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    Escape with Anna


    In order to obtain this trophy you will need to beat the game while obtaining the best ending "Adoption".
    To achieve this ending you must obtain two important items: the first, the VHS Tape (experiment), is obtained from the only open cell in the Experiment Room (hidden room in the Morgue of the Hospital's Basement) and is Key Item necessary to progress with the story; and the second, the Antidote, which is found in Bunker 3B, next room after exiting from the Infinite Corridor (check Loop trophy_silver.png   for more information), guarded by two Slashers and a Waller.

    Once you have these items (and not before) proceed to the Preparation Room, this is the room where you face four Hammers at the same time and that serves as the last miniboss in the game, as well as the point of no return. As soon as you defeat the Hammers, use the Antidote on the Ghost that is crucified (do it before going down in the elevator) and you will get the Bolt Cutters. Later and once you have defeated the final boss, return to the Meeting Room and use the VHS Tape (experiment) again to return to the past, go to the cells and use the Bolt Cutters to free Anna from her cell. Finally, escape from the Hospital by using the Cross Key on the front door.

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