Part car, part plane Trophy in Trackmania Turbo

  • Part car, part plane


    Jump 500 meters or more 100 times

    How to unlock Part car, part plane

    As you jump off a ramp and speed through the air, a counter in the corner of the screen tells you how many meters you have travelled above ground. In order to unlock this trophy you need to travel at least 500 meters in the air 100 times. It's likely this will unlock naturally as you play through the campaign but if you want to boost it, then track #49 is a great one to play. It is only approximately 40 seconds long and it has a 500+ meter jump, 500+ km/h speed boost and 400+ meter drift all in the same level, allowing you to earn Time to change your tires, Speed Demon and Part car, part plane all at once.

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  • You can earn this trophy in trackbuilder mode. Just validate a map with two boostpads and a jump with a finish. Just replay the map over and over. I was able to create a map that only took me 10 seconds to play, so it only took me ~ half an hour to farm both this trophy and exceed 500km/hr 100x trophy.

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