• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Personal opinion) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (13, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 100+hrs (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2+, one for Quest and one for Trials.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None if you play with the latest patch installed.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must complete the game on Hardcore difficulty (see Golden Goddess for more information)
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS4 and Vita versions have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: Yes – 4 controllers are needed.


Towerfall Ascension is a fantastic archery combat game. It has a challenging campaign and a fun competitive multiplayer mode. While there is no online multiplayer, this game is at it's best with 4 players in the same room all competing with one another. This will not be a simple 100% title. The Quest mode and Trials mode will have you retrying each stage 100's of times each. However, anyone should be able to complete these modes with some practice.

A note about special peripherals: This game's primary focus is competitive, local multiplayer. It's recommended you have at least 2 controllers so you can enjoy the multiplayer of the game. However, the more players on screen at once, the more fun the game is. Furthermore, you're going to need a minimum of 2 controllers to complete most of the trophies and will need 4 controllers to get 100% in the game. While there is a single-player portion, you cannot unlock later levels unless you have 2 controllers.

Step 1 (optional): Complete the first 8 levels of Quest mode on Normal difficulty

This is entirely optional as you will have to play all levels on Hardcore in order to get all trophies. However, if you want to get the hang of the game, you should start with Normal difficulty.

In this step you should earn:
Way of the Order
Creation Myth

Step 2: Complete the first 8 levels of Quest mode on Hardcore difficulty

Hardcore difficulty is quite a step up from Normal difficulty. In this difficulty, levels contain more enemies and the enemies are far more aggressive.

In this step you should earn:
Way of the Order (if you skipped Step 1)
Creation Myth (if you skipped Step 1)
Crimson Shield

Step 3: Unlock the next 3 levels via Versus mode

In order to advance through to the end of Quest mode, you need to unlock the next 3 levels in Versus mode. These are unlocked by meeting certain requirements in multiplayer.

In this step you should unlock:
Serpent Hymns

Step 4: Complete the remaining 6 levels of Quest mode on Hardcore difficulty

Now that you have unlocked the next 3 levels, it is time to finish Quest mode.

In this step you should unlock:
Demented Thespian
Golden Goddess

Step 5: Unlock the remaining archers

With Quest mode finished, you can focus on unlocking the remaining archers. The remaining archers are unlocked by doing specific tasks in Versus mode and Trials mode.

In this step you should unlock:
Fabled Reculse
Demon Queen

Step 6: Complete 10 Time Trials and beat King's Court in Quest Mode on Hardcore difficulty.

Now you need to get 10 diamond times in the Time Trials and beat King's Court in Quest Mode on Hardcore difficulty.

In this step you should unlock:
Thief's Badge
Reaper's Crown

Step 7: Play 5,000 rounds of Versus and earn 90% of the available multiplayer awards

Finally, you are going to have to play 5,000 rounds of multiplayer. The multiplayer in this game is very fun so hopefully you have some friends to play with in order to make this seem quicker.

In this step you should unlock:
Tall Tales
Massive Mythology
Battle Stenography

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Dark World DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (3, 2, 1 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 0-5 hours (depending on skill level)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. All stages must be beat on Legendary difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Towerfall Dark World is an expansion to Towerfall Ascension on PS4. Dark World brings with it 4 new Stages, 2 new arrows, a handful of new variants, a brand-new campaign for up to 4 local players, an entirely new archer, and a second outfit for all existing archers. The entirety of the expansion's trophies are found in the campaign. These should probably be done solo, but if you have competent friends and enough controllers, getting a large group together might make it easier.

There are advantages and disadvantages to playing solo vs co-op: if you are playing solo, you get 3 respawns before you need to use up a continue. However, if you are playing in co-op you can revive partners by standing over their corpse. You can also share regular arrows in co-op by bumping into other players. Beware as you can accidentally kill co-op partners by shooting them. One major downside to playing in co-op is there are more enemies the more partners you have.

