• Estimated Difficulty: 10/10
  • Approximate time to platinum: +100 hours
  • Trophy Breakdown: 44 (30 10 3 1)
  • Offline: 21 (including platinum)
  • Online: 23 *See introduction notes*
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: *See introduction notes*
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: YES: A view from above (must be completed on Hard difficulty)
  • Glitched Trophies: None


Time Crisis Razing Storm is a port and extension of the arcade shooter of the same name. Whilst the arcade shooter has remained intact from its port to the PS3, also included is a Story Mode which takes place before and after the main arcade game, and a sentry mode which sees you take on the role of a prison guard during a riot.

Trophy wise this is going to be a very long and very exhausting process if you want to undertake the platinum. This trophy list seems daunting at first, but you may find that it’s actually more a question as to when you will unlock the trophies as opposed to if you will unlock them.

Whilst there are 23 trophies which are online, 18 of them are strictly multiplayer related, the other 5 require you to be connected to PSN and as a result the online scoreboards for the game; the problem is that if the scoreboards are ever taken down, or the online service for this game is suspended these 5 trophies cannot be gained even though you never encounter a second player when getting them and you can play the same game mode in single player.

When it comes to difficulty and the number of playthroughs needed, you will need to do multiple playthroughs of every game mode just to actually practice the game and become proficient in being able to actually do it. However many playthroughs you need to do before you get to a stage where you can realistically get your chosen trophy is down to a combination of luck and skill. Practice and patience is key for most of the single player trophies.

You cannot simply pick this game up, do one playthrough and expect trophies to pop up, it doesn’t work that way, you have to truly earn these trophies, you’ll need to do multiple playthroughs just practicing each stage before you even attempt it.

The exception to this is story mode; you can unlock all story mode trophies in one playthrough. However, if you pay close attention to the trophy descriptions, you’ll find that they link with each other, in order to score high, you have no choice but to get lots of headshots and go for ‘perfects’ on each stage.

Road Map:

Before you begin: Razing Storm's online mode is NOT popular, it is also split up into ranked and unranked. Due to this it is very hard to find a game online, it is therefore advisable that you beat the online mode and trophies that require a connection to the online severs as soon as possible.
Also, unless otherwise stated, this guide/map was written assuming you are using both the Playstation Move controller and the Navigation controller.

This road map is written in mind for someone who is attempting the platinum and taking into account the unpopular online mode.

Step 1: Play the story mode, up until the second stage. Attempt to get all the dog tags in the first stage, but do not worry about any other trophies.

Consider this your tutorial for online. The control scheme for the online mode is unlike anything you have likely done before, attempting to play online without first practicing the story mode is asking for trouble, once you beat the first stage you should have the skills to move around online and be in with a chance of actually getting kills and making progress with the online mode.

Step 2: Complete the online mode in full. As mentioned before, the online mode is not popular and it takes a long time. The sooner you get this completed the better.

Utilise the boosting thread, but also add people you meet in the game and say in the add that you would like to play future games with them, chances are the people playing the online mode are also after trophies it’s worth sending them a message just to find out. Once you have a group of regulars together, you can usually request to play specific games which are not popular online.

As for getting trophies, most of these will come in time as you level up. If you’re going for Battle Hardened you’ll definitely unlock all the skill related trophies, the level related trophies and if you’ve not already done so, you should be well on your way to getting 765 and Grim Reaper

Online Battle Mode is slow and boring, try to make it as fun for yourself as you can, having a mic will help with this, just for talking to your friends online and coming up with game ideas to play. For example, playing a Team Deathmatch? Try to get everyone picking Balero Cannons only, or the remote control missile only, everyone takes positions and you just use the missiles to try and kill people. Even if it’s just one odd fun game a night, just something to break up the long haul that is the online.

On average it will take you over 100 hours just to get enough EXP for Battle Hardened Boosting this trophy by using the advice in the boosting tutorial thread can cut this down to just over 70 hours.

