• Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Total Trophies: 63 (49, 11, 2, 1)
  • Offline only trophies: 14
  • Online only trophies: 19
  • Offline or Online: 29 (these figures don't include the Platinum itself)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 100 hours with boosting and potentially 300-500 without, highly dependent on skill.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 (4 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Dog of War, Always Attack, Down to Size. See the respective trophies and the Roadmap for more information.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, three playthroughs on Hardcore are required.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Extra peripherals needed?: Yes, a headset is needed.


  • Boosting this game is HIGHLY recommended. Several of the online trophies will require an exhaustive effort to get legitimately. You will need a single partner for most of the online trophies and a group of 4 people (or two people with two systems) for a few others.
  • Another important thing to note is that online matches must last for at least 3 minutes in order for both sides to get credit for a game played. If the match ends in less than 3 minutes, only the winning side will get credit for the win and the game played. I refer to this frequently in the guide as the "three minute rule".
  • Frequently while boosting you will be Evacuating your units, usually as part of the three-minute rule. The easiest way to do this is by using the voice command "all units evacuate". This will command all of your units to leave the battlefield and surrender.
  • There is a trophy DLC available (Escalation) that includes another 10 trophies. If you have a mind to 100% this game, purchase the DLC before you start playing. This DLC is no longer available in some parts of Europe, you will need a US or UK account to purchase/download it but do note this DLC is region locked so ensure you have a US or UK copy of the game before buying.
  • Saves for this game are locked, the only way to quickly back them up is by using the PS+ Cloud.

Special Thanks to all of the great players that contributed in some way to the making of this guide: kiesmaarwa, yewjhin, Naks, eburkulosis, and allenbird.


Step 1: Complete the Voice Command trainer
Tom Clancy's EndWar is a strategy game that is designed to allow you to command your troops via Voice Commands. The Voice Commands actually work very well and allow you to be much quicker issuing orders than using a controller. Start a new single player game and you will be asked to complete the Voice Command trainer, this should take all of 2 minutes.

Step 2: Complete Prelude to War on Normal
This is the prologue campaign and is used to teach you the fundamentals of the game. Simply play through the campaign. On the last mission, make an attempt for the Impregnable trophy.

Step 3: Complete World War III on Normal as any faction
World War III is the main campaign. You will be able to choose to play as one of three factions, each with strengths and weaknesses. Try to focus on winning the game in less than 15 turns and taking an enemy capital in 3 turns. Save after every win and reload your save if you lose to make these easier. As the US, I was able to complete a war in 10 turns including capturing Paris in 3.

Step 4: Complete Prelude to War on Hardcore
By now you should feel pretty comfortable with the game mechanics and the A.I's tendencies. From here you'll want to start a new game on the Hardcore difficulty. You will be asked to complete Prelude to War on each of your next three playthroughs. It is possible to save between Prelude to War and World War III, but some players have reported that the difficulty trophies do not pop correctly if you do this. The A.I is significantly more difficult on Hardcore as they get more and better units, they will bait your units into attacking then retreat and lead you into ambushes. There is nothing too difficult in the prologue campaign but you'll need to be on your toes.

Step 5: Complete World War III on Hardcore with each faction.
You'll want to complete the main campaign three times, once for each faction. You'll need to complete Prelude to War each time when starting a new campaign. Remember to save after every win. There is a fantastic strategy for doing this easily that Tonic24k put together over on our sister site here: LINK, I highly recommend you check it out.

Step 6: Complete 20 single-player skirmishes
Skirmish is more or less a mission-select feature. As soon as the mission starts, order all your units to Evacuate. This will count as a game played then repeat another 19 times.

Step 7: Theatre of War
Out of the frying pan and into the fire, this is where you'll spending a lot of your time boosting. See the Trophy and boosting guides for how to tackle this behemoth.

Step 8: Clean up
Finish up any of the one-off trophies you may have remaining and you will have your , that is if you didn't get it after the previous Step.

Step 9: Alcohol
Time to have a beer, you've earned it.

[PST Would Like To Thank simula67 for this Roadmap]

Tom Clancy's EndWar Trophy Guide

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63 trophies ( 11  49  2  )

  • Armchair Napoleon.

    Earn all the non-DLC trophies to get this one. This is one of the rarest Platinums out there since it was only recently discovered to be obtainable so congratulations!

  • Complete the Voice Command Trainer.

    You will need a headset for this one.

    The Voice Command Trainer is introduced to you the first time you start a new game. Simply follow the instructions on screen to calibrate your voice. You can skip the tutorial and access it again later, if you'd like.

  • Win the Warning Signs mission.

    This is the first mission in the Prelude to War campaign and is more or less a tutorial on how to attack other units. You are given control of some Gunships and are tasked with eliminating some terrorists who are attacking the EU with tanks. Gunships take out Tanks with ease so just follow the instructions and you'll have this done in a few minutes.

  • Defeat Tanks with Gunships, Gunships with Transports and Transports with Tanks.

