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    Wield the Mysterious Amulet.

    This trophy is pure luck and one of the reasons I gave the Platinum a 30+hr completion time. The Mysterious Amulet is an item you can buy during a randomly spawning side mission in the "Lair of Infinite Agony" called "The Amulet" and you get it from Mr. Mizz who spawns at the following location:

    If Mr. Mizz doesn't appear on the map when you first enter the Lair of Infinite Agony, just save, quit, reload and try again - rinse and repeat until he shows up on the map.

    Contrary to popular belief, this trophy isn't missable. If you screw up and choose to punch Mr. Mizz instead of buying the Mysterious Amulet from him, you can just reload your save and try again but this time he won't have a mission marker on the mini-map or above his head, therefore you will have to keep revisiting his spawn point until he reappears. Note: All the Mysterious Amulet does when equipped is make you and the rest of your party, sparkle so nothing special. Also note that you can get this trophy by trading for the Mysterious Amulet then equipping it, thus saving yourself a fortune and a lot of time. See here for the boosting thread: LINK

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