Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' Trophy

  • Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'


    Demonstrate your skill, or lack thereof, at rolling the magical treasure orb of many sides.

    This trophy is pure luck and one of the reasons I gave the Platinum a 30+hr completion time but if you don't have it by the time you kill the Handsome Sorcerer, you can get it in the Winged Storm map because there are dozens of Dice Chests there but you can't open them until after killing the Ancient Dragons of Destruction. For the trophy to pop, you have to roll either a 1 or a 20 but do note that earning a 1, will reward you with a grenade to the face. Here is what a Dice Chest looks like:

    Press either square.png for a free roll or triangle.png to spend 5 Eridium and roll both Dice. The trophy will pop once you roll either a 1 or a 20.

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  • I figured out if you roll both dice by hitting triangle and using 5 eridium and don't get a nat 20, you can quit game completely without saving and then reload the game and try again and you wouldn't have used more than 5 eridium when you finally got the trophy. This should also help get a legendary weapon.
  • Correcting my previous comment but you need to get 2 nat 20s at the same time for legendary which is about 1 out of 400 chance but still if you want to get the trophy for nat 20 or nat 1, this method will allow you to get it with using 2 dice instead of 1 without having to waste more than 5 eridium in the end.

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