Untouchable Trophy

  • Untouchable


    Complete the game without using any health items


    To get this trophy you must beat the game without healing once, which is not to say that you cannot take any damage! The way the damage works in this game is that, depending on the enemy, normally two attacks (barring strong hits from Hammers or, for example, long grabs from the Ghost) will change your life from "Fine" to "Caution" and two additional attacks will land you in "Danger". Although you can play normally with your energy in Caution, entering Danger will imply a reduction in Caroline's speed and therefore she will be more vulnerable to attacks.

    Some recommendations for this run:
    • Save frequently after having covered a good portion without being harmed. There are 14 Recording Tapes in the game, most of which are in rooms that you must visit in order to progress through the game so make good use of them. For a game that could take a around two hours once you know what to do, this implies that you can save every 8 to 10 minutes of game time so it is quite doable! Some recommended saving points are as follows:
      1. In the first saving room you encounter (E-1F Examination Room). This is due to the two annoying Crawlers you will find and that could bring you some troubles .
      2. Before using the Thread Bolt to go to the Observation Room (W-2F West Wing Corridor) and face the first mini-boss.
      3. (W-1F Studio) Right after defeating the first miniboss and before using the Scalpel to descend the stairs from the Service Area.
      4. (W-2F Room 2E), after (or before) solving the mannequin puzzle and obtaining the Electric Lamp.
      5. (E-1F Delivery Room), the first time you arrive at this place.
      6. Sewer Storage Room. After solving the Moon and Sun Necklace puzzle.
      7. Bunker 2C, after obtaining the second Pipe Cap.
      8. Graveyard, before the final boss.
    • Reload your weapons from inventory to save time and prevent enemies from attacking you during the reload animation; at the same time, count your shots! The Nail Gun magazine can carry up to 10 nails, while the Shotgun magazine can carry only one shell.
    • Plan your route in advance. It is worth knowing which enemies will come in each room and analyze the best way to deal with them, either by eliminating them or escaping. Check out the Additional Resources Suplementary Guide for more information on how to deal with each enemy.
    • Building on the above, follow a Video Guide! You can use the video guide included Anxiety trophy_gold.png in order to beat the game with No Saves and No Healings in less than 3 hours (1:35:27 to be more precisely) and thus save an additional run or if you prefer, you can check the following No Damage/No Healing in 1:31:22 video guide (not too much difference in terms of length) in which the (7) recommended saving opportunities are presented and move forward with a little more calm.

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