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    Kill a Chubby.

    • Chubbies are only called that in Normal Mode (AKA Playthrough 1), because they become Tubbies in True Vault Hunter Mode (AK Playthrough 2) but they both count towards this trophy.
    • To farm for Chubbies/Tubbies, you have to trigger a respawn point at either a Fast Travel Station or Area Transition point, then save, quit and reload, look to see if one has spawned in your area of choice, then save, quit, reload again - rinse and repeat until one shows up.
    • In co-op, this trophy will only pop for the person who lands the killing blow - assists don't count. Credit to  Ac3dUd3 and Roronora_Zoro666 for this info.
    • If you have absolutely zero luck in Normal Mode, then try True Vaulter Hunter Mode because that will boost the spawn rates slightly.
    This trophy is pure luck and one of the reasons I gave the Platinum a 30+hr completion time. The Chubby/Tubby Bones are the rarest enemy in the game and only appear where Badass Skeletons can spawn, plus they aren't easy to kill so bring a Slag weapon of some kind so you can debuff their health (Credit to Ac3dUd3 and Roronora_Zoro666 for this tip). The 3 best places to farm for a Chubby/Tubby Bones are the Lair of Infinite Agony and near the entrance to Flamerock Refuge in the Unassuming Docks of Potentially Little Importance. This is what a Chubby/Tubby Bones looks like:

    1: The Unassuming Docks: The farming point here is the area directly in front of you where the 3 Skeletons spawn and on the beach to the left where a Rock Golem is fighting 3 enemies. See the screenshot below for the correct spot:

    You can also get one to spawn in the docks area to the right where Mr. Boney Pants Guy is located.

    2: The Lair of Infinite Agony: This entire map is one big spawn point but the specific area I recommend is in the following screenshot:

    Do note you will have to run back here every time, though you can save time by using the first lift you encounter in the Fast Travel Area, to reach the zone nearest to the farming spot.

    3: Dragon Keep - The area between the Fast Travel Station and the first set of stairs. Once here, kill all the enemies in the area and see if a Chubby/Tubby Bones spawns, if not - reload your save and try again:

    There are other farming spots but none are as effective as the above so aren't worth mentioning.

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