    This trophy represents your understanding of what EndWar calls the combat triangle. Think of it as rock/paper/scissors. Certain mechanized units are weak to a certain unit type and strong against another:

    • Tanks are strong against Transports but vulnerable to Gunships.
    • Gunships are strong against Tanks but vulnerable to Transports.
    • Transports are strong against Gunships but vulnerable to Tanks.

    Simply do as the trophy describes and defeat a unit type with the unit that is strong against it. You will get this naturally playing through Prelude to War but if you really want to, you can boost this with a partner in a Skirmish match. Each player should deploy enough Tanks, Transports and Gunships. Send them over to each other one by one and let them be downed by the appropriate unit type. The trophy will pop when you've gotten each of the three types of units downed by the corresponding strong unit type.

  • Win Finishing Move without any units being defeated.

    This is the third-to-last mission in the Prelude to War campaign. You play as Russian soldiers disguised as terrorists. Attempt this trophy on Normal difficulty as the A.I will easily destroy your units on Expert or Hardcore. My strategy was to secure and upgrade both nearby Uplinks first. Send your Riflemen to one and your tank and transport to the other (the transport will have Engineers in it). Each Uplink will have some enemy Engineers garrisoned nearby that you'll need to take out. As you secure an uplink, upgrade it with Air Support. This will be very important for holding out. Now, have your units meet up between the uplinks and send them all to Alpha. I had my Riflemen garrison themselves in the two towers at the entrance to Alpha. Use your Air Support to take out enemy units as you see them. You don't have Gunships so prioritize Air Strikes on Tanks. Send your transport directly to the uplink and capture it with its Engineers. Once here, you just need to hold out. The A.I will continue to deploy new units nearby, Air Strike them as they are deployed. The trophy will pop once you have secured victory, providing none of your units were downed.

  • Win one match in each game mode (Conquest, Assault, Siege, Raid).

    This will come naturally as you play through the campaign, because each of these game modes are a part of the Prelude to War campaign. If you would prefer to do it earlier, you can also do this in Skirmish by yourself or with a boosting partner.

  • Complete 'Prelude to War' on any difficulty.

    See World in Flames

  • Complete 'Prelude to War' on Hardcore.

    For this trophy you need to complete the Prologue campaign on the hardest difficulty. Although the A.I is much more challenging on Hardcore, the missions are still more or less tutorials so you shouldn't have too much of a problem. The toughest mission for me was "Finishing Move". See the description for Impregnable for a decent strategy on how to beat it. The trophy will pop after you complete the last mission in the prologue, which is defending your Capital city. This stacks with Road to War so you'll get both for completing the Prologue on Hardcore but this is not recommended.

  • Use Secondary Attack for the first time.

    As you win battles in either the single player campaign or Theatre of War, you will earn command points that you can use to upgrade your battalion. On a mission select screen press to enter the barracks, you'll first need to earn enough command points to purchase a secondary ability. Tanks have a HESH shell that I used quite a bit. Transports have some cool surface-to-air rockets. Riflemen have a sniper ability. Purchase one of these upgrades. Important: Some abilities require a unit to be of a certain rank before it is able to use it. The required rank is shown with the upgrade's details.

    Once you have a secondary attack ability purchased, simply use it in any game mode; Skirmish, single player and Theatre of War all work. The trophy will pop immediately on completing the requirements for it.

  • Win 15 missions in the Solo Campaign.

    You will get this naturally before you finish your first complete playthrough. Any mission you win in Prelude to War and World War III counts toward this total. There are 7 or 8 missions in Prelude to War so you should be halfway done when starting your first run through World War III. The trophy will pop when you have won your 15th mission.

  • Win 5 missions without using Mission Support in

    Mission Support is provided on some missions, typically for the defending faction. On the Mission Select screen, the territory icon will have little icons branching out if mission supports are available. They are colored for the faction that can use them. Air strikes are the most common because they are available without purchasing anything. To access Mission Support, you need to upgrade captured Uplinks so for this trophy simply don't upgrade any uplinks for the first 5 missions of World War III. If you're using the Deep Strike strategy, you should not need to upgrade Uplinks anyway. The trophy will pop after your 5th win without calling in support.

  • Win a mission by deploying infantry units only.

    You can get this in any game mode and mission type. Before the mission starts, be sure to only select infantry units to be deployed. If you're attempting this during the campaign or legitimately online, make sure that you only call in infantry reinforcements. If you're boosting, your partner can simply Evacuate all his units at the beginning of the match for you to get an easy win and the trophy. Providing you have only deployed either Riflemen and Engineers, the trophy will pop when you finish the match as the victor.

  • Finish 'World War III' in less than 15 turns.

    The requirements for finishing the World War III campaign are one of the following:

    • Capture both enemy Capital cities


    • Capture 28 total territories

    You'll want to do this on your Normal playthrough. I played as the US and finished in 10 turns. It is important to save after every win and reload your save if you quit or lose, this is because losses will change the world map and you will lose territories by losing missions. Keep winning missions and saving and you should get this trophy with a comfortable buffer.

