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    Who's the TrackMaster? You!

    See Time to Change Your Tires

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  • So..... Do we need to get all trophies for this platinum? Because it only says "Who's the TrackMaster? You!" (Atleast for now. 25/03/2016)
  • Isn't that what platinum trophies always are? Collecting all other trophies?
  • This platinum is bs.. those tracks are getting insane and you have the noobiest cars..not even worth trying this one... at first it was its only frustration and broken controllers.. i really want to see that 0.1 % person that claims he platinumed this one !
  • This is easily the hardest platinum I've ever tried getting. I did the bare minimum to get the platinum (200 gold + 50 trackmaster = 650 medals) and I ended up on rank 824 of 1,428,940. I broke rank 1,000 before I even played all the tracks.
  • This game is absolutely terrible. They want Gran Turismo accuracy and times with these completely uncontrollable vehicles. Also, the way you unlock new tracks makes completing the game nearly impossible. Zero Stars Ubisoft.

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