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    Equip every item once

    How to unlock Cosplayer

    There are 23 items that you can wear, but only 22 will actually make it to your inventory. Their locations will vary from quest rewards, gift boxes out in the open, and just general interaction with NPCs. The Paper Hat and Captain's Hat are interchangeable with an NPC in Stanham, so if you have everything listed below and have worn them all at least once, one of those is probably the one you're missing (see below for more info). Their locations are as follows:

    • Cowboy Hat (Oaklaville): Found in the gift box inside the small mushroom house you open up when you take a picture of the cosmic cube (this is also where you'll scan the Tato Bug for Collect them all trophy_gold.png). 
    • Diving Helmet (Stanhamn): As you complete the Quest 'Ocean Garbage', a treasure chest will be lifted up out of the ocean. The Helmet is inside the chest. This is also required for the Quest 'Queen of Paper Hats'. 
    • Fishing Hat (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box inside the Lighthouse (far left area). 
    • Hard Hat (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box inside the Hydroplant. 
    • Hotbean Hat (Logcity): Automatically picked up when you start the Quest 'Super Hotbean Bros.'.
    • Paper Hat/Pirate Hat (Stanhamn): These are both Quest related (technically), you just need to make sure you wear them both. When you pick up the Quest 'Queen of Paper Hats', the captain you pick it up from will be weaing a Paper Hat. You'll need to go retrieve her Pirate Hat to complete the Quest. When you give her the hat, she'll trade you the Paper one. Just make sure you put on the Pirate Hat before turning in the Quest. If you don't, just talk to her again to switch hats again to get it back. 
    • Puffer Hat (Logcity): Quest reward for completing 'Snowball Memories'. 
    • Reporter Hat (Logcity): Automatically picked up when you start the 'Press-ing News' Quest. 
    • Fjallbjorn Cap (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Become a Scout'.
    • Space Helmet (Kiiruberg): Found inside a gift box just outside of the Observatory. It's tucked away in a corner so you'll need to turn the camera to be able to see it. 
    • Ski Goggles (Kiiruberg): Picked up from the guy at the top of the ski lift. 
    • Ghost Glasses (Oaklaville): Given to you automatically when you reach the graveyard/house on the far left side of the area.
    • Scarf (Kiiruberg): Picked up from the lady inside the house at the bottom of the ski lift. 
    • Clogs (Homelanda): Quest Related (A Hidden Gift). They're inside the gift box just behind Nana's House.
    • Rubber Boots (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box by the docks (near where you photographed the 2 cats and Swan for Collect them all trophy_gold.png). 
    • Sneakers (Logcity): In the area where you help Granny unflip her car for 'Always Tumbled Granny', take the stairs on the left and about halfway through, some stairs going right will branch off. Follow these up and the Sneakers will be in a gift box at the top. 
    • Climbing Boots (Kiiruberg): Automatically picked up when you start the 'Snowball Memories' Quest.
    • Soaked Sock (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Missing Socks'.
    • Foam Finger (Oaklaville): Found in a gift box behind the Hotel. 
    • Monster Mask (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Monster Spotting'.
    • Photo Challenger Flag (Stanhamn): After you've completed all of the Photo Challenges, go back to Stanhamn and inside the building just behind the large fish statue. Talk to the kid inside and he'll reward you with this Flag. 
    • Umbrella (Stanhamn): In the gift box near where you photographed the King Fish and Willemijn for Collect them all trophy_gold.png.

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