A true completionist Trophy in Toem

  • A true completionist


    Complete all the quests in the game

    How to unlock A true completionist

    There are a total of 64 Quests in the game that you'll need to complete. The list of the quests you'll need to complete are listed below.  

    Homelanda (3): You'll only be able to complete 2 to start, the 3rd will be completed when you finish the game
    • Take a Photo of Nana!
    • Experience Toem
    • A Hidden Gift
    Oaklaville (15): Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png - You'll only be able to complete 13 to start. The last 2 (Ghost Story and Monster Spotting) will be completed as you progress through the game, just remember to come back and turn them in. 
    • Suspicious Activity - Forest
    • Monster Spotting (4 part Quest that will need to be done in Oaklaville, Stanhamn, Logcity, and Kiiruberg)
    • Missing Socks
    • Become a Scout
    • Hide and Seek
    • Log Blocking a Path
    • Photo Challenge #1
    • Photo Challenge #2
    • Become a Paparazzi
    • Capture the Hotel's Beauty
    • Hotel Chef
    • A Courageous Stallion
    • Ghost Helper! (this will need to be worked on in Oaklaville, Stanhamn, and Logcity)
    • Cup Champion
    • Become a Flower

    Stanhamn (15): Seaworthy trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 15 on your initial visit
    • The King of Fishes
    • A Good Spot with No Sun
    • Suspicious Activity - Harbor
    • Queen of Paper Hats
    • Photo Challenge #3
    • Photo Challenge #4
    • Make Someone Take a Bath
    • A Lost Dog
    • Power Shortage?!
    • Solve the Chaos
    • Scorching Flame?
    • Supreme Deluxe Sandwich?!
    • Ocean Garbarge
    • A Whistling Dilemma
    • A Layered Melody
    Logcity (18): Buisness executed trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 18 on your initial visit
    • Suspicious Activity - City
    • Ratskullz Crew
    • Punk Rocker Bread Crumbs
    • Photo Challenge #5
    • Photo Challenge #6
    • Press-ing News
    • Sewer Stumble!
    • Super Hotbean Bros.
    • Hang in There, Buddy
    • Spooky Scary City
    • A Ghostly Date
    • Art Exhibition
    • Young and Inspiring!
    • A Design Problem
    • Cleaning Away the Stress
    • Always Tumbled Granny
    • A Thieving Crow
    • A Mouse Bakery
    Kiiruberg (13): Ice fighter trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 13 on your initial visit
    • Yeti Cuteness
    • Ice Wizard's Research (this will need to be worked on through Oaklaville, Stanhamn, Logcity, and Kiiruberg)
    • Military Suspicions
    • Play Astronaut
    • Photo Challenge #7
    • Photo Challenge #8
    • Locating an Asteroid
    • Listen to the Goat Choir
    • Snowball Memories
    • Ancient Paintings
    • Birthday in Distress
    • Become a Yeti
    • Assemble a Snowman

    Please reference the video provided below if you're having any trouble finding or completing any quests. This will show all of the Quest locations/solutions except for Homelanda which is not difficult at all to complete. They are done individually (save for one or two) to make it easier for you to navigate to where you need to go. 

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