  • Capture an enemy Capital in only 3 turns in

    This trophy description may be a little confusing. To capture a Capital city, you must win a Conquest, Assault and finally a Siege mission consecutively. If at any point you lose one of these missions, you will revert back to the one before it. For example: If you lose the Assault, you will have to start over with the Conquest on the next turn. For this trophy you must capture a capital by not losing a mission. That means winning the Conquest, Assault and Siege mission types consecutively. The key here is to save when you win and reload your save when you lose. Do this on Normal as trying to capture a Capital on a higher difficulty is very, very challenging.

    As far as strategies go:

    1. Conquest: Use your Deep Strike ability to remotely deploy Riflemen directly to an enemy Uplink. The idea is to keep the enemies moving. By the time they've reached an Uplink, you're already capturing another.
    2. Assault: Create a small task force of two tanks, a transport and a Gunship. Keep these units together and move them around the map, systematically destroying enemy units.
    3. Siege: Deep Strike a Rifleman unit to the Critical Uplink to capture it. Use your Gunships to spot units at long range and then nail them with artillery. Gunships are also good to quickly take out enemy Artillery. Slowly move up a squad of tanks and transports to the critical Uplink to help support the Riflemen. Hold out for 5 minutes to win. One thing to note here is that the enemy does not get reinforcements right away, it becomes significantly more difficult to win when the reinforcements arrive so be quick and be efficient.
  • Finish 'World War III' on Normal.

    See Ready for Theatre of War

  • Finish 'World War III' on Expert.

    See Ready for Theatre of War

  • Finish 'World War III' on Hardcore.

    I highly recommend you use the strategy that Tonic24k put together here: LINK, I cannot describe it better than he did and the strategy is next to foolproof. I must emphasize that it is critical that you avoid purchasing unnecessary unit upgrades. Enemy commanders are typically 1-2 ranks higher than your rank so the lower you keep your overall rank, the easier time you will have. The trophy will pop when you win World War III as any faction. This will typically take anywhere from 10-20 turns to complete. Remember to save after every win and reload if you lose. Note: The difficulty trophies stack so earning this will also earn you Tour of Duty and True Patriot. If you're following the Roadmap, you will have already completed the campaign once on Normal before going for this trophy.

  • Play 20 Single Player Skirmish matches.

    Skirmish mode is essentially Mission Select, You choose the map, game type and parameters. To get this trophy easily, start up a 1v1 single player skirmish and immediately order all of your troops to Evacuate. You do not need to win for this trophy. Do this a total of 20 times and the trophy will pop after your 20h Skirmish has ended.

  • Win 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches.

    Almost no one plays Skirmish online so you will likely have to boost this. Set up a new Skirmish (you can make it private) game. From the mission select screen, press to change the mode from 1 vs. 1 to 2 vs 2. Invite your friends or sub-accounts to the game. From here just have the losing side Evacuate all their troops, repeat until everybody has 10 wins. The trophy will pop after your 10th win.

  • Win 3 missions in a row in Theatre of War.

    ** GLITCHED **

    This trophy is currently only obtainable using the disc version of the game. Similar to Dog of War, it is probably a case of the requirements having been changed in the digital and the players not having figured it out yet. Fortunately, disc versions of this game are cheap because it's so old. Note: Only the player going for the trophy needs to be using the disc version, you do not need to worry about other boosters or randoms who do not have this version.

    Now to get this trophy you must win 3 consecutive matches in Theatre of War but they do not need to be in the same session. This will be difficult to do legit, because most of the online community remaining consists of very good players. If you're boosting, simply have your partner Evacuate his troops for 3 matches in a row.

    Important: Although you will easily get matched up with your boosting partner 99% of the time, randoms are random for a reason. If you are going for this or another consecutive wins trophy and get locked into a match with a random, you must XMB quit before the match starts. This will preserve your win streak. It has been suggested that you need to sign out of PSN from the XMB, I did not find this to be the case. I just XMB quit (press the button then scroll down to "Quit game") and had no issues.

    The trophy will pop following your third consecutive win in Theatre of War.

  • Win 30 missions without killing a unit in Theatre of War.

    This trophy may appear a little misleading at first but you do not have to win 30 missions in Theatre of War in a row without downing an enemy, you must win a cumulative total of 30 missions without directing your units to fully kill an enemy unit after it has been downed. This won't be too difficult because your units will always stop firing on an enemy when it has been downed. If you're boosting for wins using the 3-minute rule and Evacuating, this will come naturally. If you're attempting to get this legit, just remember not to re-order your units to attack a downed unit. The trophy will pop after your 30th Theatre of War mission without fully killing another unit.

  • Play 30 missions in Theatre of War city maps.

    There are three city maps in Theatre of War and they are the Capitals of each faction: Washington DC, Paris, and Moscow. You must play (wins don't matter, but the 3-minute rule does apply here) a cumulative total of 30 missions on any of these maps. The difficulty is that battles in capital cities are extremely rare in Theatre of War so opportunities to get this trophy will be few and far between. If you see a city map available during the current turn (24-hour period), drop everything, find a partner and immediately start working on this trophy. With boosting you're looking at 2 hours minimum to get to 30 matches played.

