Redemption Trophy

  • Redemption


    Collect all of Bertram's diary entries


    To obtain this trophy you must find each of the 8 entries in Bertram Wildberger's diary before the point of no return (check Sisters trophy_gold.png  for more information about the point of no return). Below is the location of each of these entries:
    1. Bertram’s Diary 1: (E-F2 Pumping Room), on a crate at the end of the tunnel (This is the place where you get the ID Card).
    2. Bertram’s Diary 2: (Mausoleum), on a wheelchair near the lectern (there is Slasher near it).
    3. Bertram’s Diary 3: (Sewers), on a crate in the corner, during the first area of the Sewers.
    4. Bertram’s Diary 4: (Past - VHS Tape: Experiment Room), on the table with the skeleton parts.
    5. Bertram’s Diary 5: (Bunker Stairs), on a crate, after you get the second Pipe Cap.
    6. Bertram’s Diary 6: (Mausoleum Bertram’s Office), on a cabinet, inside the next room after exiting from the Infinite Corridor, 
    7. Bertram’s Diary 7: (Bunker 3B, on a table behind the spike trap.
    8. Bertram’s Diary 8: (Duplicate Entries): Any will work. 
      • (Sewers), on a table,  after unlocking the door to the Vault but before entering the Bunker.
      • (Graveyard), on the ground near the save point.

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