Dark World mode has 3 different difficulties available to you, Normal, Hardcore and Legendary, and are all unlocked from the start. The principle differences between each difficulty are the amount of continues you get, the number of levels you need to complete to reach the boss, the number and difficulty of the enemies, and the boss patterns.


Step 0: Complete the Dark World campaign on Normal or Hardcore. (Optional)

If you feel like you need to practice, you can add an extra playthrough to the expansion by completing the campaign once on Normal. While this will add an extra playthrough, it will give you an opportunity to learn the new stages, enemies, and (most importantly) the boss patterns.

Step 1: Complete the Dark World campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Simply play through each of the 4 stages of Dark World mode on Legendary difficulty. You can do this alone or with up to 3 other people.

At the end of this step, you will earn:
Wretched Seer
Lady Abigail
The Blind Lich
Dream Team
Dark World Conquerors

[PST Would Like to Thank Vo1cl for this Roadmap]

Towerfall Ascension Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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23 trophies ( 16  )

  • Discover Sunken City

    The map Sunken City has a chance of appearing by picking “Random” at the stage select. If you want to speed up the process, set the number of rounds in a match to 1.

  • Discover Moonstone

    In order to unlock Moonstone, you need to play a Quick Match (3 rounds) on each of the 8 starting maps. Once you have played on each map, play a Quick Match (or longer) on Sacred Ground. In one of the stages a piece of the moon will break off, unlocking the Moonstone map.

  • Discover TowerForge

    Story related and cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock once you have completed the level King’s Court. See Golden Goddess for tips on playing Quest mode.

  • Discover Ascension

    In order to unlock the Ascension stage, you must first unlock the Sunken City, Moonstone, and Towerforge stages (see Serpent Hymns, Omens, and Creation Myth for information on unlocking each stage). Each of those 3 levels has a 3-digit code hidden somewhere in the background of the stages. Sometimes it is only fully visible in Trials mode, sometimes only in Quest mode, and sometimes only in Versus mode. Once you have all the codes, go to “Archives” from the main menu. Scroll all the way to the right and input the codes into the last menu. Check the spoiler tag below for the code:

    From the “Archives” Screen, scroll all the way to the right to the Ascension tab and input the following code:

    | |

  • Unlock the White Archer

    You must play a Versus match on Moonstone (see Omens for instructions on unlocking this stage). In one of the areas, you will see a Pink and Purple crystal in the bottom. Attack the crystal 3 times to free the White Archer. When the match is over, you will unlock the White Archer for use.

  • Unlock the Yellow Archer

    You will need access to the unlockable levels in order to obtain the Yellow Archer. There are 7 Golden Triangles hidden throughout various Trials stages. Once you have found all 7 Triangles, you must locate the Yellow Archer, also hidden in a Trials stage. Once you have found the Archer, simply quit to the Main Menu and the Archer will be unlocked for play. For the locations of the 7 Golden Triangles and the Yellow Archer, see the spoiler tag below:

    1) Sacred Ground II: There is an unlit torch in the top left. Shoot an arrow through the lit torch to light the unlit one.

    2) Twilight Spire II: Stand on the platform right above where you start.

    3) Backfire III: Drop down to the bottom, and go into the secret room in the bottom left. You need to jump to reach it.

    4) Thornwood III: Behind the dummy in the upper-left corner. Drop down to reach it, and keep walking past the secret room.

    5) King’s Court I: In a secret area underneath the blue rock. When the level starts, you will only see a faint outline of where the rock will appear. You have to be quick to reach it.

    6) Sunken City III: In the lowest area, to the right. It is inside a secret room.

    7) Moonstone III: Collect the bomb arrows from the chest. You must use them to destroy the two purple crystals in the middle of the stage. Shoot the bomb arrows into the ground where the crystals sit to destroy them; they normally pass right through them. With the crystals destroyed, you can now head into the secret room at the top of this area.

    Once you have collected the 7 Golden Triangles, head into the level Towerforge II. There is a breakable rock to the right of the lower chest. Blow it up with a bomb arrow, and drop inside to wake up the Yellow Archer. He will unlock for use once you quit the stage.

