It's Like That One Video Trophy

  • It's Like That One Video


    Show thine worst enemy, the abomination known as "The Darkness", who is the nerdiest of them all.

    The Darkness is a literal wall of black nothingness and is located at the entrance to a cave in Hatred's Shadow, as shown in the following screenshots:

    You will know when you are near by, when Tiny Tina announces that the Handsome Sorcerer is catapulting enemies to your location (though do note she will only say this whilst the main storyline is active). The description for this trophy is both unclear and misleading, because it won't pop if you kill the Darkness the way you're supposed to by hitting it with a Magic Missile so to get it to pop, you have to use a normal gun to kill him/it. Regardless of which playthrough you're on or what your level is, the Darkness is a very easy enemy to kill.

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