The King of Style Trophy in Touch My Katamari

  • The King of Style


    Collected all of the King’s fashion items.

    How to unlock The King of Style

    Note: To get the last set of fashion items called 'Ramen' you need to complete at least 2 levels in 'Katamari Drive' mode.

    There is 35 items in total, to access them go to the left of the kings head and click on the guy called 'Fashion Stylist'. There is 5 categories; Crowns, Clothes, Capes, Belts and Items. Each of those categories have 7 fashion items and they are varied in price (Some are a couple of hundred, some are a over a thousand). To get them all you have to collect all the collectibles in the game, they will all be available to buy then. If you use the time glitch/cheat as explained in the ultimate fashion item description you will get this trophy in no time. Trophy unlocks upon exiting the shop after you have bought all 35.

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  • The easiest way I have thought of doing this was to play any level that you haven't found the cousin, haven't found all the curios, and haven't found a present. If you find them all, you will get around 400-500 something. But wait! Click "sweet talk" and use 3 tickets! Now you have over 3000 candy from one roll! This helped me get all the songs as well.
  • Note that you can get this one without getting the secret final item.
  • If you're rank minister or higher, you can actually get 8000 candies with three sweet talks.
  • you can just start game, go to curio collection, then switch to VITA SETTINGS.. manually set date ahead 1, switch back to the game, exit curio section, collect daily log in prize, then back to curio section, rinse repeat log-in bonuses are 1=1 day 2=2 days 4-3 days 8=4 days 16=5 days 32=6 days 64=7 days 128=8 days 256=9 days and every day after

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