Anxiety Trophy

  • Anxiety


    Complete the game in under three hours

    (This tophy is potentially missable)

    Completing the game in less than three hours might seem difficult after your first playthrough, which if you didn't follow a guide, could have taken you around 10 hours; however, once you know where to go and what to do with each puzzle, time is greatly reduced and you may be able to beat the game even in less than two hours without getting too desperate. Having said that, it is very important to mention is that the timer continues even though you pause the game so try not to take too long pauses.

    Likewise, it is highly recommended that you combine this trophy with Amnesia trophy_gold.png or, even better, if you dare to do so, with both Amnesia trophy_gold.png  and Untouchable trophy_gold.png so that you can save yourself an additional run.

    Finally, you can follow the video guide provided below, which shows how you can beat the game in less than three hours (1:35:27), without healing and without saving your progress!

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