If you have unlocked Battle Hardened, 765 and Grim Reaper but still need your 10 kill streak or 2 kills with one grenade, boost it.

Also... if it needs to be said, make sure you are playing RANKING MODE.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: DO NOT DELETE YOUR SAVE FILE! Whilst the leader boards display your rank and EXP, the data is held on your local save file, if you delete your save file and then attempt to play online again, the game will NOT download your stats/data, it will remain on the leader boards until you work your way back to that point and exceed it. Deleting your save file means you lose ALL your online progress, meaning you have no choice but to start again from scratch.

Step 3: Beat Arcade mode and all its trophies. Arcade mode is the last mode which demands some kind of online connectivity.

To tackle this, simply pick ranking mode, and attempt to beat it. So long as you beat the ‘emergency mission’ and go on to complete the game you’ll unlock Arcade Master. After this, you’re going to be replaying Arcade Mode a lot of times; this is just to practice the game so you get to the stage where you can make a serious attempt to beat your target trophies.

I would advise that you attempt to get No Rest for the Wicked before the others. This will get you in the mindset for building up high combos/continuous hits which are required for standing a chance at beating the other trophies.

Whenever you attempt a trophy, dedicate your playthrough to getting that one trophy. NEVER change your mind halfway through a playthrough, e.g. you go for Unstoppable, fail it and then think ‘I’ll go for Rack ‘em Up now!’ Don’t. Stop the game and re-start. You will find when going for these trophies, you need to aim to do them all at the same time. Getting Speedster almost demands that you never die/get hit, which also links with the requirements for Unstoppable and a combination of the requirements for those two are needed just to stand a chance at Rack ‘em Up.

It’s not quick, it’s not easy and it is going to frustrate you. Don’t forget you can pick missions to practice on. It’s advisable that you spend time practicing the sniping mission as it’s impossible to get Rack ‘em up’ and Speedster if you fail the sniping section.

And for all online trophies, the emergency mission MUST be completed. See this post for a list of all Arcade Mode Dog Tags.

Step 4: Return to Story mode. Now that you have beaten the online battle mode and arcade mode, you don’t need to worry about being connected online.

If you want to, you can put the difficulty on hard and beat it in one playthrough, there is very little difference in the difficulty between normal and hard, however, you may find getting Elevator Boy much harder than had you done it on normal difficulty. Story Mode is quite a simple if not long process, there are only one or two segments which might present you with a problem, otherwise it’s a very simple experience.

For the Dog Tags, please use the information in the guide in order to find them.

The one trophy which may cause you problems is White Noise. There is no guide for this, the radios/TVs are found on the first two stages, you can walk up to every TV/Radio playing the speech, nothing is hidden out of sight. You will hear the speech before you see the device that's playing it. Once you hear it, it’s best to search every area in the first stage as there are a lot. For the second stage you can relax a little more, the only time you have to go out of your way to search is after you escape the sewers in the prison stage. There are no TV’s in the sewer section of the prison, so you can just head for the exit on this part.

Once you destroy a radio/TV, it will never return to the stage, even if you restart it on a different difficulty level, the only time the radio/TV’s return is if you delete your save file/game data.

Also, something you should be aware of, the Balero Cannon in story mode is one of the best weapons in the game, do not be put off by its performance in the online mode if you were not that great with it. In the story mode, it’s one of the best weapons you can find.

Step 5: Sentry Mode. This by far is the hardest section of the game. If there is any part which will stop you from getting platinum, this is it.

To take this on, you need to approach it similar to how you did with the Arcade Mode, practice entire playthroughs on each individual stage until you learn how the enemies behave and can almost get a headshot on every enemy in the game. This will come naturally over time, your muscle memory will know where to aim the controller without you even realising that you’re doing it. You just have to practice and practice a lot.

