Abyssal Interference Trophy in Trials Fusion

  • Abyssal Interference


    Complete the 'Awaken the Kraken' challenge on 'Deluge'

    How to unlock Abyssal Interference

    This is an Expert track challenge, but the good news is you only need to beat half the level to complete it, and you can fault as many times as you want. Your goal is to turn 3 screens from red to green, and then drive past a point that triggers the Kraken, which is half-way into the track. You obviously want to be using a Pit Viper.

    One thing you need to remember is to trigger the 2nd checkpoint, before backing up and turning the first screen green. If you just do it from the 1st checkpoint, it won't count (the screen will revert to red).

    Here's the video by Maka:

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