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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Estimated Platinum Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 38 (20, 13, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 3-6+ Hours (Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 - Freeplay is available after you complete the story
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings


TOEM takes you on a black and white adventure that shows you the beauty in simplicity. Equipped with only a camera and photo album in tow, you'll set out to help locals, photograph the creatures, and find the secrets of Toem. The goal is to make it to the top of Kiiruberg mountain where ancient tales of color and light have been sought by many, but seen by very few. The game itself is very easygoing and can be done at your own leisure. There's not anything too crazy about it, though there might be a few quests and animals that give you some trouble, but nothing that will have you banging your head against a wall. 


Step 1: Play through the game while completing each area as you go (Quests and Compendium Animals)

Save for one quest in Homelanda (Experience Toem) and two in Oaklaville (Ghost Story and Monster Spotting), you can complete all of the quests as you go. You can also do the full compendium as you go as well. For that reason, it's highly recommended you complete each area (as best you can) before moving on to the next. If you happen to miss anything, there is freeplay after the game that will allow you to clean up the compendium, quests, and miscellaneous trophies (this will be after the credits and the final cutscene, just hit "continue" from the Main Menu). One of the trophies you want to keep in mind is Going long! trophy_gold.png. This one requires you to walk for about 15-20 minutes in the Clogs (the first shoe you'll pick up). You can get this done as you go, but because the Clogs make you walk incredibly slow, it's just recommended you wait until after you've completed the game to get it. Everything else will be straightforward so you don't have to worry about stressing out about much of anything in this game. 

Once you've completed the story, have all of the quests done, and have completed the Compendium, you will have earned (in roughly the order they will unlock):

The beginning trophy_bronze.png 
The calm forest trophy_bronze.png 
A majestic hotel trophy_bronze.png 
Nature's showstopper trophy_silver.png 
Set sail for good weather trophy_bronze.png 
Calm as the sea trophy_silver.png 
Who's a good boy?! trophy_bronze.png 
Seaworthy trophy_silver.png 
The big city trophy_bronze.png 
City professional trophy_silver.png 
Buisness executed trophy_silver.png 
Snowy peaks trophy_bronze.png 
All geared up trophy_bronze.png 
The biggest hurdle trophy_silver.png 
Ice fighter trophy_silver.png 
Look at those cuties trophy_gold.png 
Collect them all trophy_gold.png 
Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png 
So close now! trophy_bronze.png 
Experience TOEM trophy_silver.png 
A true completionist trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Clean-up

Again, if you missed anything in Step 1, you can easily clean it up after you've completed the game. The locations of the miscellaneous trophies are all provided under the respective descriptions, so it shouldn't take too long at all to finish up the extra bits and bobs. Once you've completed everything left Toem has to offer, you will earn:

Home sweet home trophy_bronze.png 
Going long! trophy_gold.png 
Cosplayer trophy_silver.png 
A great story trophy_bronze.png 
You found us! trophy_silver.png 
A new job trophy_bronze.png 
Happy youth trophy_bronze.png 
The grand clock tower trophy_bronze.png 
100 followers! trophy_bronze.png 
A sparkling jump trophy_bronze.png 
Employee of the month trophy_silver.png 
Slow and steady trophy_silver.png 
Just a sock trophy_bronze.png 
Photograph the Smiling Huntsman trophy_bronze.png 
Calmed down trophy_bronze.png 
Flight ready trophy_bronze.png 
And that completes the list! trophy_platinum.png 
TOEM - Basto DLC
  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 11 (9, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1 - 3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


The Basto DLC, added as a free update for fans of developer Something We Made and its game TOEM, is brimming with vacation vibes. The new content brings in refreshing game mechanics while staying true to its laid back photog aesthetic. The Basto area can be accessed once you have completed TOEM's main game objective and acts a thank you letter from the developer to all the players of this relaxing game.


Step One:
 Play through the new DLC area, completing all Quests and Compendium pictures

Head to Stanhamn and take the viking's boat to the new vacation island, Basto. There are 20 new quests to complete with a few new features added to the game play. There is a day/night mechanic that will change where you can go and what you will see based on the time of day on the island. You also get a water balloon launcher at the beginning of the area which will prove to be useful throughout Basto, as well as a pickaxe that will uncover items and open up secret areas.

Make sure to photograph all 20 creatures in Basto for your compendium and play all the carnival games available in the big tent. 

