So Much Blood! Trophy

  • So Much Blood!


    Gunzerk continuously for 90 seconds.

    Note: You have to each Lv2 to unlock your Action Skill but to use it, you have to put 1 skill point into it then press l2.png. Credit to PowerPyx for the build info.

    Salvador has the most involved Action Skill trophy in the game but whilst it sounds intimidating to try and Gunzerk for 90 seconds straight, it really isn't. Use the following Skill Tree setup:

    All of these are in the Rampage tree:-

    Inconceivable - 4 points
    Filled to the Brim - 2 points
    Last Longer - 5 points
    Steady as She Goes - 1 point
    I'm Ready Already - 4 points
    Yippee Ki Yay - 5 points

    "Last Longer", "Steady as She Goes" and "Yippee Ki Yay" are the key skills here so feel free to redistribute the other skill points how you choose within this tree, I just went with the current point distribution so I could get the 3 aforementioned skills. The best place to get this trophy is in the Forest map, in the Logging Camp area where you do/did the "Tree Hugger" side mission:

    To make things a little easier for yourself, I recommend equipping a class mod that grants increased reload speeds and/or fire rate and going with a dual pistol loadout (preferably with one of them being one capable of applying Slag) so you get high DPS (Damage Per-Second) and fast reload speeds. I recommend keeping a stopwatch of some kind handy so you can time yourself and make sure you're Gunzerking for long enough. The trophy will pop once you have Gunzerked for 90 continuous seconds and your Action Skill has expired.

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