You are the Champion Trophy in Trans-Galactic Tournament

  • You are the Champion


    Reach Level 30

    How to unlock You are the Champion

    (Online Multiplayer)

    For this and the above two trophies, you will need to reach level 30, which is the game's level cap that will be reached after obtaining 12,000 EXP while you are level 29.

    If you have any free boosters for EXP saved after you reach level 6, I would highly recommend using them to get double EXP if you are certain that you would win the match. Each match that you lose in the game will give you half the EXP that you would normally get if you win the match.

    You can check your current level in the main menu on the top-right corner, but you can also check how much EXP you have obtained before you reach the next level by going to your player profile. It should also be noted that the game does not have a counter for how much EXP you have accumulated in total, which could pose a problem for those wanting to know how much EXP they have collected.

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  • Gosh this game is 21 level and want to shoot myself...what a boring and easy game
  • What's the next best game mode for exp? I was a master at Plunderball but they took that away.
  • game modes are rotated weekly plunderball will come back after 1 week

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