By the end of this step, you should receive the following trophies:
Tropical paradise trophy_bronze.png 
Moonlit beauty trophy_bronze.png 
King's new shirt trophy_bronze.png 
And some more trophy_silver.png 
A Viking's holiday trophy_silver.png 

Step Two: Clean up the trophies not directly tied to the challenges
There is a good chance you may get most--if not all--of the Basto trophies through your time on the island completing the quests, but if you still have a few trophies left, this is the time to clean them up for 100%. Take a look at the trophies below to knock out whatever you have left. By the end you will be in full vacation mode and feel like a king!

There is no requirement to get and wear all outfit pieces in the DLC area, so you do not need to worry about that. Regardless of that fact, the DLC does add a few extra fun things to do in order to get your hands on some of these items, as well as a fun surprise if you wear some of them in a hidden cave, but none of this is needed for 100%

By the end of this step you should get the following trophies:
The Royal Castle trophy_bronze.png 
Self portrait trophy_bronze.png 
Pro gamer trophy_bronze.png 
Splish-splash trophy_bronze.png 
Wazzuuppp trophy_bronze.png 
Vacation Mode trophy_bronze.png 

Toem Trophy Guide

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49 trophies ( 15  29  )

  • Obtain all of the Trophies.

    Earn all of the other trophies in the game to unlock this Platinum. 
  • You just walked a thousand miles!

    This trophy can only be done while wearing the Clogs. These are picked up during a Quest in Homelanda by the old neighbor. The gift box you need to locate for them is behind Nana's House.

    With the Clogs equipped, you need to walk for roughly 15-20 minutes in them. If you want to work on this as you go, you can keep them equipped until the trophy unlocks (as you progress through the Quests and whatnot), but the shoes make you go the slowest by far. If you don't want to be slowed down by the wooden shoes, you can clean this up after you've completed the story. 
  • Capture a close up photo of a dancer

    You can earn this in Stanham. 

    When you first enter the area, there will be a large fish fountain with a dancer gleefully prancing back and forth. For this trophy, you need to use the horn attachment (cross.png) on the camera to get her to jump, then snap a picture as soon as she does. The horn attachment is also picked up in Stanham after you've completed the "Solve the Chaos" Quest (it's the one at the lighthouse if you go all the way left from the starting point - see Seaworthy trophy_silver.png for more info). 
  • Capture a close up photo of an influencer

    You can earn this in Logcity.

    You'll need to first complete the 'Young and Inspiring' Quest before you can get it (see Buisness executed trophy_silver.png). When you turn in the Quest, she'll start to sparkle, letting you know you can get this trophy. If she doesn't sparkle right away, leave the area and come back. You need to take a picture of her, but make sure you're zoomed in on her face and she's the main focal point. Otherwise, it won't register properly. 
  • Capture a close up photo of the mountain explorer

    You can earn this in Kiiruberg/the peak of Kiiruberg. 

    You'll first need to complete the Quest 'Ancient Paintings', then actually complete the game before you can get this (see Ice fighter trophy_silver.png). When you go to the Peak of Kiirubeg, there will be a ledge that has two climbing chains. One will take you up and down the correct path of the peak, the other will take you to a cave painting. Take a picture of the cave painting, then bring it back to the Quest giver for 'Ancient Painting'. Give them the extra painting and they'll be able to finish off the history lesson of the mountain. When they're done, take their picture to get this trophy. 
  • Capture a close up photo of an old man

    You can earn this in Kiiruberg. 

    You'll first need to complete the Quest 'Snowball Memories' before you can get this (see Ice fighter trophy_silver.png). This is all done on one screen left from where the balloon birthday party is. When you turn in the Quest, the old man will slowly make his way back into his house. Follow him inside and take his picture to unlock the trophy. 
  • Capture a close up photo of a special seagull

    You can earn this in Stanhamn. 

    In the same area where you do the Quest 'Ocean Garbage', there will be a dashing-looking seagull standing out on a rock. Simply take a picture of it to unlock the trophy. 
  • Capture a close up photo of the sockman

    You can earn this in Oaklaville. 

    You'll need to complete the Quest "Missing Socks" before you can get this. Make sure you pick up the ghost glasses (go to the far left area from the starting point) as you'll need them for that Quest (see Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png). The sockman is sitting on the bench just outside of the Hotel. When you turn in the Quest, you may have to leave the area and come back before you can take his picture (he should sparkle before you do). When you can, take his picture and the trophy will unlock. 
  • Capture a close up photo of a stressed human

    You can earn this in Logcity.