    To boost this, utilize the 3-minute rule so that both you and your partner receive credit for a game played. It doesn't matter who wins so just decide ahead of time which team is going to Evacuate after 3 minutes. Remember to deploy Gunships to make Evacuation go faster.

    I can't stress enough how critical it is to go for this trophy when one of the maps are available. If you miss your chance, you could be waiting a month or more for another one.

  • Disarm 10 minefields in Theatre of War.

    Minefields are a special Ability that you can upgrade your Engineers to use. The Ability to disarm minefields is available at Ability level 4. In addition, an Engineer unit must be at least Rank 3 (Hardened) in order to disarm mines. Set up a Theatre of War match in any game mode with your boosting partner. Deploy Engineers and lay a minefield by using the triangle button. Once the mines have been laid, press again to disarm them then repeat this 10 times. The trophy will pop when the 10th minefield has been defused.

  • Have one unit fight and survive for 10 missions in Theatre of War.

    On the left pane of the mission results screen you'll see the status of all units that were deployed during that mission. It will say something like "10 units survived, 2 units killed, 1 unit promoted". For this trophy, you need to have a single unit of any type play in and survive 10 missions. They do not have to be consecutive missions. A unit can be downed (and thus Evacuated) but it cannot be fully killed. If you're boosting you will get this naturally while going for wins or games played, as you won't be engaging in any combat. If you're playing legit, the best advice is to only play Conquest missions and to keep a strong unit back near the deployment area. Legit players frequently unit-kill so playing a mode like Conquest where total Annihilation is not the objective will help.

  • BOOM


    Deploy 20 minefields which successfully damage enemies in Theatre of War.

    Deploying minefields is a secondary Ability of the Engineer unit type. In addition to purchasing this Ability (Ability 2 in the barracks), your engineers must be Rank 2 (Regular) or higher in order to lay mines. To lay mines, make sure your engineers are selected, then press to lay a minefield. Confirm where you want the minefield placed by pressing . You need to lay 20 unique minefields that damage an enemy. You cannot have 20 units be damaged by the same minefield. This is easily boosted with a partner. Lay a bunch of minefields in an area and have your partner move a unit over and keep track of which minefields damage enemies. If your Engineers are ranked up enough, then you can disarm the minefields and lay new ones. The trophy will pop when your 20th unique minefield has damaged an enemy unit.

  • Kill 500 units in Theatre of War.

    This will be one of the last multiplayer trophies you earn, to get this you must fully kill 500 enemy units while in Theatre of War matches. As is mentioned in other spots in the guide, to "fully" kill an enemy unit you must order your units to attack again after an enemy unit has been downed. If they are Evacuated by the rescue Helicopter, the kill will not count. This will take quite a while, but the fastest way is for you to deploy transports and engineers and for your boosting partner to deploy Gunships and send them to you. If there is Raid mission type open on a given day as the attacking faction, a much faster method is to destroy the drones that are stationed by each critical building. Each drone counts as a kill. As you are boosting other trophies you will naturally pick up a bunch of kills, so it may be best to wait on this towards the end unless Raid is available. You can verify how many kills you earned in a match on the results screen.

    If you're going for this legit, you will still want to play Raid missions when they are available in Theatre of War. Other than that there's nothing else you can do but just continue to play. This will be difficult because legit players online routinely engage in unit-killing to keep opponents' units at a lower level. The trophy will pop when you have killed your 500th unit.

  • Win 5 missions in a row on the same territory in Theatre of War.

    See Dog of War

  • Win a Conquest by securing all Uplinks on a map in Theatre of War.

    Conquest is a mode where two factions will be fighting to secure and hold a majority of Uplinks on a battlefield. To earn this trophy you need to win a Conquest mission by capturing all the Uplinks. The trick is that once a majority of the Uplinks have been captured by one faction, a 5-minute victory timer will begin counting down. This is easily boosted with another player. Match up with your partner on any available Conquest match in Theatre of War. Deploy infantry and transports if you wish. Your partner doesn't have to do anything here. You should send an infantry unit to each uplink on the map. Once all are in position, secure them one by one either by using or a Voice Command similar to "Unit 1 secure Alpha." The match will end when all Uplinks have been secured and the trophy will pop soon after.

  • Win 40 missions as Attacker in Theatre of War.

    See Dog of War

  • Win a Theatre of War Phase as each Faction; you must have played as that Faction in 10 missions.

    ** GLITCHED **

    This is the trophy that prevented every non-hacker from legitimately getting the EndWar Platinum, it is now obtainable but only while using the digital version of the game. Note: Only the player going for the trophy needs to be using the digital version, you do not need to worry about other boosters or randoms who do not have this version.

    The new requirements for this trophy are to win 50 consecutive matches in Theatre of War. It is unclear at this time whether the 50 wins need to be in a single session or not but I wouldn't chance it. Partner up and have your boosting partner Evacuate when the match begins. Play on any map, on any mission type. The only thing you have to worry about is randoms. If you get matched up with a random, XMB quit immediately and your streak will remain intact. The trophy will pop after your 50th consecutive win. If you play on the same territory for at least 5 of your 50 wins, you will also nab Spearhead. If you also choose a territory in which you are the attacking faction, you will also get Point of Attack along the way as well.

