The Blind Lich Trophy

  • The Blind Lich


    Complete Darkfang in Dark World mode

    To earn this trophy, simply beat Darkfang stage on any difficulty.

    Darkfang is the third stage of Dark World mode. This stage is full of enemies that explode, blocks that can be blown up, and also contains a unique arrow: the trigger arrow. Trigger arrows are fired normally, but once they are fired you can detonate the arrow by pressing a second time. When a trigger arrow has been placed, you can pick them up by dashing into them. Also, if you want to shoot other arrows when the trigger arrow has been placed, you can fire more arrows by using . If you have 2 trigger arrows placed and press , both trigger arrows explode simultaneously. Also, you can cycle through your arrow types by using . This is helpful in case you do not want to fire your trigger arrows, as special arrows default to the ones you fire first. Trigger arrows are best used as traps. They can also be detonated in the arrow, right before hitting an enemy. This is especially useful against enemy archers. The boss at the end of Darkfang is the Blind Lich.

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