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  • Estimated difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 30 (1, 6, 6, 17)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to : 30+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 6 ( ????????? [Bento Master], ????????? [Treasure Hunter], 6???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago], 3???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 3 Months Ago], ????????? [Resolved All Incidents From 1 Month Ago], 1??????? [Resolved All Incidents From 1 Year Ago])
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: Yes (Must clear the game once on Normal without changing it to Easy)


Tokitowa is an RPG game developed by Image Epoch, and is the first game ever that is (almost) completely animated. The game has glaring flaws (nothing trophy related), but the road to is a relatively short and easy one. I'm basing my guide on the Japanese version of the game, so the English trophy names are translated by me.

You will need to play the game from start to finish at least twice to get all the trophies, but on the second playthrough, you can ignore all sidequests and skip many scenes, so it will go by much quicker.

If you are ever struggling at any point, just grind a bit to raise your levels. It may not seem like much, but the stat increases are kind of ridiculous in the game, and being around 10 levels or so above your opponent can pretty much guarantee that normal attacks will do 0 damage to you.
There is also a stat for Toki and Towa that are very important for several trophies called ???, or love points as I call it. They go up as you view events with the girls, and as you do certain actions in battles. Generally, you want to raise them as much as possible, but keep the ????????? [Bento Master] trophy in mind so you don't miss any bentos.


Step 1 (Play on Normal difficulty):

Start the game on Normal difficulty, and make sure that you never change it no matter what, for the ????? [Mark of the Strong] trophy. Don't worry if you lose at any given battle, because you can always just restart from the beginning of the fight without penalties. However, be certain that you choose to restart on Normal and not Easy if you ever restart.

In this playthrough, make sure to do all the sidequests you see for the respective missable sidequest complete trophies.

After you beat the game, you can start an EX New Game (I don't believe a clear file is necessary, but save the game after the credits anyway to be safe). All of your money, GP, and learned gifts will be carried over, and nothing else. Because of that, it's recommended that you sell all of your items right before the final boss fight where you get to choose who you want to save.

The trophies you can earn in the first playthrough are:

  • ????? [Mark of the Strong]
  • ??????? [Memories in Outings]
  • ??????? [Memories at Home]
  • ????????? [Bento Master]
  • ????????? [Treasure Hunter]
  • ?? [Too Strong]
  • ???????? [Combo Fighter]
  • ??????? [Combo Beginner]
  • ?????????? [Chemistry Master]
  • ?????????? [Chemistry Beginner]
  • ???????? [Chain Master]
  • ???????? [Chain Beginner]
  • 6???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago]
  • 3???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 3 Months Ago]
  • ????????? [Resolved All Incidents From 1 Month Ago]
  • 1??????? [Resolved All Incidents From 1 Year Ago]
  • ??????? [Combo Master]
  • ????? [The Ultimate End]
  • ????? [The Supreme End]
  • ??????? [Just a Rich Guy]
  • ????? [Way Too Strong]
  • ????? [The Ultimate Love]
  • ????? [The Supreme Love]
  • ????? [Royal Lineage]

Step 2 (Start an EX New Game on Easy):

Now that you have finished the game once, if you have gotten the trophies listed above, it's just pretty much a mad dash to the end of the game. Make sure you start a game with EX New Game and not the regular New Game. If you have a good understanding of how the battle system works, and have little tricks learned from playing through the game once, you can probably get away with playing at around half of the recommended level of the quests. For example, the ingame suggested level for beating the final boss is 51, but it is totally doable at level 25 or so. This will greatly cut down the time spent on grinding.

If you haven't gotten all of the lunchboxes for ????????? [Bento Master], now would be the time to do it.

The trophies you can earn in this playthrough are:

  • ???????? [Gallery King]
  • ????? [Blessing of the Gods]
  • ????? [The Ultimate Blessing]
  • ????? [The Supreme Blessing]
  • ????? [The Miraculous Conclusion]
  • ???????? [The Ruler of Time and Eternity]

Step 3 (Cleanup):

You should have gotten all trophies by the end of the second playthrough if you have followed the guide, but if you are still missing anything, just do whatever you need to do for the .

[PS3T would like to thank CookieOnFire for this Road Map]

Time and Eternity: Toki Towa Trophy Guide

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30 trophies ( 17  11  )

  • 所持金15,000クローネ達成しました

    [Just a Rich Guy]
    [Obtain over 15,000 Krone]

    15,000 Krone may sound like a lot, but it's actually ridiculously easy to get to that point. While it's unlikely that you will save up that much normally, if you sell off items that you get, you can probably get the trophy as early as the end of chapter 1 or so. Of course, it would be best for you to save the game, sell off your stuff, get the trophy, and then reload.

  • すべてのギフトを開花させました

    [Blessing of the Gods]
    [Obtained all gifts]

    You can earn gifts (ie special abilities for battle that you can earn whenever you level up) by spending GP that you gain from quests and battles. Because the amount of GP you earn from battles is pitiful compared with main story quests, I HIGHLY recommend to not attempt on your first playthrough.