    I am comfortable saying that this is impossible without boosting, because the remaining legit players that are still online are just too good.

  • Win 5 missions in a row without losing health in Theatre of War.

    Each unit on the battlefield has 4 bars of shield and 4 bars of health. You need to win 5 missions in a row in Theatre of War taking only shield damage (or none at all) on all of your units. This will come naturally while boosting wins. If you'd like to try your hand at this legit, you have your work cut out for you. You need to be an excellent commander to do this. Order your units to retreat when their shields are low and make sure you are utilizing the combat triangle when attacking. Progress for this trophy is stored on the server so you cannot quit out if you accidentally lose some health. The trophy will pop after you win your 5th consecutive mission without any units losing health.

  • Destroy 100 Critical Buildings in Theatre of War.

    You will get this by playing Raid missions, which aren't very common in Theatre of War. Get in on them while they are available. You will need to be the attacking faction in order to get this trophy. With a boosting partner, match up on a Raid mission type. The defending faction can just sit and do nothing while the attacking faction starts destroying buildings. Critical Buildings are clearly marked in SitRep and on your screen. The match will end when over half are destroyed. Keep repeating this until you have 100 buildings destroyed in total.

    If you'd rather do this legit then not much changes. You need to be on the lookout for Raid missions where you are the attacker, then just play them like you normally would. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the match. You will slowly accumulate buildings and the trophy will pop after you have destroyed your 100th one.

  • Win a mission within 5 minutes in Theatre of War.

    This is probably the easiest multiplayer trophy in the game, if you're boosting. Match up with a partner in any Theatre of War mission type. To expedite things, your partner should deploy Gunships. Once the match starts, your partner should Evacuate all of his units. As long as less than 5 minutes have passed when you win, the trophy will pop on the results screen.

    If you're trying this legit, you may get it anyway because there are a lot of boosters online who will Evacuate if they are accidentally matched with you. Your best bet is to wait until you have some upgraded units before trying this. Attempt it on a Conquest mission. If you think you can capture and hold all the Uplinks, do that, but it's more likely that your only option is to win by Annihilation. Send everything you have at the enemy's deployment zone and/or the Uplinks closest to it and hope you have the advantage.

  • Play 100 2 vs. 2 Theatre of War missions.

    This is another trophy that will take quite a while to boost. You will need 3 other people for this trophy or a second PS3 and someone else with a second PS3. In the Theatre of War settings, set the match type to 2v2 and set up your two teams. Start searching at the same time to get matched up together. Deploy Gunships to make evacuation quicker. Remember it doesn't matter which team wins these matches, just exercise the three-minute rule and Evacuate. If you don't use the rule, the losing team will not get credit for a game played. The trophy will pop when you have completed your 100th 2v2 mission online.

  • Kill 10 units with the Command Vehicle's sentry units.

    This may take some practice. Each Command Vehicle is deployed with 4 sentry drones that will follow it around for protection. Essentially, you must fully kill 10 enemy units using these sentries. The issue is that they don't do much damage and are very fragile. First, spend some Command points on upgrading the sentry units. To boost, your best bet here is to have your boosting partner deploy Gunships and send them to you one at a time. Gunships will not always attack Command Vehicles on sight, which makes them easy pickings. If you find the Gunship is attacking, your partner should continuously move the unit from one spot to another. They will not shoot while moving. A full squad of four sentries should not have too much trouble downing a Gunship. The more challenging part is then killing the Gunship after it has been downed before the evacuation helicopter arrives. You have a limited amount of time to do this so order your Command Vehicle to attack as soon as the Gunship hits the ground. If you do not fully kill the Gunship, you will not get credit. The trophy will pop when you've killed your 10th unit using the sentries.

  • Win a match after the enemy has triggered DEFCON in Conquest.

    See Do or Die

  • Upgrade 100 Uplinks in any game mode.

    Uplinks are the points on the battlefield designated with letters and can only be captured and upgraded by Riflemen or Engineers. There are three types of upgrades: Air Support, Electronic Warfare and Force Recon, The latter two need to be purchased in the barracks first in order to be used. All mission types contain Uplinks, but not all missions offer the support necessary to upgrade them. When choosing a map to play on, look for a little jet fighter icon next to the territory icon. Be aware that Air Support may not be available to both factions, depending on the map.

    There are two ways to upgrade an Uplink once it has been secured by your battalion:

    1. Select an infantry unit as active move them to the Uplink. Then move your target over the uplink and press to upgrade.
    2. Use a Voice Command like "Unit 1 upgrade Alpha Air Support."

    The best mission type to use for this trophy is Assault (matches will say "Battle of _________"), this is because many of the uplinks are already secured which means half of your work is done for you. If playing this with a boosting partner, each of you can upgrade your captured Uplinks and then evacuate to end the match. The 100 Uplinks must be unique, you cannot keep changing the upgrade on a single Uplink. Some maps have more Uplinks than others.

    This trophy is a cumulative total between the campaign, Skirmishes and Theatre of War. The trophy will pop after your 100th Uplink has been upgraded.

