Obsession Trophy

  • Obsession


    Unlock the door under the hall stairs

    The door under the hall stairs is the door that connects the Main Hall of the Hospital with the Mausoleum and to open it you will need to obtain three key items and solve the Key Dial Puzzle with the last of them.

    The location of these three items is presented below:
    • Frozen Blood Medallion:  To create this item, you will first need to get the Empty Mold from the W-F1 Laundry, then solve the Cash Register Puzzle to obtain the Coin. Use this Coin on the vending machine inside the Chapel and get the Blood Bag. Combine both items to create the Filled Mold key item and travel to the past through the VHS Tape (Chapel) in order to store the Mold inside the Kitchen's freezer, then, return to the present to otain the Frozen Blood Medallion from the same place.
    • ID Card: Found at the end of the tunnel in E-F2 Pumping Room, after using the Jade Eye obtained from the Grandfather Clock Puzzle in the Office and solving the Vinyl Disc Puzzle.
    • Key Dial: Located in E-2F Library, after inserting the charged Battery into the forklift to reach the second floor. Once here, deal with the two Sliders  and look for a chessboard on which you will find the dial. 
    Once you have all three items, proceed to the mechanism under the stairs in the Main Hall, insert the Frozen Blood Medallion and the ID Card and solve the Key Dial Puzzle according to the pattern shown in the image below. Once you insert the Key Dial with the correct pattern, the trophy will be yours.

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