* Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (personal estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
* Offline trophies: 15 (11 , 4 )
* Online trophies: 1 (1 )
* Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-6 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
* Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + star clean-up
* Number of missable trophies: None
* Glitched trophies: None
* Does difficulty affect trophies?: There are no difficulty options
* Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No known cheats
* Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: An additional controller is required for With Friends Like These...


Welcome to Toybox Turbos which is the spiritual successor to the Micro Machines series, this game is quite short but a lot of fun and recommended for fans of Micro Machines. In single player you will race through 7 cups, each with 5 events and a boss battle, over 5 different event types (classic, time trial, escape, countdown and overtake), across 18 tracks. You can also compete with other players locally or online, in an elimination style event.

As far as the trophies are concerned, this is a short and relatively simple ride. The main goals you have to keep in mind while playing are to earn 3 stars on every event and one million coins overall. The cups gradually increase in difficulty, rather than the player setting the difficulty throughout, but the tracks are so short that getting all 3 stars is just a matter of quickly learning and perfecting a run on the harder events. Everything else will unlock whilst concentrating on the end game, with the exception of 2 very quick multiplayer trophies.


1) Single player cups

Your first destination in Toybox Turbos is single player. In here you will find 7 cups to play through, which will make up a vast majority of your time working towards 100%. Each cup has 5 events, where you can earn up to 3 stars. Your overall objective is to earn 105 stars for That's Dedication, as well as beating every boss battle for Boss Hog. You should naturally earn at least 8 other trophies whilst playing through all the cups. I recommend earning 3 stars in each event as you play them. The tracks are so short and easy to learn, that it isn't worth getting 2 stars and then leaving the third until later.

By the end of this Step you should have earned these trophies:

Pole Position
Tick Tock
Heavy Traffic
One Down...
The New World
Big Spender
Don't Stop!
What's The Time?
Toybox Tour
That's Dedication!
Boss Hog

2) Multiplayer

This step is very short and simple. You just need to play one local multiplayer event for With Friends Like These... , for which you will need a second controller, and one online match against another human player for Outside The Box .

3) Clean-Up

Depending on how long it takes you to get all 105 stars in single player, then you may have to spend a short time replaying events for Loaded . You will also need to head into the Garage and customise the paint job on one of your vehicles for Paint Job and then purchase every vehicle for Collector , which completes your brand new 100%.

[PST Would Like To Thank AstroFlibble for this Roadmap]

Toybox Turbos Trophy Guide

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16 trophies ( 11  )

  • Unlocked a new cup

    A new cup will unlock once you have emerged victorious from the boss battle in the previous cup, boss battles are the final events in each cup and more information on them can be found under Boss Hog. Upon winning the boss battle in Public Transport Tear-Up, this trophy will unlock.

  • Completed an event on every track in single player

    There are 18 tracks in Toybox Turbos and all of them are featured in the 7 single player cups. This trophy will unlock naturally as you are playing through the cups, at the end of the 4th boss battle.

  • Achieved a 3 Star rating for every event in a single cup

    To earn this trophy, you will need to achieve all 15 stars in one of the cups. The first one (Public Transport Tear-Up) is by far the easiest cup to earn all 15 stars in. Please refer to That's Dedication for more information about earning stars.

  • Achieved a 3 star rating for every event in the game.

    There are 7 cups in Toybox Turbos, which have 15 stars each, making a grand total of 105 stars to unlock. Each event within these cups offers up a maximum of 3 stars, depending on how well you perform. At the start of an event you will be given 3 targets to beat with the hardest worth 3 stars, for instance: In a classic race it is 1 star for finishing third, 2 stars for finishing second and 3 stars for finishing first. Your progress is then tracked in-event at the top left hand corner of the screen. Once you have all 105 stars, this trophy is yours to keep!

    As you progress through cups the difficulty of the events gradually increases but never to the point where it feels too much. The short nature of the tracks means you can learn the best route needed with only a few attempts. Classic races are the easiest of events to beat because the A.I aren't very clever in the use of weapons. Time trials are generally easy enough to beat but 'Burn, Baby, Burn!' is particularly frustrating as the volcano will fire out lava hazards which differ from lap to lap. Both overtake and countdown events will give you some a decent margin for error in earlier cups, but the tougher ones still have a small margin you can work with. Escape events are not much trouble though. One mistake will lead to failure but as long as you don't make that mistake, then you should pass a 3 star target before the water passes you.

  • Achieved 3 stars in a Countdown event

    In a countdown event you have to collect clocks while racing around a track, making sure to avoid any mines that will disrupt your progress. With each clock you collect, a handful of seconds (varies depending on the event) will be added to your timer which gradually counts down as you progress. In the easier events you have some margin for error but in the harder ones missing more than a few clocks is enough to miss out on 3 stars. Once you have earned 3 stars in a countdown event for the first time, this trophy will unlock. The first countdown event you should come across will be 'Breakfast Time' - the second event in 'Service Sprint' - and so this is most likely where you will get it.

  • Achieved 3 stars in an Escape event

    An escape event is a survival race where you have to outrun a wave of water, which gets faster with each lap, for as long as possible. The first one you come across is 'Volcano!', in 'Off-Road Rush'. I would recommend using a vehicle with a balanced set of attributes while playing escape. You don't need a very quick vehicle to outrun the water for long enough to earn 3 stars but you do need good handling and a vehicle that isn't too light as one big mistake will lead to failure. Once you have earned 3 stars in an escape event for the first time, this trophy will be yours.