  • Kill 15 enemy Command Vehicles.

    Command Vehicles are unique units that give a commander access to SitRep. Only one per faction is allowed on the battlefield at any given time which means this will take a few matches to complete. Each player should deploy a Command Vehicle and then fill out their units with Gunships. When the match starts, each player sends their Gunships to the other player's deployment area and attacks the Command Vehicles. This trophy requires that you fully kill the unit, that means you need to order your units to attack again when the Command Vehicle has been downed. This is made easier by creating a squad of all your gunships, then you can order them to attack with a single voice or button command. Continue to deploy more Command Vehicles until you run out of command points or the match ends. The trophy will pop when you have fully killed 15 of these units.

    If you're trying this legit, good luck. Most legit players don't use Command Vehicles because they are slow and cumbersome. If you come across one, send everything you have after it. This will definitely take a while to complete.

  • Win 30 missions in any game mode.

    This trophy represents a cumulative total of wins across the single player campaign, Skirmishes and Theatre of War. If you're boosting for wins for the DLC (and you should be) then this will be just another checkpoint on your way to 100. If you are choosing to do all the single player trophies first, then this will come naturally during your 4+ playthroughs. The trophy will pop when you are victorious in your 30th mission.

  • No Uplinks recaptured by hostiles for 10 consecutive Conquest victories.

    You will probably get this naturally while boosting the other online trophies. This trophy requires that for 10 consecutive Conquest matches that end in a victory for you, none of your uplinks are captured by the other faction. The easiest way to do this is to have your opponent evacuate when the match begins. Remember to exercise the 3-minute rule if your partner wants credit for a game played.

  • Retake a Critical Uplink within the 3-minute timer in a Siege match.

    Siege mission types are only available on Capital city maps - Washington, Paris or Moscow. Do this in a Skirmish with a boosting partner because getting a Siege in Theatre of War is extremely rare. During this mission type, the attacker will be tasked with securing a Critical Uplink (normally Alpha) and holding it for 3 minutes. The defender's job is to prevent this from occurring while holding out 10 minutes for reinforcements to arrive. To get this trophy, the defender should first move all units a safe distance away from the critical Uplink. The attacker should then send an infantry unit (in a transport, to make things faster) to the Uplink and secure it. Note that the attacker actually has to secure the Uplink twice - once to turn it neutral and again to completely capture it. This will trigger a 3-minute defeat timer for the defender. The defender needs to recapture the Critical Uplink within the 3-minute timer. The trophy will pop when the Critical Uplink has been completely secured by the defender.

  • Kill an enemy troop without being spotted.

    There are a few ways to accomplish this but the easiest is to use Artillery and a spotter. This is also possible against the A.I but easier with a boosting partner. You will need to deploy one artillery and one Gunship. Have your partner send a weak unit like a transport to a location on the map. Now, move your gunship closer to the enemy unit so that it is at the edge of the Gunship's vision (SitRep may help to show this). Once your Gunship is in position, switch back to your Artillery. The enemy transport should now be visible to the artillery. Direct the Artillery to attack. If done properly, your Artillery unit should not show up on your partner's radar. When the transport has been destroyed the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat 6 hostile units with a single unit.

    This trophy is cumulative.

    This will come naturally as you play the single player campaign or while boosting for some of the other multiplayer trophies. For this trophy, a single unit in your battalion needs to personally defeat 6 unique enemy units before it is killed. "Killed" in this case means fully killed, not just downed. Speaking of killing, you do not need to fully kill enemy units for this trophy.

    In the single player you should get this without any problems. In multiplayer, good players will usually fully kill your units just to make you mad. This is easily boosted by a partner feeding units to you. Remember the combat triangle when doing this. Transports defeat Gunships. Gunships defeat Tanks and Tanks defeat Transports. The trophy will pop when one of your units records its 6th victory.

  • Win a Conquest mission by Annihilation after the DEFEAT counter was under 30 seconds.

    On a Conquest map, Player B (who is not going for the trophy) should deploy a combination of 6 infantry and transport units. Player B should capture half of the Uplinks and then move all of their units to the odd Uplink, but does not capture it yet. Player A captures the other half of the Uplinks and then moves their units a safe distance from the odd Uplink. Player B captures the odd Uplink, triggering the DEFEAT counter and putting Player A into DEFCON. When the counter hits 30 seconds, Player A deploys a WMD to the odd uplink where all of Player B's units are stationed. All of Player B's units should be destroyed, triggering Annihilation and winning the match for Player A. Deploying the WMD takes a few seconds so don't wait around once the timer hits 30 seconds. The trophy will pop on the results screen. This method will also net you Turning Point and potentially Napoleon as well. See Napoleon for more details.

    If you're going for this trophy legit, you may opt to crash an uplink rather than use a nuke. Crashing an Uplink is an ability given to the losing side when the match enters DEFCON. Crashing an uplink disables it completely for the remainder of the match. To do this, you can use the voice command "crash _____" where the second half is the name of the Uplink you wish to disable.