Rookie, Veteran and Head Guard trophies can be done by selecting the individual stages and just playing them, however all other sentry mode trophies must be gained by selecting ‘all stages mode.’ As with the arcade mode, once you are competent in every stage, and by competent we’re talking about having unlocked all the ‘guard’ trophies and able to get over, close or just under the trophy requirements for those trophies whenever you select that stage.

Only then should you attempt ‘all stage mode.’ As before, decide on what trophy you intend to get, then go for it, never change your mind mid run. For the harder trophies in this mode such as Consistency Counts you will need to more or less combine what you were doing for Eagle Eye & Perfect Guard.
[PS3T Would Like to Thank King_Ubu for this Roadmap]

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Trophy Guide

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44 trophies ( 10  30  30  )

  • Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play.

    Make sure you select ‘RANKING MODE’ and that you are signed into the PSN otherwise you will not be able to select this mode.

    You need to complete the entire arcade mode; this includes the emergency mission and beating the game.

  • Get 500 continual hits in Arcade Mode Ranking Play.

    Again, make sure that you play in ranking mode. Each time you hit something, be it an object or en enemy, you get a continual hit/combo appear on the screen. You have to get a hit of 500 in order for this trophy to pop.

    There are a number of places that it’s possible to get this trophy and even exceed the requirements.

    1: (this is doable with practice, but it’s not easy) During the fight with the Kraken at the end of the first stage, you can get a combo of over 500 in this area. When your character moves position you are still able to shoot, you can hit objects off screen like windows and chandeliers. You need to time your shots when your character moves carefully or else you’ll break the chain combo.

    2: (much harder than the first option, but it can be done after you play through the game a few times) In the second part of the second stage you are given a scatter shot gun and have to deal with several Raptors. When you hear the words “you don’t change to you shinn?” this is the start of another opportunity to get the 500. Target buildings and the raptors (killing one specific raptor can end the initial start of this sequence earlier than usual), also be aware of some of the raptors own missiles which you need to destroy. So long as you hold down the fire button and target both the raptors and the buildings, you should get it. It may take a few attempts.

    3: (by far the easiest location to do this). This may take one or two attempts just so you can get an idea of where to shoot, but it’s by far the easiest location. During the fight with the Kraken you are given a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo. Target buildings and the Kraken itself, however, when it comes to the Kraken, ignore the red target Icons, almost every part of the Kraken will generate a hit, target its turrets, different spine pieces and even its tentacles to get extra hits. Even when you turn to face the enemy soldiers, you can get more hits by shooting far to the left and right than aiming right at the centre of the screen. When you see the words DANGER and the tentacle tries to smash you, block it, the immediately open fire on it. You should then link your combo to the final section of the boss fight.

    It’s possible to get 700+ hits from this boss alone, just be patient and practice.

    4: (Easier than 1 & 2 but very risky). In the final stage, when you enter the supermarket it’s possible to get a combo of over 500 by the time you enter the freezer area, but it’s a very risky place to do it. There are so many enemies here that you can build up a naturally good combo... however, the key to getting over 500 is in the scenery itself. Target utterly everything and you should easily get it... ... provided you do not get hit. There is so much going on in this part of the stage that it’s very easy to get hit, sometimes the HACS will run off the screen and wait for your combo bar to expire before returning.

  • Clear the Prologue in Story Mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Clear Stage 1 of Story Mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Clear Stage 1 of Sentry Mode with more than 30000 points.

    See Head Guard.

  • Clear Stage 2 of Sentry Mode with more than 35000 points.

    See Head Guard.

  • Clear Stage 3 of Sentry Mode with more than 40000 points.

    You will need to replay these stages a lot of times before you even get close to the target score. In order to get anywhere near the target you need to be very masterful in the following areas.