  • トキがすべてのギフトを開花させました

    [The Ultimate Blessing]
    [Obtained all gifts for Toki]

    See ????? [Blessing of the Gods].

  • トワがすべてのギフトを開花させました

    [The Supreme Blessing]
    [Obtained all gifts for Towa]

    See ????? [Blessing of the Gods].

  • 一度も難易度の変更を行わず、「ノーマル」でクリアしました

    [Mark of the Strong]
    [Cleared the game on Normal without changing the difficult even once]

    Not difficult. Just make sure you never change the difficulty down to Easy no matter what. Learn the patterns of the enemies, since you can dodge a majority of their attacks. Grind if you need to.

    I would like to point out that this trophy does not pop until the credits are done, you saved your file, and have gone back to the main menu, for those of you who may be panicking.

  • メモリープレイスを全て見ました

    [Memories in Outings]
    [Saw all the events at the memory places]

    A memory place is denoted by a heart on the map, where it triggers an event and either Toki or Towa will gain some battle stats. Some of them are specifically for Toki or Towa, while a few can be seen by either. Not sure if this trophy is missable as you progress through the game, but it's really hard to miss them anyway since they are so obvious.

  • 二人語りイベントを全て見ました

    [Memories at Home]
    [Saw all the event where the two are alone]

    This one is specifically for the events that you can see at home. After your love points for Toki and Towa hit certain levels, there will be a heart mark beside the character portrait, and you can proceed to start the events. If events aren't showing up no matter how much you increase the love points (max is 200), then you just need to proceed farther into the story.

  • すべての種類のお弁当をもらいました

    [Bento Master]
    [Received all the bentos]


    There are 12 types of bento in all. The way to get them is that every time you complete side quests, you have a relatively high chance of getting a bento from one of the girls. You can reload until you get the one that you want. Keep in mind that you can only get certain kinds in specific love point ranges.

    ??? points 0-49:
    ?????????? (Only available with Toki)
    ?????????? (Only available with Towa)

    ??? points 50-99:
    ??????????? (Only available with Toki)
    ??????????? (Only available with Towa)

    ??? points 100+:
    ????????? (Only available with Toki)
    ????????? (Only available with Towa)

    It is important to note that you can only start to receive the bentos after a certain point in the first chapter, where Drake starts to talk. I didn't know that at first, and I was confused as to why I never got anything even though I reloaded tens of times.

    This trophy is missable, but you can just continue your progress in subsequent playthroughs.

  • すべての宝箱を開けました

    [Treasure Hunter]
    [Opened all the treasure chests]


    Just like the memory places, treasure chests are denoted by stars on the map, so it's almost impossible to miss them. However, many areas containing lots of treasure boxes are not accessible unless you obtain orbs received from doing sidequests, so make sure to not miss any in any of the chapters.

    There is potentially one tricky treasure box, in the beginning of ????????? [Blue Drake's Sanctuary] in Chapter 3. It is to the right of the first save point, and because they are so close together, you can't really see the star because the two symbols overlap on the map.

  • ギャラリーの絵がすべてそろいました

    [Gallery King]
    [Obtained all gallery images]

    There are 11 images in total, 10 of which are from choosing certain dialogue options in the memory places, and the last is from obtaining the true ending. While it's impossible to get the trophy in just one playthrough, it's somewhat missable because you can choose options that do not give you the CG in events. However, even if you didn't choose the right dialogue options the first time, you can just choose the other option for the second playthrough.

    In case you need it, the answers for obtaining the images are:

    Toki - ????????!
    Towa - ???????????????

    Toki - ??????????????!

    Towa - ????????????!

    Toki - ?????????!
    Towa - ????????????
    Toki, Towa - There will be an event for each where a gallery image will unlock even before the dialogue choices.
    Toki - ??????????
    Towa - ???????????????

  • 連続で20バトルをノーダメージで勝利しました

    [Way Too Strong]
    [Win 20 battles in a row without taking any damage]

    I'm not sure if it means 0 damage like it says, or not getting hit at all. Either way, I went with the latter just to be safe. This is best done near a save point, with enemies that are either slow-moving or very predictable. Because it counts even if you reload, you can just save after each battle for a total of 20 times

  • ノーダメージでバトルに勝利しました

    [Too Strong]
    [Win a battle without taking any damage]

    You actually get this trophy through normal story progression, because during the very first battle of the game, the enemy does not attack you at all.

  • コンボ、コンボ、またコンボ…… 途切れることないコンボはもはや芸術! 20コンボ達成

    [Combo Master]
    [Combo, combo, combo...the neverending combo is like a form of art! Achieved 20 combos]

    This is easiest after you obtain the time manipulation skills, where you can either slow down or stop time. Towa is better suited for it, and just have her go up right in front of the enemy, use her default skill that she had since the very beginning and/or just spam normal attacks.

  • 10コンボ達成 まだ上を狙えます!

    [Combo Fighter]
    [Achieved 10 combos, but you can do better!]

    See ??????? [Combo Master].

  • コンボ成功しました

    [Combo Beginner]
    [Achieved a combo]

    See ??????? [Combo Master].

