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    Collect all of Maria's diary entries


    To obtain this trophy you must find each of the 8 entries in Maria Wildberger's diary before the point of no return (check Sisters trophy_gold.png  for more information about the point of no return).  Below is the location of each of these entries:
    1. Maria’s Diary A: (E-1F Corridor), next to the Pharmacy's door .
    2. Maria’s Diary B: (Basement - X-Ray Room), on a cabinet in your way to the Generator Room.
    3. Maria’s Diary C: (E-F2 Sewing Room), above the fireplace.
    4. Maria’s Diary D: (E-F2 Dining Room), on a table near the door.
    5. Maria’s Diary E: (E-F2 Bedroom), on the table to the left of the bed, near the wardrobe.
    6. Maria’s Diary F: (W-1F West Corridor), on a table next to the Studio's door.
    7. Maria’s Diary G: (W-F1 Laundry), on a washing machine.
    8. Maria’s Diary H: (E-F1 East Wing Hall), on a bench outside the Delivery Room, before the Grandfather Clock Puzzle.

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