Dedication Trophy in Tormented Souls

  • Dedication


    Collect all of William's diary entries

    How to unlock Dedication


    To obtain this trophy you must find each of the 8 entries in William Wildberger's diary before the point of no return (check Sisters trophy_gold.png  for more information about the point of no return). Below is the location of each of these entries:
    1. William’s Diary 1: (E-1F Dentist Room), on a bench near the X-rays.
    2. William’s Diary 2: (Duplicate entries): Any will work.
      • (Basement - Boiler Room), on a crate upstairs.
      • (E-1F Pharmacy), on a crate as you enter through the door.
    3. William’s Diary 3: (E-F1 Private Bathroom), first locker room of the game as sson you gain control of Caroline.
    4. William’s Diary 4: (W-F2 Dressing Room), in a shower just in front of the exit to the Main Hall.
    5. William’s Diary 5: (W-F2 Disinfectant Room), on a small table.
    6. William’s Diary 6: (Basement- Experiment Room), on a table to the far right of the skeleton.
    7. William’s Diary 7: (Past- VHS Tape: Dentist): (E-F1 Corridor), on a table at the end of the corridor that leads to the Maternity Ward.
    8. William’s Diary 8: (E-F2 Office), on the main desk.

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