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  • Decked Out


    Have Purple-rarity gear or better equipped in every slot.

    Purple Rarity and Legendary (Orange) gear are hard to find until you get near the end of the main story but here is a list of ways you can get some:
    • The Seraph Crystal Vendor in Flamerock Refuge (he sells Pink rarity gear but it still counts towards this trophy: LINK)
    • Bosses e.g. the 4 Ghost Kings, the Ancient Dragons of Destruction etc.
    • Vending Machines in high level areas e.g. the Lair of Infinite Agony.
    • Dice Chests when a 20 or double 20 is rolled.
    • Normal Chests in high level areas.
    • Trade with a friend who already has a full set (See here for the boosting thread: LINK)
    • Vending Machines in high level areas.
    • As a reward from select missions e.g. Critical Fail, Magic Slaughter: Badass Round and The Magic of Childhood.
    • From the Rainbow Chest in Flamerock Refuge (LINK). To open this, you need a Skeleton key from a SHiFT code given out by the official Borderlands Twitter and/or Facebook accounts but I have a thread here that collates the active codes: LINK
    The relic will be your last item, because Purple ones are extremely rare in this game due to the Loot Midgets from BL2 not being present so your only options are to either farm the above sources and pray you get lucky or save up 50 Serpah Crystals and buy the Shadow of the Seraphs relic from the Seraph Crystal Vendor in Flamerock Refuge. Once you have enough Purple and/or Legendary items to fill all 8 slots, equip everything then the trophy will pop.

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