Better Than Money Trophy

  • Better Than Money


    Purchase 5 items from the Black Market.

    Crazy Earl's Black Market is located in Flamerock Refuge at the spot indicated on the following screenshot:

    To buy anything from the Black Market, you must first have the requisite amount of Eridium on you:

    4 = White Rarity SDU
    8 = Green Rarity SDU
    12 = Blue Rarity SDU
    16 = Purple Rarity SDU
    20 = Orange Rarity SDU

    There are ammo SDUs for all the weapon types, plus increased Backpack and Bank space.

    Eridium can be earned as random drops from enemies, chests, pots, skag and rubbish piles. The fastest early and mid-game way to quickly earn lots of Eridium and Seraph Crystals is to farm the Pixies in the Forest, because they drop several of both when killed and is a really fast farm once you have some decent gear. In the endgame, the Ancient Dragons of Destruction are the single best source of Eridium and Seraph Crystals in the game.

    See here for both farming methods (credit to 1nfamous_DJP_Gaming and EpicNNG for these):

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