  • Unlock the Cyan Archer

    You unlock the Cyan Archer by beating the stage The Sunken City in Quest mode. During the last wave of Sunken City, the Cyan Archer spawns as an enemy. Be careful here as he is quite fast and can teleport. See Serpent Hymns for details on unlocking The Sunken City, and Golden Goddess for Quest mode tips.

  • Unlock the Purple Archer

    You unlock the Purple Archer in Versus mode. Start a 2-player match with the Blue Archer and the Orange Archer and play on the level Twilight Spire. Randomly enemies may start to spawn into the level. Kill all the enemies and the Purple Archer will be available to unlock after finishing the match. This is a random event, and could take 50 rounds or more to occur.

  • Earn 90% of the Versus Awards

    There are 55 awards but you only have to get 90% of them to pop this trophy. At the end of each Versus match, you can earn up to 3 rewards depending on what actions you performed during the match. You can check which awards you have earned under the "Archives" section of the main menu.

    If players 2-4 log in as guest accounts, then their awards count towards the total you have earned. You also have a higher chance of earning these awards if you have at least 5 rounds.

    1) Most Lethal – Killed the most archers without winning in Last Man Standing. Requires 3+ controllers.
    2) Bubble Breaker Award - Destroyed many bubble shields.
    3) Quick Draw Award – Don’t hold to aim.
    4) Most Devious – Get a kill using screen wrapping.
    5) Most Vindictive – Get a kill with an arrow you shot right before you were killed. Does not register if you killed the same person who killed you or if you use special arrows. Requires 3+ controllers.
    6) Greediest – Get the most treasure from chests.
    7) Longest Innings - Survived the longest. Requires 3+ controllers.
    8) Late To The Party Award – Get the last kill of a round and only the last kill. Requires 3+ controllers.
    9) Mostly Harmless – Missed the most arrows and not get any kills. Requires 3+ controllers.
    10) Most Prepared – Have the most arrows.
    11) Least Prepared – Have the least arrows.
    12) Most Trigger-Happy - Shot the most arrows.
    13) Worst Accounting – Tried shooting without any arrows left.
    14) Who Needs Arrows? – Get all your kills by stomping on heads.
    15) Marksmanship Award – Don't miss any shots.
    16) Longest Shot – Get a kill over a long distance.
    17) Pickpocket Award - Stole the most arrows by bumping into people.
    18) Most Regal - Wear the crown the most by being in first place. You need to allow at least 1 other player to wear the crown for a round or two. Requires 2+ controllers.
    19) Regicide Award - Killed the most first place players. Requires 3+ archers.
    20) Fetal Position Award – Spent a lot of time crouched.
    21) Cannonball Award – Held to fall quickly a lot.
    22) Koala Award - Clung to ledges the most.
    23) Koala Hunter Award – Kill players who are hanging onto ledges by walking onto their heads.
    24) Most Evasive - Dodged the most arrows.
    25) Most Zen - Caught the most arrows.
    26) Least Composed – Died while trying to dodge during your dodge cooldown.
    27) Artless Dodger Award – Spammed dodge a lot but never actually caught an arrow.
    28) Most Twitchy – Catch at least 2 arrows with the "no dodge" variant.
    29) Super Booper – Get a stomp kill by dodging horizontally. Most easily accomplished by having an opponent jump upwards into your dodge.
    30) Most Takebacks – Recovered the most arrows
    31) Turncloak Award - Killed your teammate in Team Deathmatch. Requires 3+ controllers.
    32) Damage Control Award – Catch an arrow your teammate shot at you. Requires 3+ controllers.
    33) Most Reckless – Died the most from stage traps like lava and spiked balls.
    34) Most Compressed – Got crushed by moving platforms.
    35) Most Fashionable – Retrieved your hat. If someone shoots off your hat, walk over it and press .
    36) Usurper Award – Take the crown as your own. Kill whichever player is wearing the crown (first place) and when their crown falls off walk over to it and press before the round ends.
    37) William Tell Award - Shoot the hats off your enemies' heads many times. This can be made easier by enabling the "No Seeking Arrows" and "Free Aiming" variants.
    38) Bottle Rocket Award – Dodge away from explosions and survive them. Your character will be on fire after the dodge.
    39) Double Kill - Two kills from one shot. Enable the "Start with Super Bomb Arrows" variant and group everyone up. Requires 3+ controllers.
    40) Triple Kill - Three kills from one shot. Enable the "Start with Super Bomb Arrows" variant and group everyone up. Requires 4 controllers.
    41) Cause And Effect Award – Kill yourself with a laser arrow bounce.
    42) Bank Shot Award - Best laser bounce kill. Requires at least 2 bounces.
    43) Green Thumb Award – Get many kills with the thorns from the bramble arrows.
    44) X-Ray Vision Award – Get many kills with drill arrows by shooting through the terrain.
    45) Most Conductive – Catch a bolt arrow and kill a player with the electrocution that discharges from you.
    46) Right Angle Award – Get many kills with bolt arrows that have changed direction.
    47) From The Grave Award – Turn on the "Return as a ghost" variant and get multiple kills. Requires 3+ controllers.
    48) Eagle Eye Award – Don't miss your shots.
    49) Vendetta Award - Kill the same character multiple times. Requires 3+ controllers.
    50) Most Thorough - Swept the most rounds.
    51) Comeback King/Queen/Kid – Come back from a deficit (0-4) to win (5-4).
    52) Steak In Mouth Award – Won the game, lost your winning point via suicide before the round ends and then end up losing the entire game.
    53) Consolation Prize – Didn't meet the requirements for any awards. Easiest to get if you set rounds to 1, have the opponent not move, and then jump on their head.
    54) Overachiever Award – Finished with 2 more points than required (get a triple kill when you only need 1 point to win). You must be playing in Headhunters and not Last Man Standing. Requires 4 controllers.
    55) Ironman Award - Didn't die at all.

