Target Rich Environment Trophy in Top Gun

  • Target Rich Environment


    99 kills in Multiplayer (with Missiles or Guns).

    How to unlock Target Rich Environment

    No Longer Possible As Servers Have Shut Down*

    You just have to get 99 kills in multiplayer games for this trophy. As stated in the description, you have to kill them with missiles or guns (NOT combined, it has to be 99 missile kills or 99 gun kills). The trophy is cumulative so it can be done through multiple games. If you are having problems getting it, you can use the Trophy Boosting Thread to find boosting partners.

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  • 99 kills must be done in a single session. means once a party wins the deathmatch (by getting 15 kills), they cannot quit, but must join back into the game again. Only then the trophy will pop. If done separately it will not happen. Can be done on unranked and by 2 players.
  • This game's servers are down.. -.-t

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