Sabre Rattler Trophy

  • Sabre Rattler


    Kill 100 enemies with the Sabre turret.

    Note: You have to each Lv2 to unlock your Action Skill but to use it, you have to put 1 skill point into it then press l2.png.

    Unlike Maya, Axton can boost his Action Skill early on by going into the Guerrilla tree and putting 5 points into "Sentry" and "Laser Sight". Now if that doesn't do it and you are still having trouble getting this done, equip a class mod that grants increased Action Skill cooldown times and/or level up some more then put 1 point into "Scorched Earth". I found the best place to farm this trophy is the Unassuming Docks, because the enemies there will stay at a really low level for the duration of Playthrough 1 so won't put up much of a fight. Once your Turret has killed 100 enemies, the trophy will pop.

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