Best Friends Forever Trophy

  • Best Friends Forever


    Use Deathtrap to kill 100 enemies.

    Note: You have to each Lv2 to unlock your Action Skill but to use it, you have to put 1 skill point into it then press l2.png.

    Just like Maya, Gaige lacks many options early on to boost her Action Skill but below is a setup I feel works the best for this trophy:

    All of these are in the Little Big Trouble tree:-

    More Pep - 3 points
    Myelin - 2 points
    The Stare - 1 point
    Strength of Five Gorillas - 5 points

    "More Pep" and "Myelin" aren't essential to this build and are only there to reach the next tier and allow you to put points into "The Stare" and "Strength of Five Gorillas" so feel free to ignore one or the other. Once you're specced out correctly, head to the Unassuming Docks and let Deathtrap take care of the enemies there. Having a class mod equipped that grants increased Action Skill cooldown time will help speed this up. Once Deathtrap has killed 100 enemies, the trophy will pop.

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