GamerNet Pack Rat Trophy in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

  • GamerNet Pack Rat


    Earn 10,000 Player Points in EA Sports GamerNet

    How to unlock GamerNet Pack Rat

    GamerNet points are earned by completing Daily Challenges in single player mode or GamerNet Challenges from the Online menu. Your best bet to quickly accumulate points is to do 9 or 18 hole showdowns. These showdowns range from beating a score of -3 through 9 with a 3 hole birdie-streak to scoring -22 with 18 GIR through 18. Based on your skill level, find a challenge that you think you can beat and play through trying to match all of the Win Conditions. If you are the first person to beat a challenge, you get 2X points which is super-helpful.

    You can also find a boosting partner and create a custom-18 hole course of the same easy hole 18 times in a row. To do this, go to Play Now and select "Random 18" as your course and hit . Select St. Andrews Hole #9 as all 18 holes. Using Tiger, just hit a 3-wood off the tee with a little bit of top spin and you should find yourself with an easy eagle putt every time. Finish the 18 holes and you can submit your round as many times up to 6 times, which with a low score full of eagles, should only require 4 or 5 attempts to get to 10,000 points if you are the first to try it (thanks to Burnz23 for this tip).

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