    • Headshots: You must get headshots, not only do you get more points but it kills enemies instantly, allowing you to target others before they run out of the play area.
    • Enemy spawn locations: Each stage has either 2/3 variations, you need to play enough of each stage to learn where enemies will spawn from, this gives you a huge advantage when it comes to targeting enemies.
    • Random object locations: This is mainly for when the stage starts and the moment before it ends, you can get a couple of extra points if you know where the various bonus objects are and take one or two shots at them. NEVER target these when there are enemies on the screen.
    • Gold Coins: occasionally a gold coin will drop from an enemy prisoner; often it’s down to luck if they drop in an area you can target. Do not go for these if it’s in a very hard area to hit. Reason being is that you’ll waste time and mess up your accuracy bonus.
    • Accuracy bonus: Very simple, the most shots on target, the higher your bonus score.
    • Hostage Situations: Sometimes a prisoner will appear holding a guard hostage, consider leaving him if there is too big a risk, if the bullet hits the guard, the stage will end.

    The following will get you huge bonus point increases.

    • Headshots: As mentioned before, headshots give more points than a body shot.
    • Perfect Bonus: if you are able to kill every prisoner, you get a perfect bonus. High security prisoners DO NOT count towards this bonus.
    • Perfect Bonus 2: If you are able to kill every prisoner in the first area, then the second, you get your perfect bonus, then a second bonus on top of that. This chain will continue each time you kill every prisoner in a row. As before, High Security prisoners DO NOT count towards this.
    • Super Bonus: Awarded if you kill 2 high security prisoners in a row, a further bonus is awarded for a 3rd. This will continue until you fail to kill one.
    • Killing all Militia: This will NOT give you as big a bonus as killing all prisoners, but it is an option if you want it.
  • Play all game modes through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    There are 4 game modes. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag & King of the Hill. You just have to play through 1 game of each for the trophy to pop.

    Find help here.

  • Utilize all Special Weapons through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    You have to use every weapon in the game. Either pre-select your weapon before a game or when you die, go to preparation and change your weapon.

    The locations of the special weapons are as follows; they take a short time to respawn and only one weapon can be in use at a time.

    Favela: In the centre of this map is a strange metal structure, the gun spawns just next to it, it is on the side facing the away from the two story buildings.

    Mona Darta: On the top of the scaffolding, behind a wooden crate.

    Almanda Penitentiary: It’s in a small room on the very top of the level. You need to climb a ladder to reach the very top of the prison, in King of the Hill mode, a capture point spawns directly opposite the room.

    Lixeira: In the centre of the map is a small concrete building on the hill, just near it is a truck, inside the truck is the weapon.

  • Take down 4 enemies or more in a row without getting killed in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    This isn’t as bad as it sounds; special weapons will give you a great advantage, especially if you have some of the health perks and are in G-action which increases your damage resistance.

    It can be boosted.

  • Take down 200 enemies or more using G Actions in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    See Battle Manual

  • 765


    Play 765 or more Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    This will come with time. It will take around 765 games to rank up over 3 times anyway. The best way to regularly get into games is to add people you meet in the game, try to make friends with people and request that they invite you when they’re playing online. This way you can always find yourself playing against people without waiting at the matchmaking screen for too long.

  • Unlock all Skills through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    It’s a typical leveling system. As you gain EXP go up levels and in turn are rewarded with various skills/perks along the way. Once you hit level 50 this trophy should unlock. See the boosting tutorial topic for information as to how to get EXP.

  • Achieve Level 25 through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    See Battle Hardened


Secret trophies

  • Earn all trophies.

  • Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play within 16 minutes and 0 seconds.

    You have to complete arcade mode in full... that means beating the Emergency Mission and the final part where you destroy the giant airship.

    You will need to do several playthroughs of this game just to get used to where enemies come from and the best way to take them out. Tips to speed up the process would be.

    • Learn where explosive items are.
    • Learn where items are that can kill all enemies at once.
    • Keep the fire button held down. All weapons are automatic, even the rocket launcher. There is no need to release the fire button except to reload.
    • Avoid taking hits. Blocking an attack will always save you more time than taking the hit and recovering.
    • Try playing practice/scene mode and concentrate on targeting the scenery, that way you’ll know which is and which isn’t an object that can help you clear a room quicker.
    • Practice the sniping section until you can beat it in one shot almost every time. If you fail the sniping section, it’s more or less impossible to get this trophy.
    • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play using no continues.

