Girl's Gotta Eat Trophy

  • Girl's Gotta Eat


    Feed thy noble queen thrice during a single visit to her quarters.

    • This isn't cumulative, therefore you have to feed her all 15 Eridium in a single session without either leaving the area or quitting the game.
    • Also note that the Eridium you feed Butt Stallion in Dragon Keep, doesn't count towards this trophy.
    Before you can feed Butt Stallion at will, you must first complete 2 brief missions for Tina after finishing the main story and have 15 or more Eridium on you. Once you have completed the missions ("Pet Butt Stallion" and "Feed Butt Stallion") walk up to Butt Stallion and press triangle.png to feed her 5 Eridium but do note there is a cooling off period before you can feed again. Once you have fed Butt Stallion 3 times, the trophy will pop.

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