Make it Raaaaaid Trophy

  • Make it Raaaaaid


    Vanquish the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

    Note: The side mission "Raiders of the Last Boss" will only appear once you have completed the main storyline and returned to Flamerock Refuge.

    It costs 20 Eridium to fight the Ancient Dragons of Destruction so see Better Than Money trophy_bronze.png for an early/mid-game place to farm Eridium.

    The Ancient Dragons of Destruction are no joke, even with Easy mode enabled so use these tips:
    • The kill order is key: The order you kill the dragons in, is key because getting it wrong will make the battle a complete nightmare so kill Brood first, then Incinerator, then Healianth, then finally take out Boost. Boost and Healianth are the biggest threats because Boost will level up his brothers up to 5 times and Healianth will heal them but they won't do anything whilst they're flying around so keeping them in the air and out of the fight is essential. Brood himself isn't much of a threat but his offspring are so take them out as quickly as possible. Incinerator will make your life miserable due to the powerful Fire DoT he applies but having a fire immune shield will make life much easier (see below for more info).
    • Having the right shield is crucial: It doesn't matter what the capacity, make or type it is but having a shield with a fast recharge rate, short recharge delay and immunity to fire, will make life so much easier, because then you get your shield back quickly if it goes down and take care of the dragons without being burned alive in the process.
    • Keep moving and keep your distance: You must stay on the move whilst fighting the dragons and keep your distance, else they will tear you apart (even with Easy mode enabled). Boost and Healianth both have long range attacks but you can reduce the damage taken by staying as far away from them as possible.
    • Use a non-Slag weapon to bring the dragons down: Due to a long standing glitch, the dragons will become immune to Slag if you use a Slag weapon to bring them down to earth so use a non-Slag weapon instead.
    • Use the right weapons: Having a strong fire weapon will make short work of all the dragons except for Incinerator so bring a Florentine SMG for him (you get these from the Seraph Crystal Vendor in Flamerock Refuge for 150 Seraph Crystals: LINK).
    • Be overlevelled: You want to be at least Lv23 before facing the dragons, else they will be major bullet sponges and near impossible to kill. The dragons are capped at Lv21 in playthrough 1 and Lv31 in Playthrough 2 so you want to be at least 2-3 levels above them.
    • Don't forget about the shrines: Everytime you start a new fight with the Dragons, 3 shrines will activate and will grant you a different buff depending on which one you use: x2 Ammo Regen (for all weapons except Grenades and Rocket Launchers) and x1 Health Regen. Each one costs 2 Eridium to use, plus there is a cooldown period in-between uses.
    • Call for help if needed: If you get stuck and can't make any progress, use the boosting thread: LINK

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