    You'll need to complete the Quest 'Cleaning Away the Streets' before you can get this. When you first enter Logcity, you'll be in an underground area with 3 workers on the right and a very stressed individual sitting on the bench on the left. The stressed guy is the Quest giver (see Buisness executed trophy_silver.png). When you turn in the Quest, he should start to sparkle. If he doesn't, leave the area and come back. When he is sparkling, take his photo to unlock the trophy. 
  • Capture a close up photo of the skeleton

    You can earn this in Oaklaville. 

    If you go all the way left from the starting area, you'll come to a very frantic skeleton that will give you the Ghost Glasses. When he's calmed down, take his picture to unlock this trophy. 
  • Complete all quests in the base game

    There are a total of 64 Quests in the game that you'll need to complete. The list of the quests you'll need to complete are listed below.  

    Homelanda (3): You'll only be able to complete 2 to start, the 3rd will be completed when you finish the game
    • Take a Photo of Nana!
    • Experience Toem
    • A Hidden Gift
    Oaklaville (15): Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png - You'll only be able to complete 13 to start. The last 2 (Ghost Story and Monster Spotting) will be completed as you progress through the game, just remember to come back and turn them in. 
    • Suspicious Activity - Forest
    • Monster Spotting (4 part Quest that will need to be done in Oaklaville, Stanhamn, Logcity, and Kiiruberg)
    • Missing Socks
    • Become a Scout
    • Hide and Seek
    • Log Blocking a Path
    • Photo Challenge #1
    • Photo Challenge #2
    • Become a Paparazzi
    • Capture the Hotel's Beauty
    • Hotel Chef
    • A Courageous Stallion
    • Ghost Helper! (this will need to be worked on in Oaklaville, Stanhamn, and Logcity)
    • Cup Champion
    • Become a Flower

    Stanhamn (15): Seaworthy trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 15 on your initial visit
    • The King of Fishes
    • A Good Spot with No Sun
    • Suspicious Activity - Harbor
    • Queen of Paper Hats
    • Photo Challenge #3
    • Photo Challenge #4
    • Make Someone Take a Bath
    • A Lost Dog
    • Power Shortage?!
    • Solve the Chaos
    • Scorching Flame?
    • Supreme Deluxe Sandwich?!
    • Ocean Garbarge
    • A Whistling Dilemma
    • A Layered Melody
    Logcity (18): Buisness executed trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 18 on your initial visit
    • Suspicious Activity - City
    • Ratskullz Crew
    • Punk Rocker Bread Crumbs
    • Photo Challenge #5
    • Photo Challenge #6
    • Press-ing News
    • Sewer Stumble!
    • Super Hotbean Bros.
    • Hang in There, Buddy
    • Spooky Scary City
    • A Ghostly Date
    • Art Exhibition
    • Young and Inspiring!
    • A Design Problem
    • Cleaning Away the Stress
    • Always Tumbled Granny
    • A Thieving Crow
    • A Mouse Bakery
    Kiiruberg (13): Ice fighter trophy_silver.png - You can complete all 13 on your initial visit
    • Yeti Cuteness
    • Ice Wizard's Research (this will need to be worked on through Oaklaville, Stanhamn, Logcity, and Kiiruberg)
    • Military Suspicions
    • Play Astronaut
    • Photo Challenge #7
    • Photo Challenge #8
    • Locating an Asteroid
    • Listen to the Goat Choir
    • Snowball Memories
    • Ancient Paintings
    • Birthday in Distress
    • Become a Yeti
    • Assemble a Snowman

    Please reference the video provided below if you're having any trouble finding or completing any quests. This will show all of the Quest locations/solutions except for Homelanda which is not difficult at all to complete. They are done individually (save for one or two) to make it easier for you to navigate to where you need to go. 
  • Our best non-employed employee!

    You can earn this in Stanham. 