    You need to do a few playthroughs just to get to know enemy locations for this one. Whilst it’s tempting just too constantly hide behind your shield, don’t forget you are also playing against the clock. You can’t be too cautious careful otherwise you’ll simply run out of time.

    Remember to ALWAYS save your comrades otherwise you’ll never have enough lives for the final boss.

    As before, you must also beat the Emergency Mission and the final level.

  • Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play with more than 3000000 points.

    This is by far the hardest trophy for arcade mode. To get 3 million points you must more or less play as if you are going for every other arcade trophy at the same time. In other words...

    • Play quickly, do not waste any time.
    • Target the scenery as well as enemies.
    • Build up big combos.
    • Beat the sniping section in one shot. Failing at the last enemy then taking out the rest will not get you anywhere near enough points had you beaten this section in one go.
    • Clearing an area quickly, finishing a stage quickly, will always get you more points than leaving an enemy in each area and getting a high consecutive hit combo by focusing primarily on the scenery.
    • Do not die.

    It will take you a while to get this one, you will likely have to do several playthroughs, but you will start to learn which areas are more lucrative in terms of points. But please remember that it is a trophy which demands time and practice. Chances are you'll see yourself slowly improving until you hit the target.

  • Clear Stage 2 of Story Mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Clear Stage 3 of Story Mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Clear Stage 4 of Story Mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Clear all Story Mode stages on HARD difficulty (Note: Setting the difficulty below HARD during any of the stages will not unlock the Trophy).

    Exactly what it says. Set the difficulty to hard, play through the story mode. It’s advisable to do the first stage on normal first due to how difficult it is to control your character on this mode.

    Do not change the difficulty once the stage/game begins or else you will not get your trophy.

  • Eliminate more than 7 prisoners in the Prologue.

    Very easy. Just start a new story mode and target the prisoners only (the ones not holding guns). You should get this easily so long as you are used to playing in the story mode control scheme.

  • Destroy all TVs airing Paulo Guerra's speech.

    This trophy is cumulative, if you miss one, reload a stage and hunt it down. The TVs/Radios are only found on Stages 1 and 2 of story mode (The slum like town and the prison).

    To find them, listen out for someone talking in a foreign language very loudly with a bit of static. Then check every area for the TV/Radio. You see a path that branches off into two? Check both of them just to be sure. Most of the time the TVs/Radios are located in buildings, however one I know for certain is sat on a metal staircase just outside someone’s house.

    Treat this like a game of ‘hot & cold’ the louder the broadcast gets, the closer you are to the object.

    There are no ‘hidden’ TVs/Radios, you can pretty much walk up to and melee every one of them.

    There are no TVs/Radios in the sewer section of the prison, but there are some in the cells.

    As it stands, there is no guide for this, anyone wants to make one I’ll gladly link to it.

  • Take down 10 enemy soldiers or more with head shots during the first sniper sequence of Almada Penitentiary.

    This trophy takes place on Stage 2 of story mode (Not the prologue!) The sequence begins when you’re on the roof of the prison and you are told to provide cover to another unit down below, you have to get 10 head shots on enemy soldiers, this is pretty easy since most of the soldiers don’t target you at all. So take your time with the sniper rifle and aim for the head.

    If you find it hard or can’t do it for whatever reason, go to the stage select and try it on the easiest difficulty setting.

  • Clear stage with the Pathfinder at 30% life or more.

    This takes place on the 3rd stage. Unless you waste time or deliberately let the pathfinder get hits. Chances are you’ll get this normally. However, to ensure you get it, once the pathfinder health bar appears, don’t waste time with enemies, just rush for the end of the stage. Use the turrets in this area to take down the raptors and enemy soldiers quicker.

