Nadeo Space Program Trophy

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    Reach a height of 1,2km

    This trophy requires you to reach a height of 1.2km in your car which can only be achieved in a custom map. From the main menu, click trackbuilder and enter into the Canyon environment on normal mode. Go all the way to the edge of one side of the map and place a basic starting point using the arena track. Now place numerous turbo boosters all the way to the opposite side of the track and finish with a large vertical upwards facing ramp, whilst still remaining in the arena track variation. Test the track and you should fly high enough into the sky off the edge of the ramp for the trophy to unlock.

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  • The video shows the way with the ingame Trackbuilder.
  • Thanks. I couldn’t get this one till I watched your video. I wasn’t building under area I was building under Grand Prix

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