    When you're at the Hydroplant, there will be a gentleman in the top left that will be basking in the gloriousness of all of his Employee of the Month photos. All of the frames will have his picture except for the last one. Simply take a selfie and place your picture in the empty frame to unlock this trophy. 
  • Equip every base game item once

    There are 23 items that you can wear, but only 22 will actually make it to your inventory. Their locations will vary from quest rewards, gift boxes out in the open, and just general interaction with NPCs. The Paper Hat and Captain's Hat are interchangeable with an NPC in Stanham, so if you have everything listed below and have worn them all at least once, one of those is probably the one you're missing (see below for more info). Their locations are as follows:

    • Cowboy Hat (Oaklaville): Found in the gift box inside the small mushroom house you open up when you take a picture of the cosmic cube (this is also where you'll scan the Tato Bug for Collect them all trophy_gold.png). 
    • Diving Helmet (Stanhamn): As you complete the Quest 'Ocean Garbage', a treasure chest will be lifted up out of the ocean. The Helmet is inside the chest. This is also required for the Quest 'Queen of Paper Hats'. 
    • Fishing Hat (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box inside the Lighthouse (far left area). 
    • Hard Hat (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box inside the Hydroplant. 
    • Hotbean Hat (Logcity): Automatically picked up when you start the Quest 'Super Hotbean Bros.'.
    • Paper Hat/Pirate Hat (Stanhamn): These are both Quest related (technically), you just need to make sure you wear them both. When you pick up the Quest 'Queen of Paper Hats', the captain you pick it up from will be weaing a Paper Hat. You'll need to go retrieve her Pirate Hat to complete the Quest. When you give her the hat, she'll trade you the Paper one. Just make sure you put on the Pirate Hat before turning in the Quest. If you don't, just talk to her again to switch hats again to get it back. 
    • Puffer Hat (Logcity): Quest reward for completing 'Snowball Memories'. 
    • Reporter Hat (Logcity): Automatically picked up when you start the 'Press-ing News' Quest. 
    • Fjallbjorn Cap (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Become a Scout'.
    • Space Helmet (Kiiruberg): Found inside a gift box just outside of the Observatory. It's tucked away in a corner so you'll need to turn the camera to be able to see it. 
    • Ski Goggles (Kiiruberg): Picked up from the guy at the top of the ski lift. 
    • Ghost Glasses (Oaklaville): Given to you automatically when you reach the graveyard/house on the far left side of the area.
    • Scarf (Kiiruberg): Picked up from the lady inside the house at the bottom of the ski lift. 
    • Clogs (Homelanda): Quest Related (A Hidden Gift). They're inside the gift box just behind Nana's House.
    • Rubber Boots (Stanhamn): Inside the gift box by the docks (near where you photographed the 2 cats and Swan for Collect them all trophy_gold.png). 
    • Sneakers (Logcity): In the area where you help Granny unflip her car for 'Always Tumbled Granny', take the stairs on the left and about halfway through, some stairs going right will branch off. Follow these up and the Sneakers will be in a gift box at the top. 
    • Climbing Boots (Kiiruberg): Automatically picked up when you start the 'Snowball Memories' Quest.
    • Soaked Sock (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Missing Socks'.
    • Foam Finger (Oaklaville): Found in a gift box behind the Hotel. 
    • Monster Mask (Oaklaville): Quest reward for completing 'Monster Spotting'.
    • Photo Challenger Flag (Stanhamn): After you've completed all of the Photo Challenges, go back to Stanhamn and inside the building just behind the large fish statue. Talk to the kid inside and he'll reward you with this Flag. 
    • Umbrella (Stanhamn): In the gift box near where you photographed the King Fish and Willemijn for Collect them all trophy_gold.png.
  • Photograph all compendium creatures from the base game

    There are a total of 54 animals that you'll need to take a picture of to complete the compendium. This does include the 10 developer pets that you'll need for Look at those cuties trophy_gold.png, so as long as you get this trophy, that one will come naturally. You can see how many are in each area by opening up your Album, then hitting r1.png until you reach the compendium. As long as you're taking pictures of every animal you see, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this one. If you need any help, please reference the video below for all of their locations.
  • Collect them all

    This will come naturally as you go for A true completionist trophy_gold.png. In Kiiruberg, you need to collect the Ski Goggles, Climbing Boots, Puffer Hat, and Scarf before you can complete the Quest 'Birthday in Distress'. The Climbing Boots and Puffer Hat are given to you during and after the 'Snowball Memories' Quest, the scarf is given to you by the lady in the house at the bottom of the ski lift, and the goggles are given to you by the guy at the top of the ski lift. When you have all 3, progress through 'Birthday in Distress' and when you reach the super windy and snowy area to find the missing balloon, the trophy will unlock. 
  • You're really good with that camera!

