Ticket Out of Here Trophy in Trials Fusion

  • Ticket Out of Here


    Complete the 'Slumdog Billionaire' challenge on 'Rags to Riches'

    How to unlock Ticket Out of Here

    This is a very unusual challenge, but also an extremely easy one. You earn it on 'Rags to Riches' track. Go through the track, until you reach a big yellow billboard with a rider and 'Biotech' sign on it. Once you drive over it and drop down, reverse into a pipe. That will trigger the 'Trials Billionaire' game.

    You will be asked a series of 14 questions. You select the correct question with the d-pad, and pressing . The questions are all related to FMX tricks. They're easy, but if you are not familiar with the trick names, simply use the list below. Any entry from the list below will always be the correct answer. In other words, once you see the four answers. Pause the game, and check the list below. If an answer is on the list below, then it's the correct one. I list the answers in Alphabetical order, but they'll be random during your game:

    1. Bow
    2. Coffin
    3. Dead Body
    4. Driller
    5. Going To Heaven
    6. Going To Hell
    7. Going Up
    8. Kiss of Death
    9. Polevault
    10. Proud Hero
    11. Ruler
    12. Slash
    13. Superman
    14. Underdog

    Here's a video guide by Maka:

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