  • Play 1,000 rounds of Versus mode

    See Massive Mythology.

  • Play 5,000 rounds of Versus mode

    Simply play 5,000 rounds of Versus mode. The amount of rounds you have played can be tracked under "Archives".

    Depending on how often you play, this may very well come naturally without any grinding. However, depending on how quickly you want this trophy, you may want to grind matches yourself. While you can just let one controller idle and kill the player yourself, there is a method that allows you to grind out rounds without paying attention. This will allow you to do something else, like watch TV. Unfortunately, you have to manually advance rounds once it has finished. See below for instructions on how to grind out plays:

    1) In the options menu, set Instant Replay to "Off".
    2) Set up a 2-player Versus match. Set it to 10 matches, and enable the “Sudden Death” variant. Any map works, but I find the stage “Flight” starts players off on the outside the most, which is what you want.
    3) Plug controller 2 into the PS4 so it does not turn off. Make sure controller 1 has vibration enabled.
    3) When the match starts, players will be on opposite sides, equal distance apart. What ends up happening is purple magic ends up creeping in from the sides. Because players die at the same time, the round advances, but no one gets a point for surviving, so the round can never end.
    4) Make sure at least one controller is set to vibrate. When players die, the controllers vibrate. It can take anywhere up to 10 seconds before the players all die, depending how close to the middle they are. When you feel the controller vibrate, press to advance to the next round.
    5) Keep on pressing 3 seconds after your controller vibrates. You will keep on getting credit for completing rounds, but the match won’t end.

    Again, this is not the quickest method to get to 5,000 rounds, but it is the most automated, you will advance one round every 8-20 seconds.

  • Earn 10 diamond times in Trials mode

    Beat 10 of the 36 diamond times in Trials mode.

    If you are struggling with getting your times down, then I would recommend first getting the best time you can on each stage but preferably a diamond one. Now, figure out which red pearl times are the furthest away from your time and attempting those first, as those times should remove the most seconds first. For example: If your best time on Sacred Ground I is 4.7 seconds, then getting close to the red pearl time could take up to 3 total seconds off of your total time.

