Time to change your tires Trophy

  • Time to change your tires


    Drift on 400 meters or more 100 times

    In order to drift you need to hold as you turn a corner. This trophy requires you to drift a minimum of 400 meters 100 times. If your going for the Ghost Buster and End Of The Road? trophies then it's likely you will unlock this naturally as you play through the campaign but if you want to boost it, track #49 is a great one to play. It is only approximately 40 seconds long and it has a 500+ meter jump, 500+ km/h speed boost and 400+ meter drift all in the same level, allowing you to earn Time to change your tires, Speed Demon and Part car, part plane all at once.

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  • Any tip how to get this please? I drifted more than 40000 meters on solo campaign and the trophy did not pop up.
  • You probably have to have 100 drifts that are 400 meters in length. I am pretty sure it is not just 40000 meters total
  • worked just fine. Thanks

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