    Chances are you will get this on normal difficulty, but if you still can’t manage it, try it on easy and you should get it no problem.

  • Take down all enemies in the first or second elevator sequence of Girasol Factory.

    This takes place on the 4th stage. You can get this on either segment, the first occurs after you clear out the warehouse right at the start of the stage. Be prepared to quit and reload as it’s easy to miss an enemy. Also re-loading has the advantage of knowing where the enemies will spawn from. Some enemies will stay on the catwalks and there comes a point where the elevator will drop to low for you to target them.

    It’s best to go into G-Action and target each enemy as they appear. One of the better weapons to try this with is obvious the sniper rifle (if you have it), but another which works really well is the Balero Cannon (if you’ve kept it to this point). However chances are you’ll have the grenade launcher, you can do it with this weapon, but be aware that your rounds must hit the enemies or else they may survive the attack.

  • Get all dog tags in Story Mode.

    Each stage has 4 tags, should you miss any you can replay a stage and collect the missing tag, it will be added to your total.

    The locations of the tags are...

    Stage 1

    • When you start the mission you run down a street with a Kraken ahead of you, when you take cover in an alley way there should be some junk on the right. The tag is here (I think that it’s a plant pot. Just target all the objects in this area).
    • You will enter a market place that’s filled with stalls; there will be a large statue in the centre of the market. Shoot/destroy this statue for the tag.
    • You’ll enter a location with lots of generator looking objects. It’s the one with the tank.
    • Near to the end of the stage you have to cross a road and enter a building site. The tag is in the first area of this building site. It’s in the first pit you see on some scaffolding. You will need to use the Balero cannon or an explosive to get it.

    Stage 2

    Note: There are no tags in the sewer section of this stage. You do not need to worry about missing any until you exit this portion of the stage.

    • When you open first get inside the prison (shortly after your first encounter with those flying enemies) you’re in a reception area. Clear out the enemies in the initial room and look through the open windows into the reception. The tag is on the reception desk. (if you have trouble finding it, try shooting everything inside this small room, it’s definitely in there).
    • Shortly after finding the reception area tag, you’ll climb some stairs and get to the roof top, directly in front of you will be a large explosive barrel, destroying this barrel will kill most of the enemies in this area and automatically make the tag pop.

    The following tags are found after the sewer section.

    • During the main prison section you have to go to the warden’s office to find a key, inside the office is a large statue bust. Shoot this statue and the tag will pop up.
    • You can miss this tag very easily so pay attention to where you are going. This tag is found when you are trying to escape the gas that’s filling the cells. Instead of heading to the exit (where one of your buddies pulls you up through a hole in the roof), continue forward deeper into the cell block. Eventually you should find an area on the left which you can break through. Once you break this wall the tag should pop, if not shoot again.

      (It is highly likely that you will die trying to get this tag, you will most certainly die if you get the tag and then attempt to make it to the exit. But do not be alarmed, once you have the tag you do not need to attempt it again even if you die).

    Stage 3:

    • At the start of the mission, you will be told to get on a turret to take out a ‘raptor.’ Ignore the raptor for now and target the blocks of junk instead, the tag is in one of them. It’s literally in the area directly where the raptor is jumping around in; you can only hit it with the turret.
    • After you wade across the water you’ll get to a section where you need to kill some enemies taking positions around a destroyed plane. The tag is somewhere around this plane (Sorry I cannot be more specific, I got this one by accident thanks to the grenade launcher triggering the tag when I was aiming from an earlier part of the stage.)
    • At one point just before the final stretch to the end of the stage (where race to defend the Pathfinder laser), you enter what can only be described as a small town, as you progress through it you should see a large number of enemies and a raptor ahead of you. You have to kill all these enemies. The game will then want you to turn right and cross a bridge (a raptor attacks you when you do). Instead continue on go down into a small grassy area near to where the first raptor was shooting you from. In this area there is a path to another lower area (the path is underneath the one you just walked down); you’ll then enter another small area with a small house. The tag is inside the house. If you have a grenade launcher, shoot inside the house and it should pop) (It’s literally a small room, unlike the wooden huts in this area, this one will not totally explode when you throw a grenade inside).
    • At the very end of the level you have to defend the truck from attacks on all sides. When you man a turret to destroy attacking raptors, target the buildings instead, tag will pop when you hit the right one (these buildings will receive damage when you hit them with each turret shot, so if the buildings are not falling apart, it’s the wrong one).