    Diamond times:

    Sacred Ground I – 3.000
    Sacred Ground II – 3.800
    Sacred Ground III – 3.800
    Twilight Spire I – 2.500
    Twilight Spire II – 3.200
    Twilight Spire III – 3.600
    Backfire I – 4.000
    Backfire II – 2.800
    Backfire III – 4.000
    Flight I – 4.000
    Flight II – 5.000
    Flight III – 5.500 / //45.2

    Mirage I – 3.600
    Mirage II – 4.200
    Mirage III – 5.500
    Thornwood I – 4.200
    Thornwood II – 5.000
    Thornwood III – 5.500
    Frostfang Keep I – 3.000
    Frostfang Keep II – 4.000
    Frostfang Keep III – 4.100 ///39.1
    King’s Court I – 3.000
    King’s Court II – 4.100
    King’s Court III – 5.000
    Sunken City I – 4.000
    Sunken City II – 5.500
    Sunken City III – 4.800
    Moonstone I – 4.600
    Moonstone II – 3.400
    Moonstone III – 4.400
    Towerforge I – 2.700
    Towerforge II – 3.500
    Towerforge III – 2.400
    Ascension I – 5.600
    Ascension II – 5.200
    Ascension III – 5.200
    Total Time – 2:27.700

    Developer times:

    Sacred Ground I – 1.700
    Sacred Ground II – 2.300
    Sacred Ground III – 2.400
    Twilight Spire I – 1.300
    Twilight Spire II – 1.200
    Twilight Spire III – 2.200
    Backfire I – 2.400
    Backfire II – 1.900
    Backfire III – 3.000
    Flight I – 2.100
    Flight II – 4.100
    Flight III – 2.600
    Mirage I – 2.400
    Mirage II – 2.500
    Mirage III – 3.300
    Thornwood I – 3.000
    Thornwood II – 3.000
    Thornwood III – 3.800
    Frostfang Keep I – 2.600
    Frostfang Keep II – 2.900
    Frostfang Keep III – 3.000
    King’s Court I – 2.300
    King’s Court II – 3.500
    King’s Court III – 2.600
    Sunken City I – 2.700
    Sunken City II – 4.100
    Sunken City III – 3.500
    Moonstone I – 2.800
    Moonstone II – 2.600
    Moonstone III – 2.300
    Towerforge I – 1.000
    Towerforge II – 2.300
    Towerforge III – 1.800
    Ascension I – 4.100
    Ascension II – 3.300
    Ascension III – 4.100
    Total Time: 1:36.700

    Tips & Techniques for Trials mode:

    1) Practice slowly: You're going to want to break down each level Trial into multiple steps and get the muscle memory down. You won’t get the fastest time on your first step. Practising improperly can actually make you worse overall, so start slow and work on getting quicker from there.

    2) You can aim without starting the clock: The clock doesn’t actually start in the Trials until you jump, shoot, or move left or right. This means you can hold down to aim your first shot where you need it to go, provided it is within range of your starting position.

    3) Master the Hyper Dash: Hyper dash is longer, faster, allows you to shoot while dashing, and has a quicker recovery time after the dash has ended. Officially, in order to hyper dash you need to press dash twice in quick succession. I personally find it easier to do it this way: need to press + + in the direction you need to go. You have to press all over those at the same time. If you press either or a little early, you’re going to do a regular dash. If you need to go a longer distance across a flat surface, you can hold + + in order to go a further distance.

    6) Sliding: Pressing + or will allow you to slide across the ground. This is more useful than a simple dash, and can be used to drop down into pits quicker. The slide can also be turned into a super slide by pressing + + at the same time. This is a faster version of the regular slide.

    7) Get used to shooting multiple arrows in one jump: The later levels will require you to shoot multiple arrows in one jump, in different directions. Sometimes it is easier to use the to aim, and other times you may find it easier to use . Experiment to figure out what works best for you.

