Capped Out... For Now Trophy

  • Capped Out... For Now


    Reach level 35.

    There are 4 ways to level up your character:

    1: Replay the Badass Round of the Magic Circle of Slaughter in Murderlin's Temple.
    2: Farm the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.
    3: Finish the game again in True Vault Hunter Mode (AKA Playthrough 2).
    4: Farming the enemies that spawn at Sacrificial Altar in Dragon Keep. See this video for more details (Credit to Yoteslaya). This video is for the original 2013 release of the DLC so parts of it aren't relevant to the 2021 standalone version but most of it is: LINK

    All 4 of these are equally valid but option 3 is my personal preference because the other methods get really dull after a while. If all you want is the Platinum, then option 2 is your best bet because the Dragons are worth 6,000+ XP each, depending on how much "Boost the Invincible" manages to level up his brethren before you kill them.

    Once you hit Lv5, 10, 25 and 30, you will earn the respective trophies: Not Quite Dead trophy_bronze.png, Better Than You Were trophy_bronze.png, Always Improving trophy_silver.png and Capped Out... For Now trophy_gold.png.

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