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  • A Friend in Need


    Respond to a call for help and revive the agent.



    This is the problem child of this trophy list. I say it's glitched but in reality it's just really stubborn and seems to decide to unlock on its own terms. There are many different methods in getting this, it's purely down to how many times you have to meet the requirements before it decides to unlock.

    Method 1:

    What you need to do is respond to a call for help. Either from matchmaking or in the menu page and then you must revive the agent who made the call.

    Method 2:

    The hive revive method. This one is quick and easy to do. Respond to a call for help via matchmaking, blow yourself up and you will drop the revive hive and revive yourself. This actually counts as an agent revived and the trophy will pop (hopefully).

    Method 3:

    There is a guaranteed method for it. Where with a friend you can manipulate the game into being in a call for help state. I haven't tried this method personally but there are plenty of people who it has worked for first time. Please refer to the thread here: LINK for further details providing a step by step guide. Thanks Laurik for the link to this method.

    For some the trophy unlocks straight away but others have spent hours doing the same thing over and over until it pops. Choose a method and hope for the best but it will come eventually. To boost this trophy, check out the trophy boosting thread here: LINK

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  • This trophy seems like it’s glitched for me. Been reviving more than one agent calling for backup and nothing has popped.
  • Just earned this trophy couple minutes ago, I can confirmed no bug for this trophy. All you need to do is respond a call for help & have the call for help agent downed. This moment the downed agent need to press d-pad down button to "request for help" or so call "request revive", when you revive the agent the trophy will pop out for you.
  • #2 the trophy is bugged for many people, just cos you got lucky and got to come on here and claim it isn't
  • Trophie is bugged for me also...
  • I finally got the trophy after probably 100 tries. But, when it popped it didn’t make much sense to me. It was me calling for backup, someone joined. He downed himself with a grenade so I had to revive him, and trophy popped for me. If this was working as intended it should’ve been the other way around. But yeah, just keep trying joining other people, and/or call for backup. Sooner or later it seems to trigger the trophy.
  • Anyway to potentially boost this? By doing group then disband and send backup request?
  • just got this myself after trying or days. For me it worked like this. Used answer the call matchmaking, Revive Hive was ready for use. Enemy killed me and even tho i did not deploy the hive it auto revived me. To my surprise and relieve trophy popped. When trophy wasn't popping i'd leave group and re-match make. But trophy is still very much random and luck based at this point.
  • You have to finish a mission when you doing this! I haven't done it myself but i found it in the COMMENDATIONS menu, i't describes how you should do ????
  • Thought completing a mission might be part of it
  • After spending 3 hours helping people, I found this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbbfHZ8VBnQ And can confirm it works for me and my teammate. Good luck!
  • Im sure you can invite a friend and both recoeve this trophy, add me if anyone wants to try. ID : Brydobhoy
  • got it but took 100 or so tries
  • Methode 3 worked for me.
  • This trophy is not glitched or difficult. Follow these steps: 1. Click map, press R1 over to SHD 2. Press square “open on call status” 3. Change it to friends and clan (Also have your friend do those steps) 4. Have a friend or clan member go down in their game and call for back up while down 5. Hit r1 in your game to matchmake and click “answer the call”-this will auto join you with their game. 6. Revive friend while he/she is downed Trophy will pop first time every time
  • @14 It isn't difficult, but it IS glitched.
  • If you follow the steps I listed above the trophy will pop first try I have had 15 people (including myself) that this has worked for. So I don’t believe it to be glitched. The big key is the person MUST be down when calling for help and still down when the person joins. Then that person has to revive them.
  • FOUND A FIX "A Friend In Need" Achievement bug is not actually a bug, rather just a mislabeled achievement. FIX-- 1- Join ANY friend. 2- Have the agent go down (needs revived) 3- Have the agent request back up AND REVIVE THE AGENT!!!!
  • FOUND A FIX--- After new patch my old method is no longer working. Here is the NEW FIX to get this achievement. It is easiest is you have a friend help! 1- Have a FRIEND Tap their 'Touch Pad' to open THEIR world map, and tap 'R1' twice to get to the 'SHD' TAB, then hit 'Square' to 'Open Call Status' and Set it to 'friends/clan.' 3- Have your friend throw a grenade at their feet to go in to downed status (needs revived) and hit 'Triangle' to 'Call For Backup' 3- Once your friend requests Backup you should get the notification. open your map and go to 'MATCHMAKE' and select 'ANSWER CALL'. Once loaded in, simply revive the downed agent for the achievement! Note: If you do not receive the notice that your friend has requested backup, simply have your friend cancel the reques
  • *Request and hold Triangle to re request backup.
  • As of today, this trophy is definitely still glitched. After doing it legitimately several times a few months ago (with the trophy never popping), it finally popped last night. I accepted a request for help and joined a squad that already had 3 members (none of which were downed). They were doing a tier 4 control point and a few minutes in one of them went down. Another squad member started reviving them and before the revive was even complete, the trophy popped. I hadn't even revived anybody..?
  • Add me marcocarrella on Ps4 to do this trophy together.
  • To anyone who sees this .. I got it naturally..NO Glitched
  • need someone for this and other coop trophies - psn: tommm-1993x
  • If anyone else would like to knock this out together let me know at PSN ID: Brobear1026

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