Shorty, You So Best Trophy

  • Shorty, You So Best


    Complete thy quest by rescuing yonder queen.

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    Glitch note: Wait for Tiny Tina to stop speaking before going anywhere near the locked door at the back of the arena after killing the Handsome Sorcerer, else you run the risk of the game crashing before the final cutscene kicks in.

    The Handsome Sorcerer is a complete joke to take out; you just need a decent shock weapon for his Wizard and Demon forms (I recommend a Florentine from the Seraph Crystal Vendor in Flamerock Refuge) and a fire weapon for his Necromancer form. In all 3 forms, he will summon minions aid him so try and take them out whilst taking pot shots at his head.

    Once he's toast, a cutscene will play, then you have to feed Butt Stallion some Eridium so she can break the curse that's destroying the world. This trophy will pop after the end credits have finished and you speak to Roland.

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