The grand clock tower Trophy in Toem

  • The grand clock tower


    Photograph the grand clocker's special event

    How to unlock The grand clock tower

    You'll unlock this in Logcity.

    The description is a little misleading, as there is an event with the Grand Clocktower here (it happens on the hour, ever hour), but you don't need to actually take a picture of that. Just the clock will do just fine. When you enter Logcity, leave the underground bus station. In the back of this area is a sign with a camera on it, letting you know this is where you need to take the picture. Whip out your camera and take a snapshot of the tall clocktower here to unlock the trophy.

    (Apologies for the mud in the picture, this was taken after completing the 'Ratskulls Partz' Quest). 

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