Trials Fusion Trophies

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51 trophies ( 18  26  1  )


Secret trophies

DLC: Riders of the Rustlands

5 trophies

DLC: Empire of the Sky

5 trophies

DLC: Welcome to the Abyss

5 trophies

DLC: Fire in the Deep

5 trophies

DLC: Fault One Zero

5 trophies

DLC: After the Incident

5 trophies

  • Go on all 5 dates with SynDI on After the Incident

  • Pass all tracks on After the Incident

  • Reach floor 10 on 'The Tower'

  • Beat a score of 40,000 on 'Final Frontier' whilst riding the Roach with the Frontier BodyKit

  • Complete the 'Lightning Rod' challenge on 'Static Discharge'

DLC: Awesome Level MAX

5 trophies

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Trials Fusion Trophies FAQ

  • How many Trials Fusion trophies are there?
    There are 51 Trophies to unlock in Trials Fusion. Of these trophies, 7 Gold, 18 Silver, 26 Bronze.
  • Are there any secret trophies in Trials Fusion?
    There are 1 secret trophies in Trials Fusion. Our trophy list contains a full list of all secret trophies in Trials Fusion.

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