    You can earn this in Oaklaville. 

    Head inside the Hotel and take your camera out. Point it at the ceiling (it'll be very dark) and move it around until you see two little eyes indicating that you can take a picture of something there. Snap a picture and this trophy will unlock. 
  • Start your adventure!

    Story Related

    This will unlock when you first get the camera, take your first picture, and show it to Nana. 
  • Pet a pet

    You'll get this as you go for Seaworthy trophy_silver.png and A true completionist trophy_gold.png. In Stanham, there will be a guy on the docks who is looking for his missing dog. The dog is located by the shy hippo/farmer cutout. Interact with the dog to get it to follow you. When you do, this trophy will unlock. 
  • Photograph all of the development teams animals

    You'll get this as you go for Collect them all trophy_gold.png, so please see that trophy for their locations. 
  • Complete the photo challanges in Logcity

    There are two Photo Challenges to complete in Logcity. These are included in the actual Quests required for both Buisness executed trophy_silver.png and A true completionist trophy_gold.png, so please see the latter for more info on how to complete these. 
  • Complete the photo challanges in Oaklaville

    There are two Photo Challenges to complete in Oaklaville. These are included in the actual Quests required for both Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png and A true completionist trophy_gold.png, so please see the latter for more info on how to complete these. 
  • Complete the photo challanges in Stanhamn

    There are two Photo Challenges to complete in Stanhamn. These are included in the actual Quests required for both Seaworthy trophy_silver.png  and A true completionist trophy_gold.png, so please see the latter for more info on how to complete these.
  • Complete the photo challanges in Kiiruberg

    There are two Photo Challenges to complete in Kiiruberg. These are included in the actual Quests required for both Ice fighter trophy_silver.png and A true completionist trophy_gold.png, so please see the latter for more info on how to complete these.
  • Complete all quests in Logcity

  • Complete all quests in Oaklaville

  • Complete all quests in Stanhamn

  • Complete all quests in Kiiruberg

  • Photograph the grand clocker's special event

    You'll unlock this in Logcity.

    The description is a little misleading, as there is an event with the Grand Clocktower here (it happens on the hour, ever hour), but you don't need to actually take a picture of that. Just the clock will do just fine. When you enter Logcity, leave the underground bus station. In the back of this area is a sign with a camera on it, letting you know this is where you need to take the picture. Whip out your camera and take a snapshot of the tall clocktower here to unlock the trophy.

    (Apologies for the mud in the picture, this was taken after completing the 'Ratskulls Partz' Quest). 
  • Photograph the oakhotel from the vantage point

    You will earn this as you complete the Quest 'Capture the Hotel's Beauty' in Oaklaville (see Strong as an oak trophy_silver.png for more information). 
  • A voyage underwater

    You'll earn this in Stanhamn. 

    When you have the Diving Helmet (you'll get it after completing 'Ocean Garbage' and will also need it for 'Queen of Paper Hats', go down into the underwater area. Pull out your camera and just beyond a sign underwater will be the shadow of a large ship that you can take a picture of. This is the Smiling Huntsman. Take a picture of it to unlock the trophy. 

  • Photograph nana's house

    You'll earn this in Homelanda. Nana's house is the house you start the game in, so once you're outside, just turn around and take a quick picture of it to get this trophy. 
  • Photograph the phenomenon TOEM

    Story Related

    When you reach the peak of Kiiruberg and are able to see the "phenomenon" (you'll know it when you see it), take a picture of it. You'll need this to finish the main Quest in Homelanda. 
  • What an amazing race that was! Thrilling action all over!

    You'll get this in Oaklaville. 

    Just outside of the Hotel will be a snail on the right side (near the entrance to the bus stop). On the ground in front of it will be some arrows leading to a tiny flag. 

    You need to sit and wait for the snail to make its way to the flag where it'll "complete the race". This will take just about a full 5 minutes, so feel free to do something else while you wait. Don't leave the area or the snail will reset. 
  • Visit Logcity

    Story Related

    You'll visit Logcity after you have earned enough stamps for a bus ride in Stanhamn. 
  • Visit Oaklaville

    Story Related

    You'll visit Oaklaville after you have earned enough stamps for a bus ride in Homelanda.
  • Visit Stanhamn

    Story Related

    You'll visit Stanhamn after you have earned enough stamps for a bus ride in Oaklaville.
  • Visit Kiiruberg

    Story Related

    You'll visit Kiiruberg after you have earned enough stamps for a bus ride in Stanhamn.
  • Visit the top of Kiiruberg

    Story Related

    You'll visit the peak of Kiiruberg after you have earned enough stamps for a bus ride in Kiiruberg.

