Relief Trophy in Tormented Souls

  • Relief


    Pick up five first aid kits

    How to unlock Relief


    To get this trophy, you will need to obtain at least 5 of the 7 hidden first aid kits hidden n the game. While this trophy is technically missable, it is very likely that you will get all of them by investigating thoroughly each room you enter.

    The location of the 7 first aids kits is preset below:
    1. (W-F2 Room 2E), inside a medical cabinet inside the save room.
    2. (Basement Boiler Room), inside a medical cabinet, after you deal with a Crawler.
    3. (E-F1 Pharmacy), inside a medical cabinet, after solving the combination key door puzzle.
    4. (W-F2 Room 2A), in the optional room where you get the Electrical Lance weapon, 
    5. (W-F1 Shower Room), inside on a medical cabinet behind the bathbub with the jump scare.
    6. (Bunker 3A), inside a medical cabinet, after getting the Gas Canister from the Prison and dealing with the two Slashers.
    7. (Slaughter Room), on a table during the final boss fight.

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