion with Zeobolos in the final chapter.

  • Began a second playthrough!

    Once you've completed the game once or get a Game Over (by losing all of your Overlords or allowing Trillion to consume the entire Underworld), you will be able to save Clear Data and go back to the title screen. Load up this Clear Data, and start a new playthrough.

  • Watched everyone's hot springs event scenes!


    Hot springs events are random events that can occur whenever you use Sleep or Interact commands. Every Overlord, aside from Zeabolos, has a hot springs scene. After viewing all 9 Overlords' hot springs scenes, there is one more scene that can only be viewed in Chapter 1, called Hot Springs Special, where this trophy is unlocked.

  • Inflicted 10 billion damage with one hit!

    This should be done against Mokujin or Trillion. With high stats, and great passive skills, you should be able to easily go well over this damage. Great passive skills to have are Solid Mind (increase damage by attacking without moving) Swing Charge (increase damage by each missed attack) Final Sprint (start off with lower stats, but they increase each turn), Physical Boost (increases physical damage), Eagle Eye (increases damage on ranged attacks). The best skill to attack with is Schuzrum Fang. If leveled up, it can do massive damage. It does more damage the more tiles that you target. You can use skills like Charge, Flame Dragon, and Like a Kangaroo! (comes as free DLC) to move around without breaking Solid Mind's charge.

  • Affection Points have surpassed 1 billion!


    To unlock this, you need a total of 1 billion Affection Points across all Overlords. Since you need at least 150,000k Affection Points for each Overlord for the True Ending, this will come naturally while going for it.

  • Defeated Trillion in its Titan Form!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Titan Form is Trillion's first form that you fight. After you've done 300 million damage to it (Trillion will have 700 million HP left), Trillion's Titan Form is defeated and this trophy unlocks.

  • Defeated Trillion in its Dragon Form!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Dragon Form is Trillion's second form that you fight. After you've done 350 million damage to it (Trillion will have 350 million HP left), Trillion's Dragon Form is defeated and this trophy unlocks.

  • Defeated Trillion in its Final Form!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After defeating Trillion's Dragon Form, it will have a Final Form. After depleting its HP down to zero, you win the game, and get the corresponding Overlord's ending.

  • Used every Death Skill!


    When an Overlord dies to Trillion, you can choose one of five Death Skills. The Death Skills are:

    Final Strike: Deals massive damage to Trillion.
    Part Seal: Seals a part of Trillion's body.
    Dark Revival: The dead Overlord becomes a guardian spirit for the next Overlord.
    Demon Barrier: Trillion's resting period is extended for the next Overlord.
    Fortification: Halves the needed EXP to level up Active Skills.

    You should go for this in your True Ending playthrough. If you use Final Strike, and you finish off Trillion, the game will end, and you unlock the ending with the Overlord that you just used. For this reason, in your True Ending playthrough, you should use Final Strike last.

  • Defeated Mokujin with one hit!

    The first time you fight Mokujin (aside from the fight that you have to lose), he will have 500,000 HP. Every time you defeat Mokujin, he will gain 500,000 more HP, so do this when he's at 500,000 HP. See Devastating Damage! for more information on how to deal lots of damage.

  • Gave someone the best present ever!

    To give a present, you select the Item option and select an item from the first category (gifts). You must have previously used Underworld Tokens to earn gifts from the Underworld Prize. Every Overlord has their own gift preferences, and the best items increase affection by 25%, while other items can give a slight affection increase or even a slight affection decrease. Giving the best items also gives you a brief cutscene. These are the best items for each Overlord:

    Levia: Demon Macaron, White Hair Accessory

    Mammon: Dimension Box, Ultimate Lock Pick

    Perpell: Bat Umbrella, Super 3D Book

    Ashmedia: Midnight Death, Pheronome Perfume

    Ruche: Glamorous Lipstick, Rose Doll

    Fegor: Flaming Moxibustion, Pickled Shark

    Elma: Silver Comb, Star Boy Doll

    Cerberus: Demon T-Bone Steak, Rainbow Rubber Ball

    Faust: A Royal Detective, Shifting Futon

  • Completed all entries in the Gift Guide!

    You need tokens to earn gifts. You earn tokens as you train. To earn a gift, you go to the Rest option and select Underworld Prize. It's a random vending machine. You have to earn every gift at least once. You can check your progress under the Royal Quarters option, selecting Encyclopedia, and then Gift Guide. You don't actually have to give each gift to an Overlord.

    While gifts carry over in New Game+, tokens do NOT, so make sure to use up your tokens before completing the game.

  • Broke through Trillion's outer armor!

    You break through Trillion's outer armor whenever you attack a body part enough. It's likely the easiest to do in the Dragon Form. You'll likely get this one without trying.

  • Leveled up a skill to the max!

    In Stat Increase, you have to level up a skill to Level 3, which is the max. Smash (Active Skill) is a relatively cheap one EXP wise to earn this early if you wish.

  • Reached the MAX level in a relationship!

    You need to reach 100% affection with an Overlord to unlock this. You increase affection by giving an Overlord gifts and by interacting with them. This is necessarily for the lovey-dovey endings, so this comes naturally while going for them.

  • Unlocked "Holy Illusion"!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After losing your first three Overlords, you will unlock a new training option called Miracle. This option adds to all stats, but it increases fatigue by 30% instead of the usual 10%. For this trophy, you just need to unlock it, and not necessarily use it.

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