    Either crashing or nuking will achieve the same result, taking one of the Uplinks out of the match and stopping the defeat counter. Remember you don't have to win the match when the timer is under 30 seconds, you can win the match at any point after the timer was under 30 seconds and still get credit.

  • Win a Skirmish mission and lose no health.

    This can be done against the A.I if you are very good, but it will take less than a minute with a boosting partner. Simply start up a Skirmish mission on any map and have your partner evacuate all his units by using the Voice Command "Call all units, evacuate." The trophy will pop once the mission has ended.

  • Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters.

    Evacuation helicopters appear whenever a unit on the battlefield has been downed but not killed, they will airlift survivors to safety. This trophy is possible against the A.I, but much easier with a boosting partner. Set up a skirmish match on any map. A siege map may work best because the defending faction can see all of the attacking faction's units by default. Player A should deploy as many Transports as is allowed. Player B should deploy at least one gunship. At the start of the match, Player B sends the Gunship to Player A's Transports, who will easily down it. Player A should not order their Transports to fully destroy the Gunship once it has been downed. Evacuation Helicopters will continue to spawn in attempt to airlift survivors out. Wait until one approaches and direct your Transports to shoot it down, it helps if you have them teamed up. It won't take much. If the downed Gunship is accidentally destroyed or the Evacuation Helicopter makes it out then Player B should send over another Gunship. The trophy will pop when the 10th Evacuation Helicopter has been destroyed.

  • Kill 30 enemy regular units.

    See Mass Murderer

  • Win 20 1 vs. 1 matches in Theatre of War.

    In Theatre of War, you can play games 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4. You need to play in and win 20 total matches of any mission type in Theatre of War. This will come naturally while going for several of the other win-related trophies. You can either try your luck against randoms or work with a boosting partner. Match up with your partner on a map, the losing player should deploy gunships as those are the quickest to Evacuate. Once the match starts, the losing player should just evacuate. The 3-minute rule doesn't apply here because the winner will receive credit no matter how long the match goes. The trophy will pop after your 20th win.

  • Achieve a 100% Command Rating in one mission in Theatre of War.

    A Command Rating is given to you after every mission in Theatre of War and is a combination of a combat rating and a mobility rating. Your combat rating increases when you kill units and decreases when you lose units. Your mobility rating seems to be based on how efficient you are at commanding troops. There is no exact science to this trophy that I can tell.

    Here's the method I used with a boosting partner for this trophy: On a Conquest map, Player B (losing player) should deploy a combination of 6 infantry and transport units. Player B should capture half the uplinks and move all 6 units to the odd uplink but does not capture it. Player A (winning player) captures the other half of the Uplinks. Player B captures the odd Uplink, triggering the DEFEAT counter and putting Player A into DEFCON. Player A deploys a WMD to the odd Uplink, destroying all of Player B's units and triggering Annihilation. To achieve the 100% Command Rating, Player A should only order units to secure Uplinks then leave them in cover. Do not let units sit around and do not change their orders while in transit or repeat their orders.

    The trophy will pop after the completion of the mission. You can check your Command Rating on the mission results screen by pressing .

  • Shake to SitRep 88 times.

    First ensure that the motion controls are activated in the pause menu then during a match in which your squad contains a Command Vehicle, gently shake the controller up and down and the game will switch to the SitRep (overhead/tactical) view. Shake to return to the ground-level view. Repeat this another 87 times and you have yourself an easy bronze.

  • Browse your teams either right or left 88 times.

    Similar to the previous trophy, ensure that the motion controls are activated. Next you'll need to form at least two teams. You can either do several ways. By Voice Command you can say, "Unit 1 plus Unit 2 create group." Alternatively, you can hold down , scroll through your units using or on the and add units to the group by pressing on the d-pad. To finish creating the group, press .

    Once you have two teams created, you'll want to use your controller to scroll between them. Hold one wing of the controller with one hand. Snap your wrist forward like you would be throwing a Frisbee. You can just keep snapping your wrist back and forth to keep browsing. The trophy will pop when you have done this 88 times.


Secret trophies

  • Finish 'World War III' with all 3 Factions on Hardcore.

    This will probably be the last single player trophy you earn. You need to win the main campaign on the hardest difficulty with each faction. Using the same strategy outlined in Ready for Theatre of War, this should be manageable. Remember you will need to start a new game every time, and complete Prelude to War on Hardcore every time as well. It is possible to get this trophy while only completing Prelude to War once but it is not reliable. Play it safe and do the Prologue campaign each time. Again, remember to save after every win and reload if you lose.

  • Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare.

    This will probably take a few tries to get right and is best done in a Conquest mission. This can be done outside of Theatre of War so the best thing is to set up a Skirmish with you and a friend. Choose a territory where your partner will have Air Support so he can send Air Strikes. You will need to purchase and unlock at least the first Electronic Warfare upgrade. The person attempting the trophy should deploy a Command Vehicle and some infantry units. The opponent may do the same. When the match starts, each of you should capture a couple of Uplinks to build up your command points. Now, enter SitRep by shaking your controller or pressing . Here is where the tricky part comes in. Your partner should order an Air Strike on a location near the center of the map. When he does, you will be able to see the jet plane in SitRep. Your objective is to place your target in the path of the jet plane and intercept the Air Strike before it launches. Timing here is critical and it will likely take some practice. You'll know that it worked if, after you've deployed the electronic warfare, a target locks on to the plane. Repeat this four more times and you will get the trophy.

