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    Get 50 Trackmaster medals

    Trackmania Turbo has 200 tracks made up of four different environments (Canyon, Valley, Lagoon, Stadium) divided into the White, Green, Blue, Red, and Black series. Within each track you can earn a bronze, silver, gold or trackmaster medal. The time required to achieve a trackmaster is hidden in game but trackmania pro Riolu! has provided the exact times required taken directly from the map files on the PC - click here to see them: LINK. Note that the game records your time to the nearest hundredth "behind the scenes" but rounds it to the nearest tenth for the player.

    BinkUncia has collected a range of videos showing the best ways to tackle the trackmaster medals and gathered them all into one thread. Click here to go to her guide: LINK. To get this trophy you only need to obtain the trackmaster on 50 tracks. Choose whichever you feel you're best at but of course try to prioritise the earlier tracks if you don't know which ones to go for as these are the simplest ones in the game so playing them close to perfectly to be quick enough to obtain the trackmaster should be easiest on these. Refer to the videos in the guide linked above to see how to tackle the trackmaster medals. To have your best shot at obtaining a trackmaster medal you should be sure to learn the layout of the track you’re on and keep practising until you manage to do it!

    Note that you can only unlock this trophy by obtaining 50 trackmaster medals on 50 separate campaign tracks, obtaining 50 challenge master medals on user created tracks does not count!

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  • Did 50 of these medals in the world challenges but didn't get the trophy?
  • You can't get these medals online. You must get 50/200 of them in the Campaign mode.
  • Not only do you have to get these in the Campaign mode, you have to earn 50 green Trackmaster medals. A time of 2-4 seconds faster than the gold medal time is required for the green Trackmaster medal on each track.
  • Generally, these are easiest to get on earlier tracks, as there is less trickery involved and less chances to mess up a drift.

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