DLC: Basto

11 trophies

  • Visit Basto

    You will receive this trophy when you land in the new island of Basto for the first time.

    You will have needed to complete the main game's primary objective of experiencing TOEM and returning to Nana's house before you will be able to start the opening scenes of the DLC. Once you receive the invitation to meet Nana at Basto, you will be told to travel to Stanhamn and there you will find a viking boat that will take you to the new area.
  • Relax on a chair with your vacation outfit on

    You will need four outfit items for this: The Ghost Glasses (obtained back in Oaklaville during the base game), The Sun Hat (found in Nana's tent), the Vacation Shirt (purchased in the Carnival Game tent for two tickets) and the Flip-Flops (dug up with the pickaxe on the screen with all the ghosts and fireflies)

    Put all four of these items on and sit in any of the beach chairs throughout the island and you should receive this trophy
  • Snap a close-up photo of the king

    There is a Sand Castle with a King and his court inside that you can only enter during the daytime.  When you are in the castle, you will need to pick your choices for favorite sand castles for the Sand Castle Competition Quest. Completing this quest will award you the Royal Cape, which the King will be happy to part with to show off his neat t-shirt. So happy, in fact, that the king will be sparkling. Take his picture to get his portrait, which you can give to the painter outside the castle for another quest, as well as this trophy
  • Snap a close-up photo of the nix

    On the screen with the carnival tent, the campfire, movie screen and Arthur, you will find a mermaid in the water that is having a bad hair day who you can only see at night. Help her out with a water balloon to the face and she will sing a song for you. Once her song is finished, you can take her picture to get one of the three portraits on Basto and this trophy.
  • Snap a close-up photo of yourself

    Outside the Sand Castle, there is a painter who will repaint any portrait picture you give him (any "close-up" pictures you needed for trophies in the base game and in Basto). Directly in front of the painter is a stool. Sit on this stool and you should notice your character is sparkling. Take a selfie by flipping the camera with triangle.png and get a portrait of yourself as well as this trophy.

    You can also take a picture of the sand castle which will be directly behind you in the shot for The Royal Castle trophy_bronze.png.

    It is also worth mentioning that the painter gives you the Painterly Portrait quest which can be completed by giving him any one portrait you have in your album (8 from the main game and 3 from Basto). If you wish, you can also give the painter all 11 portraits to paint and fill all the easels on the screen. This will award you with an outfit item, The Beret, which is not needed for any trophy, but is still pretty cool!
  • Cool moon

    A very simple and easy trophy if you know what you are doing. At any point on Basto, when you are playing during the night time, use your camera on the moon. Before snapping the picture, apply the Sunglasses Frame (The Frames and Filters menu is accessed by hitting l2.png while in camera view). This will allow you to take a picture of the moon just as it is in the trophy image and will award you as such once completed.
  • Complete all carnival games

    In the Carnival tent, there are three games to play. You will need to earn a certain amount of points for each event to win the specific game. Once you win each of the three games once each, you will fulfill this requirement. The games are as follows:
    • Target Shooting - Use your balloon launcher to hit the targets. +50 points for a hit, -25 points for a miss. You need 500 points to win. The game will continue until you win, so there is no need to retry.
    • Face Matching - There will be a face put up on the left screen and a grid of 12 similar faces on the right. You need to find the exact match (hair, eyes, nose, ears, freckles and mouth) for 100 points. A wrong guess will subtract 50 points. The game will continue until you reach 500 points, so there is no need to retry for a win.
    • Rhythm Game - Strangely, this game is made quite harder than the other two games and has a fail state, so you may need to try this game a few times. The game works like a Guitar Hero-esque rhythm game in that bars will drop from the top of the screen and you must honk (cross.png) at the precise moment the bar is in range at the bottom. Successful hits will increase the point multiplier up to 8X, missed hits will clear the multiplier back to 1X. You need a total of 3000 points to win this game. I believe there are three songs that will cycle through for you to play and one is definitely easier to manage then the other two, so try out all three of them to find the one that you can get through the easiest and eventually you will reach the point goal for the win.
    There is a quest to play any one of the Carnival games, which you will complete while going for this trophy. There are also three items you can purchase at the Carnival. The only item you need for a trophy is the Vacation shirt (see Vacation Mode trophy_bronze.png) for 2 tickets, but you can also buy the Royal Cane for 3 tickets and the Lei for 1 ticket if you want to get your hands on those for your collection. The Royal Cane can unlock a hidden encounter that is also not needed for any trophy, but you can check the end of the compendium video (See And some more trophy_silver.png) if you really want to see everything the DLC has to offer.
  • Splash someone who is taking a bath