    Here is a video showing how to get all the dev times in the game. While you do not need to achieve each dev time for this trophy, you can use these strategies to help lower your times. Credit to Suyooo for the video:

  • Earn a gold skull on King's Court in Quest Mode

    To earn a gold skull you need to beat the King's Court in Quest Mode on Hardcore difficulty without dying, see this video for a quick way to do this (credit to PSN Triple_Threat for this):

  • Complete the first 3 towers of Quest mode

    Like the description says, simply beat the first 3 stages of Quest mode. This can be done on any difficulty. See Golden Goddess for tips on completing Quest mode.

  • Complete Ascension in Quest mode

    Once you have unlocked Ascension (see Ascension for instructions), simply beat it on any difficulty. See Golden Goddess for tips on completing Quest mode.

  • Earn 8 red skulls in Quest mode

    See Golden Goddess.

  • Earn 14 red skulls in Quest mode

    You earn red skulls by completing Quest mode stages on Hardcore difficulty. In hardcore difficulty, enemies are far more plentiful, and far more aggressive. For example, round 1 of Twilight Spire has 2 enemies on Normal, but 8 enemies on Hardcore. Hardcore is quite difficult, and can take hundreds of attempts before you actually complete a stage. However, stages themselves only take about 5 minutes to complete. Typically, each stage has a different weapon and theme to it. For example, the stage Backfire contains exploding enemies, and exploding arrows.

    Not all stages are unlocked from the start, but once they are available, they can be played in any order. See the spoiler tags below for how to unlock each stage:

    1) Sacred Ground – unlocked from the start
    2) Twilight Spire – unlocked from the start
    3) Backfire – unlocked from the start
    4) Flight – complete the first 3 stages on any difficulty
    5) Mirage - complete the first 3 stages on any difficulty
    6) Thornwood - complete the first 3 stages on any difficulty
    7) Frostfang Keep - complete the first 3 stages on any difficulty
    8) King’s Court – complete the first 7 stages on any difficulty
    9) Sunken City – unlocked by picking a random stage multiple times in Versus mode. Unlocks Serpent Hymns
    10) Moonstone – play each of the first 8 levels in Versus mode, then play Sacred Ground. Unlocks Omen
    11) Towerforge – complete King’s Court on any difficulty. Unlocks Creation Myth
    12) Ascension – input the code after unlocking the previous 3 levels. Unlocks Ascension.
    13) Gauntlet – complete Ascension on any difficulty. Unlocks Rapture
    14) Gauntlet II – complete the first 13 levels on Hardcore difficulty

    Tips for Quest mode:

    1) Practice: Chances are you won’t beat a level on your first try, particularly. Pay attention to the different enemies that spawn in each map, and learn their behaviour. Some things to look out for: do arrows stick into the enemy or do they pass through them; does the enemy block/dodge/catch arrows; how aggressive is the enemy, will it chase me, will it lunge at me; are there any enemies that shoot projectiles that can be caught for better arrows.
    2) Dodge: You can press or to dodge. This can get you out of the way quickly, and can catch the arrows opponents shoot at you.
    3) Co-op: If you have a skilled friend who can play co-op with you, this will make things immensely easier for you. There are still the same number of enemies in co-op, so you can use this to your advantage. You also start with 4 lives each, and if someone runs out of lives quicker they can take any extra lives from the other player. Be careful though, as you can kill one another with arrows, but not by stomping on one another’s heads.
    4) Respawning: You can actually use the respawn as an offensive tactic. When you respawn, you explode out of a crystal, and the crystal actually damages enemies around you.
    5) Shields: Shields are incredibly helpful as they let you take an extra hit, but you cannot catch arrows when you have a shield. Be sure to dodge out of the way if an arrow is shot your way while you have a shield.