DLC: Escalation Expansion

10 trophies

  • Storm 10 enemy buildings.

    This trophy requires you to upgrade your Riflemen units with the ability to storm buildings. To storm a building, an enemy infantry unit has to be camped out in it. With your boosting partner, set up a match and deploy Riflemen. Your partner should deploy Engineers. Meet at a common location on the map with buildings present. Your partner should have their Engineers enter a building. Once they are entrenched, select your Riflemen then you should have the option to storm the building. Repeat until the trophy pops.

  • Defend Capital in Siege 20 times in Theatre of War.

    This trophy is heavily dependent on how the current War is progressing online. In Theatre of War a faction wins by either capturing a capital or owning a majority of the territories. There are only three capital territories: Washington, Paris and Moscow. Similar to the Blitz trophy, to capture a Capital city a faction must win a Conquest, Assault and finally a Siege mission on consecutive turns. If at any point the attacking faction loses one of these missions, the mission types reset. For this trophy, you need to be aligned with the defending faction, while your capital territory is available and your faction needs to have lost both the Conquest and Assault missions so that the Siege mission type is available. The Siege mission on a Capital city map is very rare and all effort should be made to earn this trophy when it is available, even if it means switching factions and losing progress towards Super Soldiers.

    Once the mission and map are available, simply play it 20 times. Remember, you must be playing as the defending faction. Utilizing the three minute rule, have your boosting partner evacuate all his units. Repeat until the trophy pops.

  • Win 100 missions in Theatre of War.

    This trophy stacks with all other Theatre of War win trophies. You should get this naturally while working towards both Dog of War and Total War, provided you and your partners are taking turns winning during the 2v2 matches.

  • Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover.

    You will likely get this trophy without trying while playing the single player campaign. infantry units can take cover almost anywhere: In trees, at an Uplink or in buildings. You must down (killing is not necessary) 50 cumulative enemy units across the single player and multiplayer modes. If you don't get this naturally, you can boost this in a Skirmish with someone else. Place some Riflemen at an Uplink closest to your partner's deployment zone. Have your partner deploy engineers and send them towards the Uplink. The trophy will pop when the 50th enemy unit has been downed.

  • Play 30 2 vs. 2 matches in any game mode.

    See Total War

  • Have 12 units in your Battallion promoted to Legendary Rank in Theatre of War.

    In Theatre of War there is an XP system for each unit. Units gain XP and are promoted, thus making them stronger and granting them access to better upgrades. The downside is that the XP system is more or less hidden from the player completely. There is no way to track how close a unit is to their next promotion. Units gain XP for kills, surviving a mission, and capturing Uplinks.

    For this trophy, you need to own 12 units at once who have all been promoted to the highest rank of Legendary. This should be one of, if not the last trophy you should go for. The reason for this is that any units which are killed completely have their ranks reset.

    XP is earned in the following ways:

    • 1 XP for defeating (killing not necessary) an enemy unit.
    • 0.2 XP/minute for surviving a mission, up to a maximum of 10 XP per mission (unconfirmed).
    • 0.75 XP for capturing an uplink (infantry units only).
    • 1 XP for defeating an enemy unit with the Command Vehicle's air support or drones.

    There is no quick or easy way to approach this. You just need to utilize a unit's strengths and weaknesses and coordinate the units you deploy with your partner.

    • Start with Transports. Partner should deploy Gunships and Artillery.
    • Then go to Tanks. Partner should deploy Transports, Artillery, Command Vehicles, and Tanks.
    • Move on to Gunships. Your partner should deploy Tanks and Artillery.
    • Infantry. Partner should deploy infantry as well. Your Riflemen should defeat his engineers, while your engineers capture uplinks.

    Be sure to upgrade your units as you go as this will make it easier for you to defeat enemy units.

  • Defeat 6 Hostiles with one WMD.

    See Napoleon

  • Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.

    See Mass Murderer

  • Purchase 60 unit upgrades in Theatre of War.

    As you work your way through Theatre of War, you will earn points which can be used to upgrade your units with new abilities, or to better existing abilities. An easy way to do this is to utilize faction switching. When you switch factions you receive 50% of all your spent points back so once you buy a few of the cheapest upgrades, switch factions and you'll receive points which can then be used to re-purchase upgrades. This is cumulative so you do not have to buy 60 unique upgrades for this trophy.

    Potential Glitch: Some people have reported that the trophy would not unlock for them unless they purchased all 60 upgrades at once. Your mileage may vary with this trophy. If it does not unlock after you've cumulatively purchased 60, switch factions then save up points and purchase them all at once.

  • Win 20 missions without calling reinforcements in any game mode.

    This trophy combines single player and Theatre of War. If you are following the 3-minute rule in Theatre of War, you will get this trophy naturally. You simply need to win 20 cumulative missions with the units you start with.

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