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  • Did It All


    Complete all side missions.


    This is glitched because if you don't complete the side mission called "Roll Insight", you won't be able to speak to Murderlin and start any of his side missions, thus locking you out of both this and Dang Girl, You Ace At This Game trophy_silver.png. The side mission "Loot Ninja" can also bug out if you're not careful so see below for more details. For a full mission flow, please see this link courtesy of the Official Borderlands Wiki: LINK

    Here is a list of all 29 side missions in the game and where you pick them up. I've also included some tips for some of them:

    Flamerock Refuge:

    Roll Insight
    Post-Crumpocalyptic - See here for a full walkthrough (Credit to MrReign. This is for the original 2013 release but is still valid for the 2021 standalone version): LINK
    Critical Fail
    Ell in Shining Armor
    Fake Geek Guy
    The Sword in the Stoner
    Winter is a Bloody Business
    Raiders of the Last Boss - This only appears after you have finished the main storyline.
    Find Murderlin's Temple - This only appears after you have finished the main storyline.
    Pet Butt Stallion - This only appears after you have finished the main storyline.
    Feed Butt Stallion - This only appears after you have finished the main storyline.

    Murderlin's Temple:

    Note: You can't enter the temple until after completing the main storyline and accepting the side mission "Find Murderlin's Temple".

    Magic Slaughter: Round 1
    Magic Slaughter: Round 2
    Magic Slaughter: Round 3
    Magic Slaughter: Round 4
    Magic Slaughter: Round 5
    Magic Slaughter: Badass Round
    The Magic of Childhood - For this mission, I recommend using the ready Orc SMG you get for completing "Magic Slaughter: Badass Round" then aiming for the explosive barrels the Orcs are carrying.

    The Forest:

    Tree Hugger

    Immortal Woods:

    Lost Souls

    Mines of Avarice:

    The Bane - See here for a rough walkthrough of this side mission, because it can be confusing to finish (credit to Joltzdude139): LINK
    The Beard Makes the Man
    My Kingdom for a Wand - If playing as Maya, don't put any points into either "Helios" or "Cloud Kill", else you run the risk of accidentally 1 shot killing the 3 enemies needed for this side mission and make it that much harder to finish.
    The Claptrap's Apprentice

    Hatred's Shadow:

    Loot Ninja - When visiting Sir Boil, don't jump out of the windows then climb back in the one near where he is standing, else you will break his scripting so he refuses to talk to you. Also, make sure you return to Sir Gallow's cave via the front door and not the opening at the back of it, else the real loot ninja will be rendered unkillable. Both of these issues can be fixed by reloading your save but I recommend backing up your saves before starting this mission, in case something goes badly wrong.

    Lair of Infinite Agony:

    Shoot This Guy in the Face
    My Dead Brother
    The Amulet

    Note: The "Unassuming Docks" and "Dragon Keep" are the only 2 areas in the game which don't have any mission givers present.

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