A great story Trophy in Toem

  • A great story


    Capture a close up photo of the mountain explorer

    How to unlock A great story

    You can earn this in Kiiruberg/the peak of Kiiruberg. 

    You'll first need to complete the Quest 'Ancient Paintings', then actually complete the game before you can get this (see Ice fighter trophy_silver.png). When you go to the Peak of Kiirubeg, there will be a ledge that has two climbing chains. One will take you up and down the correct path of the peak, the other will take you to a cave painting. Take a picture of the cave painting, then bring it back to the Quest giver for 'Ancient Painting'. Give them the extra painting and they'll be able to finish off the history lesson of the mountain. When they're done, take their picture to get this trophy. 

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