    On the screen that has a cave entrance and is populated with all the ghosts from the main game (if you are wearing the Ghost Glasses to see them) crowded around a couch on a sand dune, you can see one of the Hydroplant workers relaxing in an inner tube. Shoot them with a water balloon and you will get a quick convo with them which will award you this trophy. This is not tied to any quest, so it is possible to miss this initially. but you can always knock it out at any point.
  • Photograph the royal sand castle

    The Royal Castle is the big landmark of Basto that will fill the large picture spot on your Community Card for the island and its quests. The royal sand castle is located two screen up from the Basto dock when you arrive and you will need to switch to nightime to reach that section of the island. 

    Snap a picture of the castle in full and you will receive this trophy.  This is also the location for Self portrait trophy_bronze.png, so check that trophy out while you are here
  • Photograph all compendium creatures on Basto

    Capture all 20 creatures in the Basto section of the compendium tab in your photo album to receive this trophy.  Many of the creatures are fairly easy to notice and record with your camera, but the daytime/nighttime element of the DLC adds a small wrinkle with this trophy as there are a few creatures that only appear during the day or night. One picture of a creature is hidden inside a secret cave section and two are hiding in the coconut palm trees throughout the island.

    The 20 creatures you will need to photograph in Basto for teh compendium are as follows:
    • Bat (more options to find at night but in the cave either time of day)
    • Beach Snake
    • Beak Bird
    • Bitling Frog (Day Only)
    • Bitling Mouse (Day Only)
    • Bitling Snail
    • Bitling Tato
    • Coco Crab
    • Day Lizard (Day Only)
    • Drill Mole (Night Only)
    • Eggert (Day Only)
    • Fire Fly (Night Only)
    • Glow Worm
    • Itsy Bitsy (In Hidden Cave)
    • Mud Frog (Night Only)
    • Night Lizard (Night Only)
    • Snout Bug
    • Tato Coco
    • Tato King (Need to find the hidden cave and complete the slide puzzle for the compendium photo. You do not need to take a picture of the live creature - which is also in the game if you know how to find him)
    • Water Strider

    Check the video below for a detailed view of all 20 creatures and where (and when) to find them as well as a guide on the Tato King Slide Puzzle Room:

  • Complete all quests in Basto

    There are a total of 20 quests in Basto. All quests are available to complete from the start, but a small number of quest-givers will only appear during either the day or night and two quest-givers are hidden and will need to be freed before you can receive their quest.  
    • Arthur Hunter
    • Bad Hair Day (Night Only)
    • Take A Nap
    • Spooky Stories (Night Only)
    • Painterly Portrait
    • Night Time Cinema (Night Only)
    • Night Lights (Quest-giver is only out during the Day, Quest can only be completed at Night)
    • Jet-Ski Tricks
    • Fruit Shortage (Day Only)
    • Brain Freeze (Night Only, Quest-giver will need to be freed with the pick-axe to initiate quest)
    • Sweet Tooth (Only available after Book of Bats is complete)
    • In Your Face (Day Only)
    • Broken Dreams (Day Only)
    • Dry Season
    • Dehydrated Muscles
    • Sand Castle Competition (Day Only)
    • Play a Carnival Game (Day Only)
    • Book of Bats
    • Bitling Collector
    • Basto's Hidden Balloons
    If you need any further help completing the quests or anything else in the game, please check out the pair of videos below for my full 100% completion guide of the Basto DLC:

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Toem Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Toem?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Toem is 2/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Toem?
    There are 38 offline trophies in Toem.
  • How many online trophies are there in Toem?
    There are 0 online trophies in Toem.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Toem?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Toem is 3-6+ hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Toem?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Toem?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Toem.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Toem?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Toem.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Toem?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Toem.

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