End of the Road? Trophy

  • End of the Road?


    Get a gold medal on every track of the solo campaign

    See here for a full video guide of obtaining all 200 gold medals in Trackmania Turbo: LINK

    Trackmania Turbo has 200 tracks made up of four different environments (Canyon, Valley, Lagoon, Stadium) divided into the White, Green, Blue, Red, and Black series. Within each track you can earn a bronze, silver, gold or trackmaster medal. In order to unlock the End of the Road trophy you need to earn at least a gold medal in all of them. This is the hardest trophy in the game and will be what you spend most of your time doing on the journey to unlocking the Platinum! Earning a gold medal usually requires you to perform consistently well making little to no mistakes throughout. Of course there is a medal higher - the trackmaster so you don't have to drive perfectly meaning that sometimes (especially on the multilaps) you can get away with restarting from the recent checkpoint if you mess up but this of course depends on how close you are to the gold ghost car.

    From my experience, the tracks to watch out for are #170, #175, #178 and #180. I personally found these to be very difficult. As one of the in game loading screen messages recommends, take a break if you're struggling on a track to regain concentration, otherwise the most important thing to do is learn the layout of the tracks and practice, practice, practice!

    Note that the Gold Joker medals don't count towards this trophy!

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  • If I get 200x a gold joker, is it enough to get this trophy?
  • I was wondering the same thing synactix. Some of those gold times in campaign are extremely difficult to beat.
  • #1 & #2 no.. gold joker is not a gold trophy, its just a ticket to get past some hard tracks and move on.. - probably to harder ones :)
  • I bet this ghost car isn't eve. Done by real human but and computer installed 'driver' it is possible yes but some 'humans' aren't capable to gold all .. rediculous game... I regret starti g this game... Always hated such games though
  • #4 nah, those times are fairly doable. The last series is pretty difficult (I'm still busy with that), but considering that the game offers a campaign with Super Bronze, Super Silver, Super Gold and Super Trackmaster after the normal campaign is completed with 200 Trackmaster, these times are very humanly possible. All the (human) world records are either Super Trackmaster or faster.

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