  • 4種のケミストリーを成功しました

    [Chemistry Master]
    [Achieved 4 types of Chemistry]

    A chemistry is two consecutive magic attacks of different elements used together. After you use a magic attack, the enemy will glow for about 5 seconds in the color of the element that you used, and you must hit them with a second attack before the glow wears off. If you are successful, the second attack will say Chemistry on it, so you won't miss it.

    The four types of chemistry are:

    Because you can't swap the girl mid-battle, one of the two combinations probably won't be available until either Toki or Towa learns more elemental battle skills via unlocking more gifts.

    A tip for getting the trophy much earlier is as follows:

    Originally Posted by Lifearmor
    When you get Dragon Master gift, this gives you a 10SP skill which commands Drake to follow up your elemental magic with elemental breath that gives a chemistry effect. In the action skill list it's the second from the bottom.

    So begin the battle, use 10SP skill I talked about and Drake parks himself next to the girl. Throw Lightning spell with Toki, and Drake follows up with ice breath, thus Silencing your enemy.

    Once I knew this, it was very easy to defeat final CH3 boss and all CH4 bosses with lv25 Toki and Towa.
  • ケミストリー成功しました

    [Chemistry Beginner]
    [Achieved a Chemistry]

    See ?????????? [Chemistry Master].

  • 3チェイン成功しました

    [Chain Master]
    [Achieved 3 chains]

    A chain is just like a chemistry, except with no elemental restrictions. Just go crazy with magic, and you're all set. Do it three times.

  • チェイン成功しました

    [Chain Beginner]
    [Achieved a chain]

    See ???????? [Chain Master].


Secret trophies

  • 全トロフィーを取得しました! ここまで遊んでくれてありがとう!

    [The Ruler of Time and Eternity]
    [Obtained all trophies! Thank you for playing!]

    A very nice-looking trophy I must say

  • スペシャルエンディングを迎えました トキとトワとお幸せに

    The Miraculous Conclusion
    [Saw the special ending. Wishing you happiness with Toki and Towa]

    This can only be obtained in an EX New Game after you beat the game once. The second time round, you need to make sure that you beat the game with the pointer at the very center of the love bar. You can adjust it as you need by fighting with either Toki or Towa in battle. During the final selection, it does not matter which of the girls you pick.

  • トキの愛しさが最高潮! あとは…あなたと…

    [The Ultimate Love]
    [Toki's love has reached its peak! With you...all that's left now is...]

    You just need to increase the ??? to the max of 200. I got to 190+ with each character naturally through events and battles. For the remaining points, just have Drake use buff skills on you (heal, boost, etc), and it will go up by one per use. It doesn't seem to give you more than one point for spamming the same action over and over again in one battle, however.

  • トワの愛しさが最高潮! あとは…あなたと…

    [The Supreme Love]
    [Towa's love has reached its peak! With you...all that's left now is...]

    See ????? [The Ultimate Love].

  • トキとトワとドレイクのレベルが70を超えました 本当の意味での最強カップルです!

    [Royal Lineage]
    [Toki, Towa, and Drake have reached level 70. Now they are really the strongest couple!]

    All 3 characters level up at exactly the same, so you just have to worry about getting them all to level 70. The best way I found was to repeat the quest ?????? over and over in Chapter 4. The quest involves defeating 5 robbers, and you can just kill 4, and then go near the edge of the map so you can quit the quest. With the EXP boost item, you will get 1,200 EXP per robber killed. Make sure you don't kill the 5th, or else you can't use this trick anymore! To reach level 70 from 69, you need a bit less than 4,800, so you will for sure level up once in each run. I think I was somewhere around level 60 before I started grinding this way, and it took no time to reach 70.

  • トキと結ばれました

    [The Ultimate End]
    [Ending with Toki]

    You will be presented a choice right before the final battle, and who you choose will lead you to the person's ending. Both character endings can be seen in one playthrough. Save after you beat the game, and you will be back to right before the final fight when you load the file.

    I would like to point out that this trophy does not pop until the credits are done, you saved your file, and have gone back to the main menu, for those of you who may be panicking.

  • トワと結ばれました

    [The Supreme End]
    [Ending with Towa]

    See ????? [The Ultimate End].

  • 1章のサブクエストをすべて解決しました

    Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago
    [Finished all subquests in chapter 1]


    While you can finish all subquests any time within the chapter, once you're onto the next chapter, they will disappear, so be careful. A lot of them will only appear after you beat the boss of the chapter, but as a general rule, I think it's better to finish them as soon as you can before moving onto story quests. This is especially true in Chapter 3, as it doesn't end in the same way as the previous 2, and the chapter may be over before you expect it.

  • 2章のサブクエストをすべて解決しました

    [Resolved All Incidents From 3 Months Ago]
    [Finished all subquests in chapter 2]


    See 6???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago].

  • 3章のサブクエストをすべて解決しました

    Resolved All Incidents From 1 Month Ago
    [Finished all subquests in chapter 3]


    See 6???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago].

  • 4章のサブクエストをすべて解決しました

    [Resolved All Incidents From 1 Year Ago]
    [Finished all subquests in chapter 4]


    See 6???????? [Resolved All Incidents From 6 Months Ago].

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