  • Achieved 3 stars in a Classic race

    A classic race is a 3 lap race against 3 A.I opponents. To achieve 3 stars you will need to win the race, whilst avoiding enemy weapons and environmental hazards. The A.I is generally quite easy to beat, providing you don't make too many mistakes, winning races should be pretty easy. The first event you'll come across will be a classic race so this will almost definitely be your first trophy.

  • Achieved 3 stars in a Time Trial event

    In a time trial event you will need to set the fastest time over 3 laps whilst avoiding mines. There are 3 times to try and beat with the quickest worth 3 stars so once you beat that time, the trophy will unlock. The first time trial event you will come across is 'Time Sink', in 'Public Transport Tear-Up'. The target time in this event is pretty easy to beat, even if you've made a few mistakes.

  • Achieved 3 stars in an Overtake event

    In overtake events you will be up against slow moving A.I cars, where the objective is to pass as many as possible in a set amount of laps. Make sure you use any available shortcuts and avoid getting caught up in traffic to beat the target score as quickly as possible. The first overtake event you come across is 'Cooking On Gas', in 'Public Transport Tear-Up' and it is pretty easy to beat the 3 star score. Once you have beaten the 3 star target, this trophy will unlock.

  • Purchased any vehicle

    Please refer to Collector for more information about purchasing vehicles.

  • Collected all vehicles

    There are 35 vehicles to collect in Toybox Turbos. The London Cab is free, and 7 are unlocked by winning boss battles but the rest will all need to be purchased using coins. Once you have bought your first car, it will unlock Big Spender. To buy all vehicles, you will need a grand total of 667,050 coins. As this is larger than the total required for Loaded, do not worry about collecting them. You can track how many vehicles you own by going to 'Garage' from the main menu, where the vehicles are broken down into 7 categories. You can also purchase any vehicles you may have missed while playing through the cups in the garage.

  • Repainted any vehicle with a custom colour

    From the 'Garage' menu, select any category and then any car. You can then customise your car by pressing and changing up to 3 colours. Once you are happy with the colours, press to save your changes and the trophy should unlock. You can also customise a car from the car selection menu before starting any event.

  • Beat all boss battles

    Boss battles put you up against an A.I 'boss,' in an elimination style event over multiple rounds. The idea here is to either destroy your opponents vehicle or move far enough ahead so that they fall off the screen. You and the boss both start out with a score of 4 each and have to reach a score of 8 to win the event. In the early rounds a win gives you a point but takes one away from the boss and vice versa. However, once sudden death kicks in then a win will give you a point but won't take one away from your opponent.

    There is a boss battle for every cup so there are 7 bosses to beat overall. The vehicles they drive are supposed to be the best in each class, but it is not too tricky at all to beat them with the worst vehicle. I found the best way to win is to use all available shortcuts and weapons at the right time. For instance, the hammer is a one hit kill so it is better to stay behind your opponent if it has one and best to wait for the right shot when you have it. Beware of mines once sudden death kicks in as hitting one is almost a guarantee of losing a round.

  • Earn 1,000,000 coins

    This is not anywhere near as grindy as it sounds, seeing as coins are handed out quite generously in the final few cups. By playing through the cups you are going to collect a lot of coins - whether you need to grind or not depends on your own skill. If you earned the maximum amount of stars on each event the first time out (or at least within a couple of retires on some events), then you will certainly need to grind out some more. If you need to repeat quite a few events for all stars then you aren't likely to need much of a grind afterwards, if you even need one at all. The game will track how many coins you have overall in the top right hand corner of the screen and the trophy will pop once you have earned one million coins overall.

    After I had beaten all events, I only needed a few more races to reach one million coins. Most events I was able to complete in 3 or less attempts, but there were a few I had to try a fair amount to get right. I found it was helpful to finish those events if I had made a mistake in the last lap, in order to maximise coins earned. The tracks are very short and the rewards for beating 1 or 2 stars are good enough to be worth the extra 20-30 seconds required to finish an event. If you do need to grind for coins, I recommend repeating an event in the final cup. I found 'Rolling Thunder' to be very easy to beat because the A.I cars are often destroyed by the snooker balls, making it fairly easy for you to win (18,000 coins) or at least finish in second (12,000 coins).

  • Played a local match with more than 1 player

    To play a local match you will need an extra controller. Head into the multiplayer menu and select 'local match'. From there simply choose any settings you like and start the event but make sure to turn off the A.I. Local matches run just like boss battles so leave your second controller to the side and pull away 4 times. Once you have finished, the trophy will unlock.

  • Played an online match against any opponents

    The trophy description here is slightly misleading as you can play an online match against your second controller and 2 A.I opponents but this combination won't unlock the trophy. Therefore, you will need to play against someone else. Seeing as you just have to finish an event, it is worth looking online for random opponents first. However, if you have no luck, then please use the trophy boosting thread to find someone to help you out. If you want to make this trophy as quick as possible while boosting then one player should win 4 times in a row, just like in With Friends Like These... The trophy will unlock once you have finished the event.

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