    Stage 4:

    • There are two locations to get this one. When you climb onto the objects a raptor jumps out and starts to attack. You should now be looking “down.” If you look at the container from where the raptor jumped out from (a container on the left of the screen) there shoot a few grenades around it. The tag should pop. You can also get this tag after you defeat the raptors and climb down, however the tag will now be on the right of the screen. If you enter the warehouse... you’ve gone too far and will have to restart the stage.
    • When you enter the warehouse you have to battle through it until someone on your team enters a ‘control room’ which will open the doorway to the elevator. Stand facing the elevator. Turn around exactly 180 degrees. You see the large shelves in front of you that used to have enemies on them? The tag is here. I believe it’s near the top close to the end of the shelf. If you have the grenade launcher, this will made it much easier to find, chances are you might get this when attacking the enemies here anyway.
    • When you enter the conveyor belt room, you get the remote controlled rocket launcher and have to destroy a power sauce. The tag is in this area by the power supply and the enemies. If you have trouble. Throw grenades around or use more remote rockets and you should find it.
    • The final tag is in the final boss room, you can only get it when the boss is in his first form. The moment the boss fight starts turn to around to your left (around 10-11 O’clock). There should be some rubbish right in front of you (I think it’s a bin/missile warhead) the tag is here. If you have the grenade launcher, just fire a grenade or two at all the clusters of junk when the boss fight starts and you should find it no problem.
  • Clear Sentry Mode with 80 Head Shots or more (limited to All Stages mode).

    As the description says, this must be done in all stages mode. This will require patience and practice. A headshot kills an enemy with one shot, when it comes to the results screen, there will be a bullet mark by the enemies head if you got one.

    As the stages progress it gets harder to do this. Keep practicing; try selecting a single stage if you are having trouble. It will come to you eventually as you’ll recognise which enemy cycle the game is using and you’ll naturally aim at the right location for a headshot.

  • Clear all stages in Sentry Mode with a total score of 100000 points and an accuracy of 70%.

    You should really only consider going for this trophy once you have at least gotten Rookie, Veteran and Head Guard. You should also consider going for Eagle Eye before you attempt this.

    The various ‘guard’ trophies have a combined score which is over the 100,000 required for this; the headshot trophy will also assist with the 70% accuracy that you need to also get.

    Once you have those you should be very close to being able to beat this. Use what you learnt with those other trophies and you should get this a lot quicker than you may think. If you start to get tired, stop.

  • Clear Sentry Mode with a score of 100000 points or more (limited to All Stages mode).

    See Consistency Counts. Whilst you don’t have to worry about accuracy, having a high accuracy will greatly assist with this.

  • Clear Sentry Mode by eliminating all militia troops (limited to All Stages mode).

    The Militia are the guys in green who usually shoot wildly in the air. They go down in one shot regardless of where you hit them. It may take you a few attempts to get it, but you can leave all the prisoners to escape.

  • Score a perfect on all Sentry Mode stages (limited to All Stages mode).

    To get a perfect on any stage, you must kill all prisoners. That’s it.

    Not as easy as it sounds, most prisoners tend to run, so you’ll need to get headshots on some of them as they’re running around. You will become better with this through practice. All prisoners take 3 shots in any other location to die otherwise.

    You do not have to kill the high security prisoner to get a perfect.

  • Get more than 50000 points in Deathmatch (must be Ranking Matches).