    One trick you can use to make things easier is to play the level in co-op, even if you are playing by yourself. Let the second player idle, and they will die. Don't revive them right away. Instead, keep playing as you normally would. Once your first character runs out of lives, switch to the other one. This essentially gives you 7 lives to play with, instead of the usual 5. Thanks to ryanmushr00ms for the tip.

DLC: Towerfall Dark World

6 trophies

  • Complete The Amaranth in Dark World mode

    To earn this trophy, simply beat The Amaranth stage on any difficulty.

    The Amaranth is the first stage of Dark World mode. The unique mechanic to this stage is it has scrolling platforms you can fall through by pressing +. There are no special arrows to this stage as well. The boss at the end of The Amaranth is the Wretched Seer.

  • Complete Dreadwood in Dark World mode

    To earn this trophy, simply beat Dreadwood stage on any difficulty.

    Dreadwood is the second stage of Dark World mode. There are 2 unique mechanics to this stage: the water which significantly slows your character, and the blocks which try to crush you shortly after a player or arrow passes under them. The boss at the end of Dreadwood is Lady Abigail.

  • Complete Darkfang in Dark World mode

    To earn this trophy, simply beat Darkfang stage on any difficulty.

    Darkfang is the third stage of Dark World mode. This stage is full of enemies that explode, blocks that can be blown up, and also contains a unique arrow: the trigger arrow. Trigger arrows are fired normally, but once they are fired you can detonate the arrow by pressing a second time. When a trigger arrow has been placed, you can pick them up by dashing into them. Also, if you want to shoot other arrows when the trigger arrow has been placed, you can fire more arrows by using . If you have 2 trigger arrows placed and press , both trigger arrows explode simultaneously. Also, you can cycle through your arrow types by using . This is helpful in case you do not want to fire your trigger arrows, as special arrows default to the ones you fire first. Trigger arrows are best used as traps. They can also be detonated in the arrow, right before hitting an enemy. This is especially useful against enemy archers. The boss at the end of Darkfang is the Blind Lich.

  • Complete Cataclysm in Dark World mode

    To earn this trophy, simply beat Cataclysm stage on any difficulty.

    Darkfang is the fourth stage of Dark World mode, and can only be unlocked once the prior 3 stages have been completed on any difficulty. Cataclysm contains a special arrow: the prism arrow. Prism arrows capture any archer that catches them. When you are imprisoned, you can still shoot outwards, you just cannot move and become a sitting target. These arrows are especially useful against enemy archers, as they tend to catch the first arrow shot at them.

  • Complete the four main stages of Dark World mode on Hardcore difficulty


    To earn this trophy you must beat each of The Amaranth, Dreadwood, Darkfang, and Cataclysm on Hardcore difficulty. Difficulties stack, so beating a stage on Legendary also counts for beating it on Hardcore. Hardcore difficulty has a couple of changes compared to Normal difficulty:

    • You have 8 continues (if you run out of continues you have to restart the stage from the beginning);
    • You need to beat 6 levels to reach the boss?;
    • There are more enemies per level than Normal Difficulty;
    • There is a more advanced enemies, and a few enemy archers per level;
    • Bosses have average health, average attack patterns, and change tactics once a third of their health is gone.
  • Complete the four main stages of Dark World mode on Legendary difficulty

    To earn this trophy you must beat each of The Amaranth, Dreadwood, Darkfang, and Cataclysm on Legendary difficulty. Legendary difficulty has a couple of changes compared to Hardcore difficulty:

    • You only have 5 continues (if you run out of continues you have to restart the stage from the beginning);
    • You need to beat 7 levels to reach the boss. The final two levels are almost always populated with enemy archers. Doppelgängers also appear, and can make playing in co-op much more difficult;
    • There are significantly more enemies per level than Hardcore;
    • Advanced enemy variety. Most levels have several enemy archers;
    • Bosses have lots of health, advanced and faster attack patterns, and change tactics once a third of their health is gone. When they have only a third of their health remaining, the bosses take some unique tactic. This tactic varies per enemy, from having dangerous gas show up, to more projectiles, to moving significantly quicker.

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