Unseen Predator Trophy

  • Unseen Predator


    Remain in Zer0's Decepti0n mode for 10 seconds straight.

    Note: This trophy isn't possible until you reach Lv15. Credit to PowerPyx for the build info.

    Zer0 has the second most involved Action Skill trophy after Salvador's but just like his, this one sounds harder than it really it is. Use the following Skill tree setup:

    All of these are in the Bloodshed tree:-

    KillingBl0w - 5 points
    IrOn Hand - 5 Points
    FOllOwthrOugh - 5 points
    Execute - 1 point
    Backstab - 5 points
    Like the Wind - 5 points
    Many Must Fall - 1 point

    Once you have specced Zer0 out correctly, you now need to find some weak enemies to kill. I managed to get this trophy during the "Winter is a Bloody Business" side mission but an easier spot is the initial entrance to the Mines of Avarice, because there are loads of low level Basilisks/Dragons there:

    Insert screenshot here.

    To get the trophy to pop, you have to kill enough enemies to keep Zer0 in his Deception mode for 10 consecutive seconds. By using the above setup and ensuring you have class mod equipped that grants bonus melee damage, press l2.png to activate Deception mode, then press r3.png whenever you're behind an enemy, to kill them instantly. I recommend keeping a stopwatch of some kind handy so you can time yourself and make sure you're in Deception mode for long enough. The trophy will pop once you have been in Deception mode for 10 continuous seconds and your Action Skill has expired.

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