    See Hold Down the Fort

  • Get more than 70000 points in Team Deathmatch (must be Ranking Matches).

    See Hold Down the Fort

  • Get more than 10000 points in Capture The Flag (must be Ranking Matches).

    See Hold Down the Fort

  • Get more than 200000 points in King of the Hill (must be Ranking Matches).

    Points and EXP are not the same thing, do not make this mistake.

    Points are awarded for things like G-Action Kills, normal kills, in Deathmatch modes the game has a cap on points, once this cap has been reached the n the game ends. However in Capture the flag and King of the Hill mode, points are also awarded for the following actions.

    • Kill a flag carrier.
    • Capture a flag.
    • Return a flag to a base.
    • Secure an enemy/neutral base.

    Whilst it’s possible to boost this, you will be wasting your time attempting to do so, it’ll come with the time you spend trying to rank up 3 times anyway. So long as you help your team out to win, get kills (in G-Action) and be a good player, you will get points.

    Each time you ‘give up’ you lose 100 points. Do not do this if you are attempting to get match points for this set of trophies. Only do this if you are EXP boosting.

  • Take down 2 enemies or more at once with a grenade in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    Outside of boosting, the easiest way to get this is on the prison stage during a King of the Hill match, when the base is on one of the first floor, it’s a compact area and explosives work well in this environment.

    To increase your chances, pick the perk that allows for extra grenades, hold down the grenade button to charge your grenade so it explodes sooner, this stops the other players from getting out of the way too quickly.

    This is a very difficult trophy, find a boosting buddy here.

  • Take down 2 enemies or more at once with a Special Weapon in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    This is a very easy trophy, so long as you have the rocket launcher and are used to the game, you’ll probably get it no problem. King of the Hill and capture the flag games tend to make this trophy much easier than the deathmatch modes.

    It can be boosted.

  • Take down 10 enemies or more in a row without getting killed in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    This one is much harder, but once you get used to the game and are a very high rank, using the health perks you will come very close to getting this in almost every game.

    Sometimes if you set up a deathmatch on the construction site, you’ll find yourself one on one with a very new player, so long as you camp near the special weapon, you should have no problem getting 10 kills on one player without problems.

    However this can be boosted very easily by having one partner, selecting a normal deathmatch, since that only needs 2 people to start with. Select the construction site, pick a location to meet up, then take it in turns to get 10 kills, you need to be quick as other players can join your game and mess up the streak.

  • Take down 500 enemies or more using G Actions in a Ranking Match in Online Battle Mode.

    So long as you are going for all online trophies this will come in time. To get in G-action, stand by one of those small green triangles and tilt the move controller up, your character will enter G-Action and it will say on the screen G-Action. Simply kill 200 enemies over your game history and the trophy will pop up.

    It is counter-productive to boost this trophy.

  • Take down 7650 players or more through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    As with 765, so long as you constantly play and are going for all the online trophies, this will pop up when you near the end of unlocking all online trophies.

    As previously suggested, play with people you meet online, try to make friends online so they’ll invite you into their games.

  • Achieve Level 40 through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    See Battle Hardened

  • Reach max Level three times through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode.

    Technically you have to get to level 51 twice and then level 50. This is a very long and very slow process. You’ll get a huge chunk of this trophy done when you’re going for the other online trophies. Once you reach level 50, you’ll then see the EXP meter slowly moving up again after each match, once it hits the end of the meter it will not increase, you then have to select the option for veterancy.

    This is the only way to get to rank 50 three times. Be aware that doing this resets your level and you lose all your abilities with it. You will however gain a small star with a number inside it, this represents the number of times you’ve hit level 51 and reset.

    If you hit level 50 and the trophy does not pop, go to level 51 and get your veterancy again, it will then certainly pop.

    It is strongly advised that you take the advice given in the boosting tutorial and boost this trophy as it takes a VERY long time to get otherwise (well over 150 hours of game play time alone, this does not include time waiting in the lobby).

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